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Pen Name:thebatcave101
Country: US
Bio: I am a 37 year old Buddhist/Wiccan/New Age hippie type who achieved enlightment on Dec. 24, 2006.I love to write and read poetry.  Most of my stuff is out on Helium.com.  If you like what you read here, go there (http://www.helium.com/user/show/222019) That should give you everything. ...
Pen Name:Terry Collett
Country: GB
Pen Name:Treshawna
Country: GB
Bio: Hi everybody! My name is Treshawna i'm 16 i might be young but i love writing!!! I've been a member for a while now but i've been away buisy at college doing business. My work is very important to me because it's all i have, it's the only thing that i like doing so please read and enjoy!!.  ...
Pen Name:Tango
Country: NZ
Pen Name:tigergoddess81
Country: US
Bio:      I'm 26 years old, single mom of two wonderful kids.  Currently enrolled in a college, and attending classes, to earn an Associates Degree in Business Administration.  I know it seems to be a far cry from anything that has to do with writing, but I have learned more than you might...
Pen Name:the Lame One
Country: NG
Bio: I write what comes to mind, I reply comments given, I seek fame but not like mad, I rather the world be an easier place to live! frednwonwu@yahoo.com
Pen Name:Tee Baba
Pen Name:Lady4thoughts
Country: US
Bio: I consider myself to be a very laid back down type of person. I enjoy doing many different things. I am a Christian and I have been one for many years. I do online ministry each and everyday, I believe that we need to treat people with respect and kindness. My reasoning for joining this site is...
Pen Name:Tyrone Slade
Country: US
Bio: I have posted over 110 poems and short stories on this site, please read and let me know what you think. As for me, I am a father of four, two boys(Tyrone and Elyziah) and two girls(Jasmine and Samantha). I am also an Ex-convict, who spent 5 years in prison. I am from Brockton, MA and I was born...
Pen Name:theoracle
Pen Name:TemplarBard
Country: GB
Bio: David Paul Fitchett  Age : 17I have not written, or been on this site for a long period of time, and now, I feel my apparent writers block fading away like the distant memories of my past belief, I see now a time for me to search for enlightenment!DaveI am a Taoist (Daoist) and believe in this...
Pen Name:Tsubasa
Country: US
Bio: (stephen age 17) I really want to be a novelist i love reading I also thought about writing one and i began to write and i enjoy it so i want to learn more. Iv'e always been very created in my mind i like anime alot and reading manga. Most of my fav books involve young teens and fantasy and...
Pen Name:Tyler Breen
Country: US
Bio: Grew up in three states, been writting for a little while, nothing too intense, just a hobby that helps pass the time.  Hopefully you'll enjoy what I wrote.  Now I'm a free lance nature photographer but I dabble in other forms of photography such as abstract minimalism.
Pen Name:tazzybizzle
Country: US
Bio: Hello all i am Titus Burton also known as "Taz". My goals are to become a full-time novel writer, but i can write anything that is put in my face. Im young but i have been writng for all my life, and i hope to be writing for a the rest of my life. i enjoy writing fantasy books and...
Pen Name:travistheemohippy
Country: US
Bio: My favorite color is pink. I am always down for a walk on the beach and a nice cozy fire.I love Montana, I want to move there as soon as I can.I love my wife Alyssa she is my rock and my everything
Pen Name:Theywillnevernotice
Country: US
Bio: I plead for you to read less things about me, Just read my poems they tell alot more about me.
Pen Name:twilightofmylife
Country: US
Bio: Broken hearts are the things that breathe life into my lips. My heart is always broken and writing heals it, until it breaks again. Writing is my life, I finally learned to let it consume me. I've been doing it for awhile and want to make it my career. I've been through enough to give me...
Pen Name:thePhotographygirl
Country: US
Bio: i haven't been on this site for 3 years. hi.   update, 4/11/13: i haven't been on for a while. hi again. i don't know if i'll get back into using this site or not. by the way, most all of the writing on here was written when i was 10-12 years old, so excuse its silliness, but i'm keeping it...
Pen Name:twilight
Country: US
Bio: I am gretchen.I love writing poetry, and writing in general - as long as it's a good topic to write about. 
Pen Name:Thomas Engel
Country: US
Bio: well i am now 19 and i havent been on here for a long time..... well i am going to school to become a pastor and i still love to write.... sorry if you try talking to me and i dont talk back.... well i will be around!
Pen Name:Smile 4 the world
Country: AU
Bio: !
Pen Name:Trace Pobkins
Country: CA
Bio: Um HI!. . . . . .  Um I like to write. . . .  Um stories . . . yeah
Pen Name:tornskirt
Country: US
Bio:  Why not try writing???  
Pen Name:Theresa Langley
Country: US
Bio:              hello my name if you havnt guessed already is Theresa im 18 years old... yes, im young.. most of my things i write about are rambles.. alot are sad i relize but i usually only write when im  upset i have some happier things silly things i might put up thanks for reading...
Pen Name:Tremaine Raisa
Country: BS
Bio: DIDJA MISS ME?! Hullo all! It's been a while since I've been on here. Wow, I must say, the place has changed. I'm so looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  A Little About ME My name's Tremaine and I'm 22, and I live in the Bahamas. I've always enjoyed writing but it took me...
Pen Name:tenman1984
Country: US
Pen Name:tiffany
Country: CA
Bio: It is better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Believe none of what you hear, half of what you see and all of what you say.
Pen Name:tangleofnightmares
Country: AU
Bio: a figure hugs the shadows in the back of the room...a sliver of light cuts across a pair of eyes that flash, assessing and cold...lips curled in an amused smile...tis is me...this is all
Pen Name:toodles
Country: US
Pen Name:TaliaBlu
Country: US
Bio: Well you can call me Tally and  I don't write stories or novels, because I don't have nearly enough patience for that, but maybe I will one day. I like writing journal-type pieces and descriptive argumentative pieces to vent, but my best work is in poetry. My idols are Ellen Degeneres,...

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