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Pen Name:Terry Collett
Country: GB
Pen Name:Sherri9turpin
Country: US
Bio: Hello there , myy name is Sherri Lynn Turpin-Hinesley.. I'm 17 years younq ( fuqk old ] I love to write.. I usuallyy write poems , nd an occasional sonq here nd there.. I don't like drama.. I'm myy own person nd I won't chanqe fur anyone , no matter the reason. I have myy own view on life , nd...
Pen Name:Tom777
Country: US
Bio: I am a freshly graduated high school student, living in Washington state. I like to write when i'm bored, tired, or depressed. I've written two novels so far, the first in my freshmen year in highschool the second in my senior year.
Pen Name:tauhidalam
Country: IN
Pen Name:tempest
Country: US
Bio: I am an istrument of the Creator of the universe.  He is my God and the God of all.  I have been called to spread the knowledge and realization of His goodness to all those who roam this complex and interwoven creation we consciously live in.  I attempt to interpret His unending and vastly...
Pen Name:Trebla
Country: US
Pen Name:Timothy
Country: US
Pen Name:Treshawna
Country: GB
Bio: Hi everybody! My name is Treshawna i'm 16 i might be young but i love writing!!! I've been a member for a while now but i've been away buisy at college doing business. My work is very important to me because it's all i have, it's the only thing that i like doing so please read and enjoy!!.  ...
Pen Name:The Infinite
Country: US
Bio: Urmm.....Hi..?
Pen Name:thePhotographygirl
Country: US
Bio: i haven't been on this site for 3 years. hi.   update, 4/11/13: i haven't been on for a while. hi again. i don't know if i'll get back into using this site or not. by the way, most all of the writing on here was written when i was 10-12 years old, so excuse its silliness, but i'm keeping it...
Pen Name:The Epileptic Mind
Country: US
Pen Name:The Devil You Know
Country: CA
Bio: Salutations.I'm here to post a few of my works. Feel free to read and review if you like. "The critics are our friends. They point out our flaws." I enjoy a variety of things. Most of my reading is in the realm of non-fiction, but I do read a fair amount of short stories. I like stories that...
Pen Name:the hype
Country: AU
Bio: ...
Pen Name:tinker
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Talia Chatzi
Country: US
Bio: I'm basically on here to write. I dapple into a little of everything, so don't be afraid to read and comment!
Pen Name:The Actress
Country: US
Bio: I was happy in my harbour When you cut me loose Floating on an ocean And confused Winds are whipping waves up Like sky scrapers And the harder they hit me The less I seem to bruise And when I Find the controls I'll go where I like I'll know where I want to be But maybe for now I'll stay right...
Pen Name:TaylorRenee
Country: US
Bio: I'm Taylor! Uhm...I'm only thirteen years old, but don't let that fool you. I'm new here, but I've been writing for a different writing site - storywrite.com - for a couple of years, publishing stories and reviewing others'. I really enjoy it, and I'm a lot better than you think a thirteen year...
Pen Name:The Midnight Wanderer
Country: NP
Bio: Well I'm just "TODAY's Simple TEEnagER". I love to do all those wacky stuffs. Pose off, pretend, fake,dress abstract. JUst enJoy life...lol..BUt I always loved poetry frm MY childhood. i am like the most  Hyperactive then at one Click the MOst Emotional..hehe...WELL that's my view of GOOD...
Pen Name:Thesharkwriter
Country: US
Bio: Thanks for stopping by!
Pen Name:Twisted Reality
Country: US
Bio: My name is Garrett. I have been threw alot in my life and I can't find an output to release all this stress, so I picked up a pen and began writing and ever since then ive been writing short stories like crazy. It varies from Erotica, Twisted Dark Stories, Happy, Crazy, Drugs, and so on. I like...
Pen Name:The Rogue Hat Company
Country: GB
Bio: The Rogue Hat Company is a collection of writers from across the world that are on a mission to challenge the way we think about writing and reading poetry and stories, with particular attention to those written on the Internet. We do this by collating works that both go against the grain of...
Pen Name:Sk8terboi
Country: US
Bio: I am 13 years old and i live in seattle washingon. and my favorite words are sk8ter and boi
Pen Name:TatyanaPsychoticTaciturn
Country: US
Bio: 1. I live my life according to my standards. 2. I am me and I won't change. 3. I enjoy looking out a car door window instead of the passengers inside the vehicle. 4. I am a child of divorced parental units, but I am not a statistic. 5. I believe that whatever your heart tells you to do is pretty...
Pen Name:turnpages
Country: CA
Bio: I am a retired Health Information Management Professional.   I live in Nova Scotia Canada with my husband, two daughters, one dog and one cat.  This is my first attempt at writing.I am a brain tumor "survivor" thus far and have written a short story about it.  Written in about one half hour...
Pen Name:TheLegend
Country: US
Bio: Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you people know I don't update often and take a lot of time when I write so don't expect anything to often. To be honest with you I'm kind of a weird person. I kind of get hyper a lot even if I haven't eaten any sugar. Then again a lot of my friends are weird in their own...
Pen Name:tomasocarthaigh
Country: IE
Bio: Poetry for me is a passion, not just a hobby, and I think that the ability to leave something behind us after our day is one of the best things in life, and the ability for someone to read the words I have written, and to be moved, to anger, to action, to tears, brings a connection that can only...
Pen Name:TeacupxSmile
Country: CA
Bio: Laterrr.
Pen Name:THeartnet
Country: US
Bio: Hey I am a man of few words. so dont expect a big blog.I havent written much of any thing in a long time mostly do to work or other things just keep coming up.  Reading is something I do personally for my own benfit.  I dont have a prefence in books I read them all: Fantasy, Horror, war,...
Pen Name:TheSportsGuy
Country: US
Bio: I'm Troy, a sportswriter. I love to watch sports (could I have been any more prevalent?), read, write, travel, and be around generally warm people.I'm a columnist for a newspaper, so most of my work is opinion pieces on what I see at sporting events, which, at my job, is mostly a lot of high...
Pen Name:tony189
Country: US
Pen Name:tin2twinkling
Country: CA
Bio: =) i'm back again...!!! hello everyone! i'm a grad now!! weee!! i really enjoy writing, reading and studying anything that relates to it (ie) poetry, literature, languages, etc.. i write mostly fiction.. coz i like the fantasy world; lol it makes life interesting.i've been writing my stories on...
Pen Name:The abolition of man
Country: US

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