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Pen Name:TheHangedMan
Country: US
Bio: I'm just a guy from wisconsin that occasionally enjoys writing a story or a poem.  I'm a tad shy and so never really show them to anyone but, through the grace of internet anonymity I'm going to post a few things I've been working on.
Pen Name:Those
Country: US
Bio: Hi, I'm Elizabeth email me sunny123194@hotmail.com
Pen Name:Taylor Liljegren
Country: US
Bio: -
Pen Name:todeszellen91
Country: US
Bio: My name is Joel. I am now too old to still be moping over dumb shit that happened three years ago, but here I am, posting all this bullshit. And for what? So that other children that feel like I do can say "Wow! That's exactly how I feel?" NO. Fuck that. I suppose the only reason I post any of...
Pen Name:Terry Collett
Country: GB
Pen Name:therpy 4 the broken
Country: US
Bio: hey guys just to let you know ill be hopefully getting back in to my poetry so look forward to that....so yeah i have tons and tons of bands i listen to..it would be easier to ask me what bands i don't like ^.^...here are some of them ...statistics show: 92% of teens would die if Abrcombie and...
Pen Name:the shrew
Country: AU
Bio: hey i'm a 16yo girl in Australia!! i love reading and writing... doesn't actually mean i'm any good at it, tho... i move around a lot so i've seen a lot and i try to incorporate my experiences into my writing, but so far... well i hope you enjoy my works.thanks for visitin my page... see ya!! xox
Pen Name:the great commacancha
Country: AU
Bio: hi. seatons the name. i write when i can be bothered. i usually write train of thought so nothing really makes much sense, but sometimes it looks ok on the paper. yez
Pen Name:tuscanybimbim
Country: CA
Pen Name:SpringElizab3th
Country: US
Bio: I'm Spring Elizabeth :] I really want to become a writer of songs one day. I love acoustic music. I love to write in my free time.It helps me to express my inner most feelings :] Please help me improve in any way possible!! Thanks ;]
Pen Name:taylorr
Country: AU
Pen Name:Tumshie
Country: CA
Bio: Hello!My name is Hannah.  My pen name is Tumshie.I am Camisado92's grandmother and I love to write children's stories.This is my first attempt in a long time I hope you have a fun time reading them!Feel free to leave me a comment or a message and i will return the favour!!!!:D
Pen Name:Tango
Country: NZ
Pen Name:thrill
Country: US
Bio: Surprisingly for someone who writes for joy, I don't like to right about myself but I guess I should try. I write when I become bored during class, which is most of the time seeing how school is almost over.  I just look around and write about what I’m doing at the moment or what the...
Pen Name:Thomas
Country: US
Bio: Basically I'm a college freshman looking for a place to write and get critiqued. Thats about it really. Lol, enjoy my writing!
Pen Name:Truthdefiesreason
Country: US
Bio: Back in Action! I hope everyone had great holidaze! I finished the last editing of NEO-VAMP and it should be hitting the shelves at the end of Feburary (fingers-crossed). Now i can focus my time on the poerty book me and choice others will be doing. I still have all the info on the poems i...
Pen Name:The Last Page
Country: US
Bio: My life is something more than just words. In other words, words can't explain me. You have to know me.
Pen Name:Tarot
Country: US
Bio: My writing explores my love affair with words.  I seek to find meaning in the nuance of sound within words reflected against the silence that surrounds them.  I apologize that some of my poems will necessarily lose something in the translation process to the Booksie format.  The actual...
Pen Name:TaliaBlu
Country: US
Bio: Well you can call me Tally and  I don't write stories or novels, because I don't have nearly enough patience for that, but maybe I will one day. I like writing journal-type pieces and descriptive argumentative pieces to vent, but my best work is in poetry. My idols are Ellen Degeneres,...
Pen Name:TheLegend
Country: US
Bio: Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Just so you people know I don't update often and take a lot of time when I write so don't expect anything to often. To be honest with you I'm kind of a weird person. I kind of get hyper a lot even if I haven't eaten any sugar. Then again a lot of my friends are weird in their own...
Pen Name:thebrokenhearteddontsleep
Country: CA
Bio: Finally back from a long hiatus!!!!!xXcoldXheartedXworldXx - Is my bestest buddy.Much luvs Frankie.Chapter 22 - A Tale Of Two Hearts (25%)Chapter 2 - Crash! Bang! Boom! (50%)So these are some novels that I think are absolutely top shelf. If your bored and looking for something to read, I would...
Pen Name:teenwitissues
Country: AU
Bio: Heyy,I'm Jillz, emo and LOVE poetry. Emo friends are awesome just to let you know. I'll read your work if i find it interesting and would love it if you read my work and commented. I'm 14 and most of my poems will be about love or self-harming. I will probably like all your work that i read and...
Pen Name:Trinity88
Country: CA
Pen Name:ThoughtlessClouds
Country: GB
Bio: Hey. Im Alex. I love the way the world turns round especially when im on top of it. I believe i can fly. However, i've never tested this. I love my friends. I love my family. My brother is strange but i love him too really...Haha :P I miss the days of sitting at home watching Scooby Doo and...
Pen Name:twilightfairy
Country: GB
Bio: Olivia Olivia Olivia'How Did We Get Here? I Used To Know You So Well.'
Pen Name:The Rogue Hat Company
Country: GB
Bio: The Rogue Hat Company is a collection of writers from across the world that are on a mission to challenge the way we think about writing and reading poetry and stories, with particular attention to those written on the Internet. We do this by collating works that both go against the grain of...
Pen Name:TheImortalValkyrie
Country: US
Bio: What is normal, but someone elses wierd?I still don't know what to say really, but I love this site. I would also really like it if I recieved feedback on my poems. Thank you!
Pen Name:Tyrone Slade
Country: US
Bio: I have posted over 110 poems and short stories on this site, please read and let me know what you think. As for me, I am a father of four, two boys(Tyrone and Elyziah) and two girls(Jasmine and Samantha). I am also an Ex-convict, who spent 5 years in prison. I am from Brockton, MA and I was born...
Pen Name:thenamesrose
Country: US
Bio: i might not look like a dark person (aka my blonde hair, always-in-high-heels-sort-of-look) but i cant stand anything that has to do with prep, or girly girl things xept shopping! haha what can i say... basically find beauty in negative places. and i LOVE seether (thats the title of new album...
Pen Name:The Sorrow
Country: US
Bio: I'm 17 and i have been writing for about 7 years and am hoping to do this for a living (Not the best occupation i know but, hey) I'm gay, smart and ready to mingle... lol. I just can't believe... just read my stuff. lol
Pen Name:the underlying truth
Country: US
Bio:   call me laney  for now (:  i am only thirteen years old, and i'll admit i may be inexperienced... but i've gone through a lot in my lifetime, seen a lot, been carried into things i couldn't imagine ever going through again. but they help me write, and that's why i do it : the influences of...
Pen Name:TwilightsAngel
Country: GB
Bio: Inactive.
Pen Name:TheUltimateOverlord
Country: ZA
Bio: Nothing much to say...
Pen Name:The Forgiven
Country: IN
Pen Name:THeartnet
Country: US
Bio: Hey I am a man of few words. so dont expect a big blog.I havent written much of any thing in a long time mostly do to work or other things just keep coming up.  Reading is something I do personally for my own benfit.  I dont have a prefence in books I read them all: Fantasy, Horror, war,...

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