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Pen Name:USGlen
Country: US
Bio: Hello! This is still me. I have begun and have had a very creative and productive  time since last September. I've taken some courses from then until now. They are as follows:  Advanced English GrammarAdvanced Creative WritingDatabase DevelopmentNon-Fiction WritingWriting into translator...
Pen Name:justme4u
Pen Name:ume
Country: IN
Pen Name:Undead Poet
Country: US
Bio: To live to die, to love to hate, to feel to numb, to breathe to suffocate, to wish and to cry. Its all relative.
Pen Name:unforgiven
Pen Name:UltraAngel
Country: US
Bio: Well my name is Demarnae. Its French so itmay seem weird to most. I grew up in a town called Tyler in Texas. I have never been out of Texas wow that sucks. Well I moved to Conroe when I was...... lets say......14 more or less. I like writing stories and poetry its the most exciting thing to do...
Pen Name:uniek366
Country: CA
Bio: Hi! My name is Siobhan and I'm 18 year old lesbian.I usuall write to vent, so everything I write is nonfiction. P.S.ATTENTION GRAMMAR NAZIS: please correct any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes I make becuse that is where I suck the most.I really hate writing these, so if there is...
Pen Name:writing4u
Country: US
Bio: Hello fellow readers and writers,I wrote quite a bit when younger but then life sort of got in the way. Your know, blah, blah, blah...... but now there are so many ways for a slightly timid writer like myself to sort of get a feel for what's going on out there. I have always had a vivid...
Pen Name:MrH2u
Country: GB
Bio: I have often walked down these streets before, but that was before Sandra Bullock took out that restraining order, and bought a shotgun. I have officially been declared Satan by Classic Rock magazine, and the people I harass on the interweb affectionally call me 'that rat bastard'. As I'm not...
Pen Name:letit0ut
Country: US
Pen Name:100uruguaya
Country: US
Bio: i loave harry potter i cant stop to talk about him
Pen Name:Unrequitedlover
Country: US
Bio: Hey!My life is different from my last site on here. Like the fact that I might be pregnant and that I will be moving out of my house under Disability Housing. They just have to check on me every half year to make sure I have all of my neccessities. My mom is also helping me move out without...
Pen Name:unjustpoetry
Country: US
Bio: I'm Heather and I'm 17 years old. I'm a freelance writer for JVIBE Magazine and I hope to pursue my dream as a Journalist. I write a lot of fiction in my spare time and I hope that you will take the time to view my work and comment. If asked, my inspiration is Edith Wharton.
Pen Name:an0nym0us
Country: AU
Bio:   hey everyone :D I haven't been on here for like 3 year.. but i really miss this place.. this was the one place I could express myself freely, the feelings I was hiding from the world  and there was some great people on here I hope they are still here :D    I am a little ashame! of what I...
Pen Name:UncommonCold
Country: US
Bio: Author Chelsea Clemmons is a college student at Troy University, Alabama. She is a natural storyteller who loves to capture her readers' imaginations. Clemmons is studying to be a writer, majoring in English and minoring in Business Administration. She is working on a second book titled Poisoned...
Pen Name:Uchiha Kiyutsike
Country: US
Bio: I am Uchiha Kiyutsike. Nothing much is known of my past (as far as i am willing to give). All that most know is tht i was born into the Uchiha clan before it was destroyed by Uchiha Itachi. Although most believe that Uchiha Sasuke is the sole remaining survivor, I, too, survived that slaughter....
Pen Name:UnspokenSoul22
Country: US
Bio: Not really on Booksie that much, anymore; I'm kind of keeping my projects away from prying eyes.I'll check back every once and while, but don't wait up...There probably won't be anything new posted.Love and Chocolate Kises,Unspoken.
Pen Name:undertheairwaves
Country: AU
Bio: I'm slightly bookish with a penchant for philosophy and writing poetry (have studied both English and philosophy), and have been published in a couple of minor literature collections. Possess a strong desire to write longer prose pieces, and am keen to be involved in a forum where I can recieve...
Pen Name:unfolded
Country: US
Pen Name:uni man
Country: NZ
Bio: i am tim a 14 year old boy whom enjoys to read unicycle and play footballi have many hobbies mainly sports but i would  like to become a writer and have been inspired by the many authers whos books i have read and enjoyed
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