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Pen Name:Unknown17
Country: US
Pen Name:unmasked dellusions
Country: US
Bio: "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid." - Einstein                                                         "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."...
Pen Name:UndiscoveredStoryTeller
Country: US
Bio:     "Tienes que amar la lectura para poder ser buen escritor, porque escribir no empieza contigo." -Carlos Fuentes Esta es quién soy. "If there's a story you want to read but hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." -Toni Morrison This is why I write. Hope you enjoy.
Pen Name:Ursula Tillmann
Country: CA
Pen Name:umaksik
Country: PH
Bio: Substance Over Style. 
Pen Name:unluckeys
Country: US
Bio: I am a young girl who enjoys writing stories. Most of my stories demand a recreation in society, or a large manipulation within it. I also very much enjoy writting romantic stories between two men, rather then female-male relationships. I appreciate any critizism, as I am an inspiring writer. :3...
Pen Name:UnspokenWords
Country: US
Bio: Hello All!So there's not much to say about myself; if you knew me personally, you'd be surprised to hear that I enjoy writing.  I'm  not that great at it I admit, but I really enjoy it so what the heck why not? We only live once right? Might as well :) So if you love cheesy, cliche, and...
Pen Name:Ugo
Country: US
Bio: Ugo Osmunds (born June 30, 1988) is a young African American writer, actor, and an international male model. He has professionally modeled in Brazil as well as in the United States where he is based. In 2008, Ugo was one of the boys who won The Men Of Many Years Award. Ugo was found from an...
Pen Name:ultragurl700
Country: US
Bio: Hello I'm Ultragurl 700. I'm a writer as you can see on Booksie and write just about everything... well not every thing but I do. My books and Stories: Vampire Plague-Horror/Fantasy/Vampire Vampire Plague book 2: Darkest Revenge-Horror/Fantasy/Vampire/Magic Ultras-Young adult/clique/middle...
Pen Name:uchihahime
Country: US
Bio: Erm. Hi. I'm Uchihahime. I'm 16 and I love to write. I hope you enjoy my work.
Pen Name:USGlen
Country: US
Bio: Hello! This is still me. I have begun and have had a very creative and productive  time since last September. I've taken some courses from then until now. They are as follows:  Advanced English GrammarAdvanced Creative WritingDatabase DevelopmentNon-Fiction WritingWriting into translator...
Pen Name:utkarshkohli
Country: IN
Bio: Current status-- Firstly Returning favours>>Secondly Reading Requests>>Thirdly returning Fan Requests I am an engineering student from India who loves to write thriller stories and read them also.. i also like poems which are light and have deep meaning.. please see my work and i hope you will...
Pen Name:Unorthodox Rebel
Country: IN
Bio: I'm a writer and a thinker. A Realist and Opportunist. Nobody important.
Pen Name:UntilForeverEnds
Country: US
Bio: Me I have just started to write for myself I need alot of comentary so please feel free to do so I Am fun-loving creative shy -- at times loud -- with friends    
Pen Name:UntoldStories
Country: US
Bio: This account is no longer active. Or at least in my opinion. Until I figure out a way to delete this account this is it.I just don't want to do this anymore.
Pen Name:UnbreakableEagle
Country: US
Bio: On this site, I'm expecting everyone to have a crave for reading, so I don't want anymore people asking me to read their books, beome a fan and ask me to, that way I'll be notified every time your Writing. Personally, strangers who ask you to read their books without saying they'll return the...
Pen Name:ultimate324
Country: US
Bio: 18, like anime/manga, read a few books here and there. Writing stories to see how good i can write one :).
Pen Name:Until The Wheels Fall
Country: CA
Bio: Hey everybody! :D My name is Josiah Prass...and I am a musician and a song writer and not only that I'm also in a band called "Until The Wheels Fall" xD! So...this is my blank canvas where all of my ideas turn into awesome songs and I really, really hope that all of you talented peoples in...
Pen Name:underthaseaa18
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys! Well, some basic info, I'm 17, go to Liberty Union high school and I love to write and listen to music.(: I'm a crazy, funny ass person. Writing keeps me sane and makes me feel better when I need something. So, uh, any questions? Contact me. I have all my works listed below, along with...
Pen Name:UnderxYourxSpell
Country: GB
Bio: . Welcome to my corner of Booksie It’s small, I know, but very cosy Please make yourself at home Stay as long as you wish My door is always open . . About Me ♪ Writers’ Corner ♫ Music and Magic Challenge . . Messages and Updates .. 27.02.13: This will be my last update here, dear...
Pen Name:Unknown Thoughts
Country: US
Pen Name:universalforce
Country: PT
Bio: Loves music, games and relaxing most of the time I hate dancing And I love soccer and tennis Friends call me Switch so if u wanna call me that it's cool with me And definately not ur regular teenager!!! ;) :p U people better watch out u might not wanna get on my bad side I'm not much of a writer...
Pen Name:UltraAngel
Country: US
Bio: Well my name is Demarnae. Its French so itmay seem weird to most. I grew up in a town called Tyler in Texas. I have never been out of Texas wow that sucks. Well I moved to Conroe when I was...... lets say......14 more or less. I like writing stories and poetry its the most exciting thing to do...
Pen Name:Uriah Hutto
Country: US
Bio: Born and bred in South Carolina means Uriah Hutto talks a little funny and possesses great manners, as well as high-blood pressure and probably high cholesterol. After three non-platinum rap albums Uriah has turned his creative faculties towards writing. Instead of entertaining people on the...
Pen Name:U4EA
Country: US
Bio: I'm the 8th wonder of the world. Dubbed the discrete mend, the breakfast in bed. I've been published twice http://www.blazevox.org/BX%20Covers/BXFall11/Avery%20Zaduk%20Winter%202011.pdf http://madswirlspoetryforum.blogspot.com/2011/08/best-of-mad-swirls-poetry-forum-080611.html
Pen Name:Unhari
Country: GB
Bio: My imagination is, and always has been, phenomenally vivid. Combining this with the fact that my memory is crap, means that I spend a lot of time in my head. The Chronicles Of Atlantis are the result of six years of ideas slowly pulling themselves into something resembling a storyline. I may or...
Pen Name:unknown01
Country: AU
Bio: Ever live in a world where you don't know what you are doing or even if you are welcome ? That my friends is my everyday life I live in a place where I have freedom but with that freedom I am still trapped by my thoughts and actions of others.  Writing is my way out of the life I live some...
Pen Name:UnKnownPrinCess Vaj
Country: US
Pen Name:Unnie
Country: KR
Bio: Hi hi~  My name is Roro.  I'm 21yrs old but im constantly asked what middle school I go to //sob I can range from being extremely girly to the biggest tomboy ever I love fashion, make-up and all the sorts. i like video games, star wars, LOTR, tattoos, piercings, and of course metal. I love...
Pen Name:Upali Sramon
Pen Name:Undervine
Country: AU
Bio: A travel-weary writer - Undervine has settled back on Gold Coast, after living in both Japan and the United States. She writes predominantly humour, and has several columns published in the Online e-zine "Out of the Cube" and the Australian Magazine "Honestly Woman".
Pen Name:Ulloriaq
Country: US
Bio: I am Catholic so much of my writing has to do with my religion. 
Pen Name:Unjust Mohan
Country: IN
Bio: Infact my name is Man Mohan. It is the name of Lord Krishna. Many years back, when I was in College, somebody asked me, "What is your name?" I replied, "Mohan." She asked, "Just Mohan?" She infact sought to know if there was any prefix or suffix attached to my name. I jokingly replied, "No,...
Pen Name:Undeniably Angelic
Country: US
Bio:   This picture is all I need to explain to those, who want to listen, of my hopes, goals, and dreams. As the girl, in my hand I hold a tool in which I will wash my words, like a tide, over the entire world. Instead of a paint brush, however, I wield a pen. With my pen, I will make magic . (:...
Pen Name:Th3S0ulReaper
Country: US
Pen Name:UntamedSoul
Country: US
Bio: This is the difference between the power of our creator and anything else that exists in this world or any galaxy, particularly bad energy or evil. The difference is that you can enter a room of darkness and evil, cold darkness, war, murder, suffering, pain, depression, famine,materialism,...
Pen Name:Unrealistic Writer
Country: GB
Bio: Hey there!I have another account on Booksie but that's all realist stuffI am an unrealistic writer on this account, hence the nameCall me Kristi Alexandra, these are my first two names :DHope you enjoy my writing
Pen Name:lilyb4u2000
Country: IN
Bio: Always confused albeit with virtually limitless ambitions, perpetually arrogant, continuous conflicts of emotions and constant bull shitting........I guess that is me.well, i think (or rather like to think) that i am a very promising writer. so potential is my talent for writing that the world...
Pen Name:UtahandWriting
Country: US
Bio: My name is Sami Bies, I have never written short stories before so if you can, please critisize as needed :) It's always been an interest to me I just haven't sat down and actually done it.  So here I am.  I'm a dancer and I'm ready to open my mind :)
Pen Name:UltraXFo
Country: US
Bio: Writing is one of my favorite things to do when I have time. Poetry is my best type of writing I like to write. Find my published stories under poetry and other things or go on my profile and read my poems that are published and leave a comment. Apprientice
Pen Name:Unknown234
Country: GB
Pen Name:UN Owen
Country: US
Bio: Not much to say about myself. I'm a man of the manliest breed who may or may not occassionlly act like a female because I'm a baby. I'm an avid reader and mediocre writer. I enjoy writing horror stories in particular, but I occassionally dab in drama and comedy. I especially love combining all...
Pen Name:ultraplayer25
Country: US
Pen Name:Unlost Wanderer
Country: SK
Bio: English is not my first language. I am only starting to discover the pleasure of writing, it is a new hobby of mine and I am still unexperienced. I hope to find someone who will share my love of a slow moving story.
Pen Name:UhyoKage
Country: US
Bio:   Hello!  As you know my Pen name is UhyoKage but you can just call me Uhyo for short.  Recently I've been interested in writing poems.  I'll basically just write down whatever comes to mind and make a poem out of it.  I love to read books.  Any kind of books interest me...as long as...
Country: NL
Bio: ..IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm having a hard time at school (midterms...gaaaaaah!), so I won't be online for the coming week...Sorry...T__T .What's up, coolcats! I go by the name "UTSUKUSHII" or "Yuki" (I don't mind if you give me one, though)..Anyway, Manga/Anime interest me. I am a: Writer (poems and...
Pen Name:UltimatumC
Country: IN
Bio: Hey there! I suppose I should probably give you a boring description of myself. I love to write stories. What could be a more creative way of expressing your ideas? I love singing and rapping. I love Linkin Park, Green Day, Westlife and Eminem. I love editing videos and websites. My website is...
Pen Name:an0nym0us
Country: AU
Bio:   hey everyone :D I haven't been on here for like 3 year.. but i really miss this place.. this was the one place I could express myself freely, the feelings I was hiding from the world  and there was some great people on here I hope they are still here :D    I am a little ashame! of what I...
Pen Name:UnknownPublisher
Country: US
Bio:   Unkown! About me, I am a very funny outgoing person to be around. I love to write and read I love to play volleyball!:P I am pretty Intelligent for my age most people say  I am 15 years young!:D I love summer romances! I love all kinds of genres!!:P I love food! I love dessert! I am a fat...
Pen Name:Unrepentant
Country: US
Pen Name:XxXL4UR3NXx
Country: IE
Bio: :)

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