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Pen Name:UnKnownPrinCess Vaj
Country: US
Pen Name:Tulips4us
Country: AU
Bio: I love books sooo much!!!
Pen Name:Ummi Aisyah Zul Muthmainnah
Country: ID
Bio: I am an Indonesian Student. I have finished University (my major was English) and I am now in Australia for two months to study the habits of the locals and to collect a few samples.I like to write and to eat seafood.
Pen Name:ultimate324
Country: US
Bio: 18, like anime/manga, read a few books here and there. Writing stories to see how good i can write one :).
Pen Name:unmasked dellusions
Country: US
Bio: "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid." - Einstein                                                         "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."...
Pen Name:XxXL4UR3NXx
Country: IE
Bio: :)
Pen Name:UntilForeverEnds
Country: US
Bio: Me I have just started to write for myself I need alot of comentary so please feel free to do so I Am fun-loving creative shy -- at times loud -- with friends    
Pen Name:utkarshkohli
Country: IN
Bio: Current status-- Firstly Returning favours>>Secondly Reading Requests>>Thirdly returning Fan Requests I am an engineering student from India who loves to write thriller stories and read them also.. i also like poems which are light and have deep meaning.. please see my work and i hope you will...
Pen Name:Usanuli
Country: US
Bio: I'm a student at Dartmouth College who likes to write things. I grew up in a rural corner of Missouri interspersed with summer-long visits to an even more rural part of Oklahoma. My parents are Southerners and my sympathies definitely lie in that direction (but I can speak standard English!)....
Pen Name:unattainable
Country: US
Bio:   I know! I know! I know that you all hate me for not finishing my story. Truth to be told, I had been very busy. My life decided that it was time to get on a rollercoaster and take my life for a spin. 180* Twist was deleted from my computer a while ago because my so called best friend decided...
Pen Name:Undeniably Angelic
Country: US
Bio:   This picture is all I need to explain to those, who want to listen, of my hopes, goals, and dreams. As the girl, in my hand I hold a tool in which I will wash my words, like a tide, over the entire world. Instead of a paint brush, however, I wield a pen. With my pen, I will make magic . (:...
Pen Name:unanonymous
Country: IN
Pen Name:Universe
Country: US
Bio: My name is Universe kiss. I enjoy writing about the things I like furries, animals, pokemon, ect. I read ALOT of books and they're what inspire me to write. I'm very judgmental, and don't agree with everything that goes on in movies and books, a huge reason that writing is so important to me....
Pen Name:UKSF
Country: US
Pen Name:underwood
Country: GB
Bio: I enjoy reading and photography, mainly. You can see my photos at my site, below.
Pen Name:Uchay
Country: PK
Bio: ....In this world of utter selfishnes, I am a victim of mere tragedy...!!!        ...I guess God likes my eyes glistening with tears so much, that He has stamped these tears on every page of the book of my life...!!I came into this world, unaware of the sorrow and pain that lie ahead, i...
Pen Name:ultraplayer25
Country: US
Pen Name:uniquegirl
Country: US
Bio: I love getting messages and new fans. It makes my day every time I see those little Orange boxes:). I will always return the favor of reading poems and storys. I know that everyone who has a Booksie account wants to be heard and seen. And I always want to read other peoples writings. All of my...
Pen Name:uluvme2dou
Country: CA
Bio: My name is Amanda and the day I was born on was April 22nd of 1993.  I enjoy reading, writing, and dancing.  I also enjoy singing and acting. I'm not saying I'm mad because I fell under the Twilight Spell, or at least for a period of time.  HATE TWILIGHT NOW.  I.  My favorite object would...
Pen Name:UweeHeeHee
Country: AU
Bio: meow
Country: NL
Bio: ..IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm having a hard time at school (midterms...gaaaaaah!), so I won't be online for the coming week...Sorry...T__T .What's up, coolcats! I go by the name "UTSUKUSHII" or "Yuki" (I don't mind if you give me one, though)..Anyway, Manga/Anime interest me. I am a: Writer (poems and...
Pen Name:Th3S0ulReaper
Country: US
Pen Name:ultragurl700
Country: US
Bio: Hello I'm Ultragurl 700. I'm a writer as you can see on Booksie and write just about everything... well not every thing but I do. My books and Stories: Vampire Plague-Horror/Fantasy/Vampire Vampire Plague book 2: Darkest Revenge-Horror/Fantasy/Vampire/Magic Ultras-Young adult/clique/middle...
Pen Name:uhmkitty
Country: US
Bio:   I've spent the last 12 years of my life competing in acrobatic gymnastics at an international level, going to the world championships twice representing the U.S. and medaling silver after Great Britain.  My dream is to publish some of my work, travel the world, and spend the rest of my life...
Pen Name:justme4u
Pen Name:UnicornsLuvMe3
Country: US
Bio: I love reading and writing books, and my friends have encouraged me to write one, so that's starting off here, on my novel that I'm eventually going to do called Blinded By The Obvious. You can check that out, because it's the only thing I have done right now.
Pen Name:Ugo
Country: US
Bio: Ugo Osmunds (born June 30, 1988) is a young African American writer, actor, and an international male model. He has professionally modeled in Brazil as well as in the United States where he is based. In 2008, Ugo was one of the boys who won The Men Of Many Years Award. Ugo was found from an...
Pen Name:Ultra Coloured Life
Country: CA
Bio: The name is Carmen.I LOVE to write... it's basically most of what I do with my time.  If I'm not writing I'm reading.  If I'm busy with neither of those activities I'm either very ill, or with friends.  Hopefully with friends.Part of what inspired me to start a booksie acount was a friend of...
Pen Name:USGlen
Country: US
Bio: Hello! This is still me. I have begun and have had a very creative and productive  time since last September. I've taken some courses from then until now. They are as follows:  Advanced English GrammarAdvanced Creative WritingDatabase DevelopmentNon-Fiction WritingWriting into translator...
Pen Name:underthebridge83
Country: US
Bio: I am a former contributor to 1wrestling.com as well as a former internet radio show host.I now write mainly poetry and short stories.   underthebridge83@gmail.com   You can search me on Facebook using my email address & add me as a friend.
Pen Name:unnamed hero
Country: US
Bio: vivid flow, with much to know, sickened by the pen, with much blank pages to grow, lost within these gardens with all, thee eyes  to behold, the starry blind nature to remind us of our snow. read as you never were and never let go  
Pen Name:unluckeys
Country: US
Bio: I am a young girl who enjoys writing stories. Most of my stories demand a recreation in society, or a large manipulation within it. I also very much enjoy writting romantic stories between two men, rather then female-male relationships. I appreciate any critizism, as I am an inspiring writer. :3...
Pen Name:underthesky
Country: CA
Bio: Once upon a time lived a teenage girl, smothered by life's riches. Annoyed and bored, she decided to create her own world to be apart of. The world she created in her mind was beautiful, a place where she could do anything she wanted. However, this world had a dark side, and very soon pulled the...
Pen Name:UhyoKage
Country: US
Bio:   Hello!  As you know my Pen name is UhyoKage but you can just call me Uhyo for short.  Recently I've been interested in writing poems.  I'll basically just write down whatever comes to mind and make a poem out of it.  I love to read books.  Any kind of books interest me...as long as...
Pen Name:Uncle Mick
Country: GB
Bio: I have been married for 42 years to Joyce. I am a retired printer who worked for a large regional daily newspaper, but am thoroughly enjoying retirement!
Pen Name:UpIsDownAndAround
Country: US
Pen Name:UntalentedHack420
Country: US
Bio: If you're into crappy, unfinished screenplays then you'll be happy to hear that you came to the right place. We've got a wide assortment of screenplays ranging from mind numbingly stupid to "actively on fire" awful. You most certainly won't be leaving disappointed as  your good pal...
Pen Name:Uzmie
Country: TR
Bio: I'm taking this little break from booksie! ABOUT ME To start off brilliantly with~ I'm Uzmie, uh, you already knew that. I recently turned 16- super sweet sixteen! A-levels student.*Rolls Eyes* Oh and in case you want to know, I'm neither British (unfortunately, yep, there goes my dreams of that...
Pen Name:UltraXFo
Country: US
Bio: Writing is one of my favorite things to do when I have time. Poetry is my best type of writing I like to write. Find my published stories under poetry and other things or go on my profile and read my poems that are published and leave a comment. Apprientice
Pen Name:Ulfrinn
Country: AO
Bio: 4
Pen Name:utsyo
Country: IN
Pen Name:unknown1993
Country: US
Pen Name:Unnie
Country: KR
Bio: Hi hi~  My name is Roro.  I'm 21yrs old but im constantly asked what middle school I go to //sob I can range from being extremely girly to the biggest tomboy ever I love fashion, make-up and all the sorts. i like video games, star wars, LOTR, tattoos, piercings, and of course metal. I love...
Pen Name:UmWhat
Country: ZA
Bio: I really don't know:/
Pen Name:umaksik
Country: PH
Bio: Substance Over Style. 
Pen Name:UnknownAndNotAlone
Country: US
Bio: I have a lot on my mind and somtimes I write it down. From things I wish I could do in real life to detailed dreams I still remember years later. Enjoy!
Pen Name:Unstable egg
Country: US
Bio: Im an underestimated teen who spends 99% of the year high, but still still, stoner doesnt mean "useless idiot" which is what the community around me so passionately believes. I am actually a good student, my talents involve, dancing, drawing, cooking, and of course writing. I need you to think...
Pen Name:utkarsh
Country: IN
Pen Name:Unorthodox
Country: US
Bio: Just a 19 year old from West Virginia, wanting to live up to something better, I do stuff for my friends and family, and i write for fun. I give advice to those who need it.Stealin' a bucket list from a fellow booxsie writer, Nickeystokes xDMy Bucket list:Have 10 fans (  ) Have 15 fans (  )...
Pen Name:UnknownToWritersBlock
Country: US
Bio: Embedded Embedddd in my skin is the engravings of sorrow that make me resent tomorrow. The temptation to choke is provoking and the image of hell is swallowing Swallowing me whole and all I ask from you is to console the wounds, even the ones not caused by you You are the only one that wants...
Pen Name:Unhappy birthday
Pen Name:unaturalmatt
Country: US
Bio: I write different genres and my favorite is drama.
Pen Name:Unknown210
Country: US
Bio: Hello my name is Victoria I love black veil brides and blood on the dance floor but i also love olden songs i am 13 and i hate how people only what to be friends to you for your stuff. I hate when people touch my stuff and i hate sluts and bitches that think they are better. ​I also hate...
Pen Name:Undervine
Country: AU
Bio: A travel-weary writer - Undervine has settled back on Gold Coast, after living in both Japan and the United States. She writes predominantly humour, and has several columns published in the Online e-zine "Out of the Cube" and the Australian Magazine "Honestly Woman".
Pen Name:urbansundog
Country: CA
Bio: Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Urban-Sundog-Productions/385549338139884   Like so many others, the Sundog discovered a need to write in Grade School, but try to find the time?! In University, he made a conscious choice -- be a writer, not an actor, which was another popular...

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