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Pen Name:Uwritten93
Country: SK
Bio: Hey There   My name is Leila , I am 16 years old and I live in Jordan and that is an Arab country , my mom is Slovakian and my dad is Jordanian and I only have one sister, basically I am this normal teenager that went through a tough faze with having a broken heart, I used to be so in love but...
Pen Name:UnfortunatePoet
Country: US
Pen Name:Uprisingx
Country: US
Bio: So, okay. I'm pretty new on here, but I've had my fair share of Fanfiction and Fictionpress, so I thought I'd move on to somewhere else to get some feedback. For starters, my name is Lexie. I'm fifteen, and I live in Virginia. I'm currently a student, and I'd love to be a writer one day, and...
Pen Name:ultimatetwilightfan
Country: US
Bio:  Hi, my name is Gabrielle Burns, I live in a small town in Texas, I have a dream to become a famous writer like Stephanie Meyers. She is my idol. By the way I'm a HUGE Twilight fan... if you haven't noticed lol. Well I get hurt alot in my life and the only way I fix it is by writing or doing...
Pen Name:Uptown Girl
Country: US
Bio: I'm just your average all-american girl. Then again? What is average these days. I'm a licensed Cosmetologist who realized it just wasn't for me. I cut hair to make money, but I'm more interested in art, history, and writing. I don't know much, but I'm excited to learn and grow. I don't care...
Pen Name:uniquegirl
Country: US
Bio: I love getting messages and new fans. It makes my day every time I see those little Orange boxes:). I will always return the favor of reading poems and storys. I know that everyone who has a Booksie account wants to be heard and seen. And I always want to read other peoples writings. All of my...
Pen Name:unboyfriendable
Country: US
Bio: i live in a town so small and comfortable i just love it my writing is my passion and i love reading its sooooo fun i hope you enjoy my works plez let me know wat you think :) oh ya watch true blood!!!!!!!!!ha3
Pen Name:Umphulump
Country: US
Bio: Emma: The Chuck Norris of WritingMy name’s Emma. I’m twelve years old.  I enjoy writing scripts, stories and comics. I have at least 100 unfinished stories since my 6 years of writing. I am currently writing my 4Th comic and editing my 52 page novel. I have made 2 movie scripts, and plan...
Pen Name:unanimous
Pen Name:UncommonCold
Country: US
Bio: Author Chelsea Clemmons is a college student at Troy University, Alabama. She is a natural storyteller who loves to capture her readers' imaginations. Clemmons is studying to be a writer, majoring in English and minoring in Business Administration. She is working on a second book titled Poisoned...
Pen Name:untitledwritergirl
Country: US
Bio: Courtney is my name. sophmore is my grade. I'm a high school student, just trying to get through (if that's evne possible). Writing is what I do. I'm single, and attempting to enjoy it., Unlike normal teens, I don't do drugs, drinking,  smoking, or sex. Christianity is my religion, and I am...
Pen Name:Ujjwal Aggarwal
Country: IN
Pen Name:xFrac7ure
Country: US
Bio: I try.
Pen Name:Uche
Country: US
Bio: I'm really excited right now, doing this. Oh sorry, I'm Uche.(Uruguay Christopher Eugene) got it? And yes, hi! I'm so very pleased to meet you.
Pen Name:unbreakable
Country: AU
Bio: Hello my name is Emily, I have only started getting in the hang of writting, so please criticise anything, feel free to leave as many comments as possible!!!! XD
Pen Name:USGlen
Country: US
Bio: Hello! This is still me. I have begun and have had a very creative and productive  time since last September. I've taken some courses from then until now. They are as follows:  Advanced English GrammarAdvanced Creative WritingDatabase DevelopmentNon-Fiction WritingWriting into translator...
Pen Name:Uricka
Country: US
Bio: My Name is Ericka Roberts And i live in Okanogan Washington
Pen Name:unit06jaw
Country: GB
Bio: My name is James Wafer I have been reading books since a very young age and have fallen utterly in love with them. My idols are JKRowling David Gemmell Conn Igg, Bernard Cornwell. in the writing world. I am currently studying IT but my real passion is writing novels. One day I hope to publish one.
Pen Name:uwishuknew
Country: US
Bio: I like to read and just starting to write.
Pen Name:unknown
Country: ZA
Pen Name:uluvme2dou
Country: CA
Bio: My name is Amanda and the day I was born on was April 22nd of 1993.  I enjoy reading, writing, and dancing.  I also enjoy singing and acting. I'm not saying I'm mad because I fell under the Twilight Spell, or at least for a period of time.  HATE TWILIGHT NOW.  I.  My favorite object would...
Pen Name:lilkitty16us
Country: US
Bio: i am a happily married woman of almost 5years and i have 2 biological kids 4 and 2 and 2 stp kids 17 and 14 i love them all the same. i am a stay at home mom.
Pen Name:heart2u
Country: US
Bio: Name:bethany faithMy site:http://www.slide.com/r/58lHaEJR6j_5jAOZmfAfSk4Mh-YhRZJG?previous_view=lt_embedded_urlAge:13 born on 5/2/1997Fav.Color:red,black,and pinkSports I play:Soccer and softball Fav.tv shows,All the crime shows,but bones and Median and any ghosts ones,Mery,Miami Medical,and all...
Pen Name:C0untryGirl
Country: NZ
Bio: Go New Zealand in the Football World Cup!!!!!!!Hi Guys!!! Thanks for stopping by, it’s Matius here, had to set up a new profile as I can’t log in to my old one for some unknown reason, so I will be re-posting everything up onto this profile, and all additions will be from here.  Thanks to...
Pen Name:unwantedbloodyhuman
Country: US
Bio: My name is Danni, I am 15. I love making friends, talking to people, playing sports, and writing and reading. I pretty much listen to music 24/7, I am very blunt, stubborn and yes I do have a attitude, but I am nice =) People tell me I give good advice, my favorite color is purple, I love...
Pen Name:2weird4ubetches
Country: US
Bio: Well hello there hot stuff? Sorry, I hope I don't come across as a Creeper. Anyways I hope you read and enjoy my stories. If you dont enjoy my stories I dont Give a Shit so suck it up bitches!!! Just Joking, If you don't like one of my stories and you have some ideas on how I can improve my...
Pen Name:UglyCinderella523
Country: US
Bio: Hiya!!! hahaha!!! Hey just FYI to anyone out there, i got locked out of my previous accout under "jkucz11" because i changed my e-mail and forgot my pass, sooo if you ever visit that other profile and you see some same works as here, just letting you no i didnt copy them and they are mine....
Pen Name:Ugo
Country: US
Bio: Ugo Osmunds (born June 30, 1988) is a young African American writer, actor, and an international male model. He has professionally modeled in Brazil as well as in the United States where he is based. In 2008, Ugo was one of the boys who won The Men Of Many Years Award. Ugo was found from an...
Pen Name:Unbreakablee
Country: AU
Bio: -- Welcome to my Page --Please read my work and comment, I would love to return the favourAll you have to do is ask.. "True love is like ghosts, which everybody talks about and few have seen."-La RochefoucauldHold me close, Never let me go, My sweet love. In the night we'll wish this never...
Pen Name:jad3ds0ulp03t
Country: US
Pen Name:Ume Miyako
Country: US
Bio: I've never really been good at this, but here it goes. Being a sophomore at San Diego High, isn't really the place where you can express yourself without at least one person commenting, be it good or bad. So, writing is an easy escape. I usually like what I write, but not many people tell me...
Pen Name:unknown user
Country: GB
Pen Name:unjustpoetry
Country: US
Bio: I'm Heather and I'm 17 years old. I'm a freelance writer for JVIBE Magazine and I hope to pursue my dream as a Journalist. I write a lot of fiction in my spare time and I hope that you will take the time to view my work and comment. If asked, my inspiration is Edith Wharton.
Pen Name:La3uren
Country: AU
Pen Name:UnknownOrchestra
Country: US
Bio: Hello! You can call me Unknown, because that's what I am! I love anime like Bleach, wolfs rain and kuroshitsuji and such. My favorite colors blue and I would prefer not to alk about my past. Beleive me, it's long and boring! You read my stuff and i'll read yours! Promise! =) My all time...
Pen Name:unvorsum
Country: US
Bio: Just another amature poet.
Pen Name:rawrness911ukilledmeh
Country: US
Pen Name:UnKnownPrinCess Vaj
Country: US
Pen Name:Uzair Alwi
Country: PK
Bio: I prefer to write what is in my heart. I am very emotional and tend to produce those emotions on paper.
Pen Name:Usman Sahizbada
Country: PK
Bio: Well, Im your friendly neighborhood Spiderman :P
Pen Name:UnspokenWords
Country: US
Bio: Hello All!So there's not much to say about myself; if you knew me personally, you'd be surprised to hear that I enjoy writing.  I'm  not that great at it I admit, but I really enjoy it so what the heck why not? We only live once right? Might as well :) So if you love cheesy, cliche, and...
Pen Name:Unwritten1998
Country: US
Pen Name:UniqueChassy
Country: US
Pen Name:uandi
Country: US
Bio: UPDATED: July 25, 2012 I'm currently 15 years old and enjoy writing and reading when I can. I also love making new friends so don't be afraid to say Hi :)) I'm a Christian who try's to read the bible daily and loves God with all my heart. If you leave Comment asking me to read something I'll try...
Pen Name:unrequition
Country: BB
Bio: I write poetry for fun :)
Pen Name:Uchay
Country: PK
Bio: ....In this world of utter selfishnes, I am a victim of mere tragedy...!!!        ...I guess God likes my eyes glistening with tears so much, that He has stamped these tears on every page of the book of my life...!!I came into this world, unaware of the sorrow and pain that lie ahead, i...
Pen Name:unknownscribe
Country: US
Bio: simply attempting to write.
Pen Name:Liv3Th3Lif3Y0uL0v3
Country: US
Bio: The names Abby. I've been breathing on my own for 15 almost 16 years now.I live an unpradictable life. You'll never expect my next move.My friends and family mean everything to me.I love meating new people. So comment and tell me what you think.I dont usually post things but what i do post i...

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