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Pen Name:wackoweirdo
Country: US
Bio: What to say, what to say? There are so many words to wield and I just can't seem to get enough. I write often though most is nonsensical little blurbs and thoughts on life and humanity. I would love to say anything to gratify my writings, but I fear it's rudimentary at best. Writing is a way for...
Pen Name:WordSpeak
Country: US
Bio: wordspeak   ~ ~ ~ Name's Justin. 24/Art student/writer I write what I like. That's mostly Young Adult, but whatever my muse inspires. Enjoy reading, and let me know what you think. Currently: Working on an ebook manuscript for Jesse. Thinking about continuing Fenya. Finished another novel,...
Pen Name:Wolfskiss
Country: US
Bio: So here's the thing, I'm not normal...Warning as well, I'm not like any other girl you'll meet. Trust me on that, you want to test it...go ahead. Try to find someone that loves to draw and sing, doesn't count that she is human, Enjoys going out on a full moon, get's inspiration from clouds at...
Pen Name:WordlessWhispers
Country: AU
Bio: Im a 14 year old girl and I absolutely love writing poetry. Ive been writing since I was really young because my nan is a poet and she got me into it. I've written alot of really dark, screwed up poems, simply because I get real bad nightmares, but I still do the mushy love ones too.My hero &...
Pen Name:WerewolfWyeth
Country: GB
Bio:       I need to fill this in... ...maybe later.
Pen Name:whisperaswenowit
Country: US
Bio: Alright. Here we go.Hey! I'm...well you can call me...Jamie :-). Not my real name, in case you didn't notice. I was telling my friend about fanfiction.net and in turn she told me about this one, so here I am, making an acount.I love to write an I am currently looking for a publisher, but...
Pen Name:wolfs song
Country: US
Bio: "What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know, goes away in the end... You could have it all! My empire of dirt, I will let you down... I will make you hurt." ~ Nine Inch Nails; Hurt
Pen Name:wintersky77
Country: US
Bio: I have a TON of new writing I'm currently sorting through and editing.  Mostly lyrics and poems I have to translate from the notebook, but it'll be up this week.  I still havn't edited Looking..., but it'll be up here before I start prep for the novel.       Also, anyone who belongs to...
Pen Name:WorriorChild
Country: US
Bio: My name is Kendra, Most call me Kenny. As some know from my past is filled with bad memories, worse people, and even worse place's. But im done with my past, I have to look tword my future and not look back. Even though my past is my inspiration for my future i cant keep dewelling there. Im done...
Pen Name:Waz Up People
Country: US
Bio: I am 13 years old writer and a male. I write from poems, short stories, to novels. I write usually fiction or realistic fiction. Please give me feedback on my writing even if its bad. I like playing football and basketball. I ma good at school. also I am funny. So I hope you like my writing. :-) ^-^
Pen Name:Whynn
Country: US
Pen Name:Warrior of Chi
Country: US
Bio: My true pen name is JAS, though the website would not allow it. I have been writing for three years now and am well on my way to sending a book in for review and publication. This book, it so happens, is called "Chi". It is my beloved brainchild; I am a bit nervous about having it sent in,...
Pen Name:Wolfasaurus
Country: US
Bio: HEHEHE!!! I am Wolfasaurus (I know, it's sorta a weird pen name-but it's cool!!!) ......yeah.I would extremely appreciate it if you were to comment on my stories/poems or other works of writing. I would also enjoy returning the favor!!! 8D    Well, it has been nice "meeting you" and I hope...
Pen Name:wolf2girl16
Country: US
Bio: Hello. My name is Amie and I'm 16 years old.I love poetry and fantasy novels, some of which I write.I have a dog, Kitty and two cats. Checkers and Starbucks. I love reading and writing and singing. And that's about it!xoxo~Amie
Pen Name:WorksFromTheRazorEdge
Country: US
Bio: My name is Tuck.I'm the kind of person that likes to express his ideas and stories the instant I think of them. That's why I want to be an author. And that's why I'm on Booksie.I'm only 11 years old, but some eleven year old an be amazing writers. Music, everyday life, stuff on the Internet, and...
Pen Name:WalkingWithoutSoul
Country: US
Bio: I am a girl. i have friends. i have family. but i feel like the walking dead. not many people understand what i feel. i dont feel alot. i talk alot. just to feel im here. i laugh alot. just to think i know what amusement is. i wear a mask. it is glass. not hard to break.but no one seems to want...
Pen Name:werewitch
Country: GB
Bio: me, me, me! Disclaimer: i don't own rights to any of the stuff in my fanfics apart from Elf and her kids. It's just a bit of fun.hey there book fans! this is me. i'm eighteen and currently doing my A-levels. i have i older sister and two younger brothers; my best friends are both called...
Pen Name:wish
Country: IN
Pen Name:WritersLover
Country: US
Bio: My name is BriI have been righting for a while,writing it my escape.
Pen Name:Waheart
Country: US
Pen Name:whitewaterspoetry
Country: GB
Bio: Good morning/afternoon/evening,This is the white lotus, creator of WhiteWaters Poetry Limited. Creating new and exciting poetry by the week!
Pen Name:warwolf5
Country: US
Bio: >
Pen Name:WritingAnonymous
Country: US
Bio: Hello Everyone! I am no longer using my booksie page!! So please check out a very tallented writers page called SammieeeJo. Goodbye!!
Pen Name:writting4fun
Country: US
Bio: Hi i am Patricia.I like to write poems when i am : mad,sad,depressed.I am me and only me.U like me for who i am or dont like me at all.
Pen Name:WolfxGirl9
Country: US
Bio: hey y'all! i'm erin!I'm a 14 year old Freshman in High school.I like to write stories, but they usually take awhile. with school, rotc, cello, and zoo volunteering i don't have much time to write. plus i like to think about everything for a while before i write it. because i want it...
Pen Name:writn4eva
Country: US
Bio: I always have a book or my journal with me. I love to write. When somthing gets in my head i make sure to write it down or else ill forget it. I write about anything that comes to mind....a friend tells me how they feel, I write it, I feel sad,lost,happy,alone, I write it.
Pen Name:wingchunmopsy
Country: AU
Bio: Am Dutch Australian,.My Dream is to become a Children's Author.
Pen Name:Wren Isabella
Country: US
Bio: Life is lyrical, and the genre shifts like age.
Pen Name:Werewulf14
Country: DE
Bio: Yo! I'm werewulf14. XD. You wanna know about me? :I am a Manga (Japanese style) artist. I am a writer of fatasy/action novels (None of which are done yet) and i also write poetry. I am , indeed, a real-life-no-Bull!@$#$-swear-to-F#$%ing-god-WEREWOLF I DO NOT hate vampires, Three of my best...
Pen Name:William Arthur
Country: US
Bio: love my work or hate it, i still got you to feel something.
Pen Name:Writer23
Country: US
Bio: Used to be Reader23 but I forgot my login info so I created a new one. If you read Test Of My Love please comment so I know to keep posting and updating it!!!! I wanna thank those of you who have read my stories and if you think I need to work on something or fix anything drop a comment and let...
Pen Name:Wolven Instinct
Country: US
Bio: I am many things, Any questions?   If you want to contact me, I'm almost never on here. Please shoot me an email at Shadow_smoke0@yahoo.com
Pen Name:WriterMike730
Country: US
Bio: I've always dreamed of wrting a great novel, hopefully by the time I'm 30 years old, but with work and everything, that dream gets farther and farther out of my reach.  So, for the time being I've had to content myself with poetry and shorter works of prose.I find myself reading in month long...
Pen Name:WhitWhit
Country: US
Bio: new moon Click Here For Images  & The Twilight Saga New Moon Picturesnew moonGet more Graphics and Twitter Backgroundsf
Pen Name:WitchBitch
Country: AU
Bio: im Tegan ma bestie becc calls me witch bitch coz im absolutley in love with witchs and shes a vamp girl but both of us love mythical creatures vampires werewolfs shapeshifters witches ect.....ma besties boii james is also in love with werewolfswe make the perfect friend trio  wooti cann be...
Pen Name:warriner
Country: CA
Bio: I have a lot on my mind.So I write what I can. I'm not very good.

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