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Pen Name:wikhaiinn
Country: PH
Bio: BIO.SUM Free Hit Counters.   I DON'T ENTERTAIN PROFILE COMMENTS A.S.A.P.I always see all the butterflies gazing at the moonlit before I sleep. They all stare at the nightsky with their lips deeply pressed, sigh like there's no tomorrow , and sing in the deepest silence of their hearts; as I...
Pen Name:whtblck
Country: US
Pen Name:warriorgal8
Country: US
Bio: Warriorgirl8My favorite thing to do is write. Writing is my passion in life. I belive I am very talented.I have lived in Belize for ten years and have known true Island life. Being a writer is all I could ever hope for. Traviling the world and seeing somthing new each day is somthing I look...
Pen Name:WrittingMyHeartOut
Country: US
Bio: hi IM sarahi dont like plain chocolatei cant spell really welli can name all the fruits and veggies i like in less than 15 secondsi am textualy active i LOVE music i have a amazing boyfriendi ramble on and on about stuffill dance in the street with my ipodi still watch spongebob!! he is...
Pen Name:WerewolfWyeth
Country: GB
Bio:       I need to fill this in... ...maybe later.
Pen Name:WarpedHeart
Country: MX
Bio: src="http://www.profileplaylist.net/mc/images/create_red.jpg" border="0" alt="Get a playlist!"/> src="http://www.profileplaylist.net/mc/images/get_red.jpg" border="0" alt="Get Ringtones"/>
Pen Name:warangel24
Country: US
Pen Name:WriterMike730
Country: US
Bio: I've always dreamed of wrting a great novel, hopefully by the time I'm 30 years old, but with work and everything, that dream gets farther and farther out of my reach.  So, for the time being I've had to content myself with poetry and shorter works of prose.I find myself reading in month long...
Pen Name:WriterWhoIsAwful
Country: US
Bio: About me? Well, I'm fourteen, I'm a Nihilist and some people call me smart when I'm actually quite an idiot. Searching for my magnum opus, should I ever reach that point.Obsessions:PhilosophyWritingMy Cupcake/TigressMy brain and it's inevitable degeneration?
Pen Name:WyrmScourge
Country: US
Bio: 33 year old male, single, white, lives in a small ass hick, redneck town in Northern California, i'm Bisexual, i love Fantasy, Horror, Goth, and SciFi movies and books. I love to write, i love pretty much any kind of music, U2 is my fave band. I love to play Video Games, Role Playing games, and...
Pen Name:Windstruck
Country: US
Bio: I am a stream, a river, a delta                         flowing towards change and variability                  striving to be a touchstone                                            for a troubled and weary...
Pen Name:Werewulf14
Country: DE
Bio: Yo! I'm werewulf14. XD. You wanna know about me? :I am a Manga (Japanese style) artist. I am a writer of fatasy/action novels (None of which are done yet) and i also write poetry. I am , indeed, a real-life-no-Bull!@$#$-swear-to-F#$%ing-god-WEREWOLF I DO NOT hate vampires, Three of my best...
Pen Name:Wobster
Country: CA
Bio: Hallo ya all, I be an 19 year old lad from Canada, where winter is forever and we live in igloos supposedly, lol, anyway, I love to read and that got me thinking, I owe so much to reading, I should try to do the same, and then my passion to write grew. I have one book completed, if you like...
Pen Name:whimsicalPURPLE
Country: US
Pen Name:Waylin Smithers
Country: US
Pen Name:wolffe
Country: US
Pen Name:William Price
Country: US
Bio: William Price began writing sometime after his birth (just kidding) or shortly thereafter. Seriously, folks, he has been writing for a long, long time.He has written for radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, online, offline, and even taught writing (advertising writing) to graduate...
Pen Name:WhiteWolf
Country: GB
Bio: Hmm... It's been a while, again. Not had much time to upload etc and sorry if I have missed comments, I will return reads as soon as I can. I'm a mother and student, starting at University in September, and writing as much as I can. Inspiration ducks and dips and that's when the content of my...
Pen Name:witch fang
Country: NZ
Bio:  Well, things have certainly changed. I started this when I was fourteen and have so for years now have disregaurded it completely. I checked into it to see what sort of writer I was when I was younger, and I discovered soemthging absoluetly hillarious, in a you know, terribly morbid way. I...
Pen Name:lives2write
Country: US
Bio: Peace, Love, Music, Free Hugs, RainbowsBri
Pen Name:writerchica
Country: US
Bio: I'm 19. I really like to write, cook and travel. Writing is sort of my passion. I like writing fiction and I like to write narratives about the places I've traveled. One of the most important aspects of my life is that I've traveled to so many different places. In fact I'd actually lived...
Pen Name:WhiteRoses on Doomsday
Country: US
Pen Name:walking dystopia
Country: CA
Bio: I'm young and hungry. My words are my only outlet, without the written word I'd be locked in a padded room under continual surveillance, watched by men with horn rimmed glasses and clip boards. The pen, or rather keyboard, is my only solace, an escapism, i need this now more then ever. Every...
Pen Name:willy
Country: US
Bio: My name is william
Pen Name:Writtensouls
Country: US
Bio: Anthony is a dreamer, imaginative, a philisopher, intelligent, interesting, talkative, creative young man that loves to write and explore himself.My blog is in the other link provided on this authors info.Twitter is @AnthonySouls
Pen Name:whodunit
Country: US
Bio: I'm a person who is still living, aint dead yet, still can't drink in the U.S.A. but I will be able to drink in England and Italy soon according to their drinking age soon. My room is a chaotic mess filled with everything and nothing, which I deem important until I don't need it anymore, then I...
Pen Name:walkingonfate
Country: GB
Bio: I write.   
Pen Name:WhenTwoAreOne
Country: US
Bio: Morrigan and Wisteria We are two in one. Let us tell you a story.  Wisteria: I enjoy writing, obiviously. I love wolves and gothic things. Plus writing that is very very small. I really enjoy hearing back from readers.Morrigan: I also enjoy writing, which is practicaly irrelevant to write...
Pen Name:wildfire164
Country: US
Pen Name:Words
Country: US
Bio:  Im not a fool just a enstien without a clueWordsFreeMeLoveWorldTravleWords the universal silent languageMy name is WoRdSHello i am Samantha! I write. I sing. I read thingsThe world is so simple. Nothing is that complicated. Life is like a magic trickHehe.....i like to read, write, draw. I hate...
Pen Name:Wil08
Pen Name:WrittenHope
Country: CA
Bio: Hope Is.....A pessimistic cynic with far a bad sense of humour and an unhealthy love of diet pepsi.umm, okay.....about me...well, you know that kid who sits at the back of the class reading Agatha Christie? yeah, that's me. My parents were divorced when I was 11, and I have a dog that likes...
Pen Name:William George
Country: US

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