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Pen Name:WyrmScourge
Country: US
Bio: 33 year old male, single, white, lives in a small ass hick, redneck town in Northern California, i'm Bisexual, i love Fantasy, Horror, Goth, and SciFi movies and books. I love to write, i love pretty much any kind of music, U2 is my fave band. I love to play Video Games, Role Playing games, and...
Pen Name:Wobster
Country: CA
Bio: Hallo ya all, I be an 19 year old lad from Canada, where winter is forever and we live in igloos supposedly, lol, anyway, I love to read and that got me thinking, I owe so much to reading, I should try to do the same, and then my passion to write grew. I have one book completed, if you like...
Pen Name:wolffe
Country: US
Pen Name:WarpedHeart
Country: MX
Bio: src="http://www.profileplaylist.net/mc/images/create_red.jpg" border="0" alt="Get a playlist!"/> src="http://www.profileplaylist.net/mc/images/get_red.jpg" border="0" alt="Get Ringtones"/>
Pen Name:witch fang
Country: NZ
Bio:  Well, things have certainly changed. I started this when I was fourteen and have so for years now have disregaurded it completely. I checked into it to see what sort of writer I was when I was younger, and I discovered soemthging absoluetly hillarious, in a you know, terribly morbid way. I...
Pen Name:walking dystopia
Country: CA
Bio: I'm young and hungry. My words are my only outlet, without the written word I'd be locked in a padded room under continual surveillance, watched by men with horn rimmed glasses and clip boards. The pen, or rather keyboard, is my only solace, an escapism, i need this now more then ever. Every...
Pen Name:Writtensouls
Country: US
Bio: Anthony is a dreamer, imaginative, a philisopher, intelligent, interesting, talkative, creative young man that loves to write and explore himself.My blog is in the other link provided on this authors info.Twitter is @AnthonySouls
Pen Name:whodunit
Country: US
Bio: I'm a person who is still living, aint dead yet, still can't drink in the U.S.A. but I will be able to drink in England and Italy soon according to their drinking age soon. My room is a chaotic mess filled with everything and nothing, which I deem important until I don't need it anymore, then I...
Pen Name:walkingonfate
Country: GB
Bio: I write.   
Pen Name:WhenTwoAreOne
Country: US
Bio: Morrigan and Wisteria We are two in one. Let us tell you a story.  Wisteria: I enjoy writing, obiviously. I love wolves and gothic things. Plus writing that is very very small. I really enjoy hearing back from readers.Morrigan: I also enjoy writing, which is practicaly irrelevant to write...
Pen Name:WerewolfWyeth
Country: GB
Bio:       I need to fill this in... ...maybe later.
Pen Name:wildfire164
Country: US
Pen Name:Words
Country: US
Bio:  Im not a fool just a enstien without a clueWordsFreeMeLoveWorldTravleWords the universal silent languageMy name is WoRdSHello i am Samantha! I write. I sing. I read thingsThe world is so simple. Nothing is that complicated. Life is like a magic trickHehe.....i like to read, write, draw. I hate...
Pen Name:Wil08
Pen Name:wikhaiinn
Country: PH
Bio: BIO.SUM Free Hit Counters.   I DON'T ENTERTAIN PROFILE COMMENTS A.S.A.P.I always see all the butterflies gazing at the moonlit before I sleep. They all stare at the nightsky with their lips deeply pressed, sigh like there's no tomorrow , and sing in the deepest silence of their hearts; as I...
Pen Name:Werewulf14
Country: DE
Bio: Yo! I'm werewulf14. XD. You wanna know about me? :I am a Manga (Japanese style) artist. I am a writer of fatasy/action novels (None of which are done yet) and i also write poetry. I am , indeed, a real-life-no-Bull!@$#$-swear-to-F#$%ing-god-WEREWOLF I DO NOT hate vampires, Three of my best...
Pen Name:WrittenHope
Country: CA
Bio: Hope Is.....A pessimistic cynic with far a bad sense of humour and an unhealthy love of diet pepsi.umm, okay.....about me...well, you know that kid who sits at the back of the class reading Agatha Christie? yeah, that's me. My parents were divorced when I was 11, and I have a dog that likes...
Pen Name:William George
Country: US
Pen Name:lives2write
Country: US
Bio: Peace, Love, Music, Free Hugs, RainbowsBri
Pen Name:William Arboghast
Country: US
Bio: Welcome to my Booksie page. Please feel free to read and leave comments. I'm from Florida and an English Minor in college. I grew up reading Stephen King among many things. Lately I've been reading DeLillo, and Cormac McCarthy. I like Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, and more recently "literary" fiction.
Pen Name:Winter
Country: MY
Bio: Hi, there!I'm Winter but I live in a tropical country-Malaysia.I'm fifteen, studying in a secondary school which is situated in Rawang ,Bandar Country Homes.I start writting English novel, poem and essay this year, so I supposed my writting skill is no better than a basic learner. I love...
Pen Name:Warpigs23
Country: US
Bio: I am a beastly beast
Pen Name:Wratto
Country: AU
Bio: hi my name is tony im 17 i live in G-land  Australia love meeting new ppl i dnt write full stories very often i always get bored so i thought if i had a reason to finish one it might be good so please comment on my story/stories um thats bout all i can say lol um yer kk laterADD me on MySpace...
Pen Name:Whiteowl
Country: IN
Bio: I love reading, though i never seem to have enough time to read all the books I want. I can get lost in book shops for hours and have to consciously stop myself from spending all my allowance on books.I always felt like writting, felt the urge to put something down on paper, but i never know...
Pen Name:WhoopsieDaisys
Country: AT
Bio: Hey there people! :DSo well, here's the thing. I started writing when I was twelve and enjoyed it.Three month ago I started a story and it turned out to be a fanfic and it's my baby!I published it at quizilla also but, yeah noone could comment the chapters which made me a bitsad because I wanted...
Pen Name:Whatsername
Country: GB
Bio: Hi!I'm new to being a member of the site, but I've been around for about a month or two just reading stuff ,, and I really like what I've seen. I originally come from a different writing site, but that went down the pan, so I've decided to move myself here instead. I look forward to submitting...
Pen Name:walterchavez2008
Country: US
Pen Name:Wolven Instinct
Country: US
Bio: I am many things, Any questions?   If you want to contact me, I'm almost never on here. Please shoot me an email at Shadow_smoke0@yahoo.com
Pen Name:Whitney Marie
Country: US
Bio: I'm just trying this out, but I hope its good!
Pen Name:William Arthur
Country: US
Bio: love my work or hate it, i still got you to feel something.
Pen Name:WorldOfMutiny
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a writer and proud of it.For as long as I can remember I've had that pen in my hands, and it has now officially become a part of me.I specialize in Poetry and Story writing, but I'm a kick ass essay writer when I try.I love to play Bass, Electric, Acoustic, Drums and Piano. I teach myself...
Pen Name:weezie
Country: US
Bio: Hey ya, I'm courtney I'm 15 and I really like poems and that sort. I am new at writeing poems so im not all that good at it. umm i don't know what to say, I'm feeling a lot of pane raghtkn ow becouse my borfiend that i was really in love with just broke up with me and it just hurts so bad i...
Pen Name:writingISpower
Country: US
Pen Name:writergirl101
Country: IN
Bio: EVERYYONEEE!! ive been gone from Booksie for.. like a yearr?But im BACK noww!!I was going through a really tough time. I was practically failing the year, bad marks in every subject, y'know.. so i completely forgot about Booksie.. But im back now =)And lots of writing coming up!STAYY...
Pen Name:wishyouknew222
Country: US

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