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Pen Name:WaffleRox
Country: US
Bio: I'm very simple and can come off as slightly boring, serious and mean when you first meet me. I don't smile that often but the times I do light up the space I'm in. I've been told I'm funny and an amazing writer, but I don't really know. I love Jesus, my friends and family, my music, and my...
Pen Name:william2233
Country: US
Bio: My Bio-Updated I was born In Walnut Creek Calif. In Feb.1963 I lived in Pleasant Hill, Ca all my life-up to about 19 years of age. My mom wrote poetry, but I didn’t start to write poetry till I was 18 years old and wrote a poem for my wife. My favorite books back in the days where...
Pen Name:wintersky77
Country: US
Bio: I have a TON of new writing I'm currently sorting through and editing.  Mostly lyrics and poems I have to translate from the notebook, but it'll be up this week.  I still havn't edited Looking..., but it'll be up here before I start prep for the novel.       Also, anyone who belongs to...
Pen Name:Winne the Author
Country: CN
Bio: Some facts about me: I love to read and write  I am very competitive  My birthday is on December 6th  My pen name is Winnie the Author because as a young child, my favourite disney character was Winnie the Pooh  I hate salad  I love Italian cuisine  I have a younger sister  I am short    
Pen Name:element0of0water
Country: US
Bio: I will no longer be on this account. If you want to read my stories when I fix them go to my other account www.booksie.com/I love you more everyday
Pen Name:waterfairy
Country: US
Pen Name:Wekizator
Country: US
Bio: I'm actually from Serbia but I couldn;t find my country on the list. I'm a poet, writer and photographer, I go to medical school. Mostly write poetry fantasy and scifi.
Pen Name:WhyDontYouNot
Country: GB
Bio: My Introduction: Hello, guys! I'm Jessica and I'm REALLY interested in books with that kick of gore and yaoi in (yaoi= BL= Boys' Love). Yes, that may sound strange, but hey, we're all strange ^u^  I upload my stories from Quotev on here, check out the links to them for I proofread them on there...
Pen Name:whateverforever
Country: US
Pen Name:Wierdo Ricardo
Country: NG
Bio:     I have a very active imagination; and i'm very expressive about it. I guess thats why everyone thinks i'm weird. You wanna know know how weird? Rate me yourself after reading the following: 1. I talk to myself A LOT. And sometimes i mentally play situations in my head like i'm reading a...
Pen Name:wolfandcatlover
Country: US
Bio: My names Kayle. I am 11 years old. I love to sing whenever I get the chance *laughs*. I stink at dancing though... I have joined a booksie wolfpack named the Shadow Keepers. Of this pack I am a warrior in training. One day I wish to be other things. *looks into the sky hopefully*.  I love my...
Pen Name:WorldsInsideMyHead
Country: US
Bio: A writer is a world trapped in a person. — Victor Hugo   I'm just a scribbler. The trouble is, my imagination spawns these characters that insist on telling me stories. So, I write them to get them out of my head. For that reason, I jump around genres a lot, but there is always romance!! I...
Pen Name:WoodSue
Country: JM
Bio: Just another writer who loves writing, i feed off comments good/bad and try to make the story even better if i can cuz the readers need variety and something new and unexpexcted
Pen Name:William Grayson
Country: US
Bio: My name is William Grayson I'm eightteen years old, I love to read ever since I was a child I've been in books. My favorites are mysteries but I also enjoy a good horror story, preferably about zombies or vampires, and if you ever get the chance give me one of your books and I'll look it over...
Pen Name:waker
Country: US
Bio: Im an amature writer. I consider myself an amature due to the fact that everything i have ever writen has never had a valid criticism. If you want to know my background your out of luck I prefer to stay anonymous. My social life is to remain anonymous. The only image i will offer is none. Thank...
Pen Name:WishingLuck
Country: US
Bio: I do lots of stuff. I'll type a real bio when I have more time xD
Pen Name:Woods and Waves
Country: US
Bio: Hi peoples! I'm Woods and Waves, and I want to say thanks for caring about my stories enough to actually read them! I love to write, and I hope you like to read them! Just so you know, my poem, "Distant" is going to be in a book of poetry coming out in October entitled "Stars in our Hearts" so...
Pen Name:Wanton Heart
Country: CA
Bio: I have been joining words and images together to try and express the joy and torment within the tortured soul and hopefully find my way.
Pen Name:Wilburson Haines
Country: US
Bio: My name is wilburson haines i'm an amiture writer and animator i was born in 1993 i finished high school in the year of 2012 from cuba high school in cuba, new mexico. im also an artist. i perfure to draw manga andi also enjoy writing my own stories as well as drawing my own worlds. To me i...
Pen Name:WorldOfMutiny
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a writer and proud of it.For as long as I can remember I've had that pen in my hands, and it has now officially become a part of me.I specialize in Poetry and Story writing, but I'm a kick ass essay writer when I try.I love to play Bass, Electric, Acoustic, Drums and Piano. I teach myself...
Pen Name:WritersBlock1992
Country: US
Pen Name:walkingvengence
Country: US
Bio: I have no solid plan for my future but i love to make up stories in my head before i go to sleep. so i just wanted to share some of these stories.
Pen Name:Walter Blath
Country: US
Bio: I've been writing for years. Go ahead and give me a read :)
Pen Name:Writing4Life
Country: US
Bio:                                                              I love writing creating my own world, people.  I feel free when I write and when I make people excited to read my things I get really happy:3 I am really COLORFUL, please support me in my writing! You...
Pen Name:Writer23
Country: US
Bio: Used to be Reader23 but I forgot my login info so I created a new one. If you read Test Of My Love please comment so I know to keep posting and updating it!!!! I wanna thank those of you who have read my stories and if you think I need to work on something or fix anything drop a comment and let...
Pen Name:writer990
Country: CA
Bio: Howdy, I'm Rebecca and I'm a writer but you, probably, figured that out. I write whatever comes to mind but that is usually horror. I've been told I need therapy because my writing is dark and disturbing but that's a compliment for me. Writing is my therapy and I love it. Since we already have...
Pen Name:WriterForHope
Country: CA
Bio:                     My Schedule For This Week On Booksie:                    Update: Lillian's Revenge                  Work on: making a book cover for Lilllian's Revenge                     Write a summary for: The...
Pen Name:willetgrome
Country: CA
Bio: My real name is Jason. I'm 27 years old. Employment: the epitome of mediocrity. Education: Masters degree in Pretentiousness from the Sycophantic School of Snobbery. Religious views: blasphemous. Political Views: grossly inappropriate. Ethnicity: painfully white. Heritage: Lost to the...
Pen Name:writing4u
Country: US
Bio: Hello fellow readers and writers,I wrote quite a bit when younger but then life sort of got in the way. Your know, blah, blah, blah...... but now there are so many ways for a slightly timid writer like myself to sort of get a feel for what's going on out there. I have always had a vivid...
Pen Name:Wobster
Country: CA
Bio: Hallo ya all, I be an 19 year old lad from Canada, where winter is forever and we live in igloos supposedly, lol, anyway, I love to read and that got me thinking, I owe so much to reading, I should try to do the same, and then my passion to write grew. I have one book completed, if you like...
Pen Name:wily geist
Country: US
Bio:  MY BIO:       Well, this seems strange about writing and trying to entertain the public, when they can download the weird and wacky for free.    (Is the Internet producing great results in education, readers, artists? Has the Internet become a mere used car-salesman?)     In the...
Pen Name:Wilson Rosano
Country: US
Bio: ~~Self taught righter, painter and song writer from the exotic lands of Uruguay to the USA
Pen Name:wikhaiinn
Country: PH
Bio: BIO.SUM Free Hit Counters.   I DON'T ENTERTAIN PROFILE COMMENTS A.S.A.P.I always see all the butterflies gazing at the moonlit before I sleep. They all stare at the nightsky with their lips deeply pressed, sigh like there's no tomorrow , and sing in the deepest silence of their hearts; as I...
Pen Name:Woolsey
Country: US
Bio: It's merely a poor strategy to purchase the latest diet pill fad. No doubt a lot of the substances utilized in these items will make you nervous and finally can become to the FDAis prohibited list.Colon Cleansing requires purchasing herbs, and only venturing out to your regional Ven Cleanse...
Pen Name:WeirdMuppet
Country: GB
Bio: The names Izaak. I'm a 20 year old English Literature and History student at the University of Chester, with an aim to go into the teaching of both of those subjects post-graduation. Writing for me is, and always has been, a way that I can release any and all emotion, both positive and negative,...
Pen Name:WordSpeak
Country: US
Bio: wordspeak   ~ ~ ~ Name's Justin. 23/Art student/writer I write what I like. That's mostly Young Adult, but whatever my muse inspires. Enjoy reading, and let me know what you think. Currently: working an adventure/horror/drama WHAT DOESN'T BURN. Check it out. Here's a quick cover! Novels on...
Pen Name:WithOrWithoutYou
Country: US
Bio: I like to write even though i cant spell very good. I wanna be a writter or a nurse maybe a cheif? ha. I love listening to music kid cudi,mac miller,skrillex,yelawolf,mickey alavon,lil wayne, and more. Im really open to diffrent types of music. I love meeting new people dosnt matter what...
Pen Name:WyrmScourge
Country: US
Bio: 33 year old male, single, white, lives in a small ass hick, redneck town in Northern California, i'm Bisexual, i love Fantasy, Horror, Goth, and SciFi movies and books. I love to write, i love pretty much any kind of music, U2 is my fave band. I love to play Video Games, Role Playing games, and...
Pen Name:WolfMaiden
Country: US
Bio: i am a really good writer so people say i love wolfs and i cant wait to write ty
Pen Name:Wylie Callum
Country: US
Bio: I love softball, spending time with my family and friends and I am a hopeless romantic, so that's what I write about.
Pen Name:Walt Thomas Richard
Country: US
Bio: Student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and and English major. Aspiring editor and writer.
Pen Name:Winged Stober
Pen Name:William George
Country: US
Pen Name:writinglover
Country: US
Bio: Hi, everyone! Welcome to my page, and thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy my profile and stories. I am just a girl who loves to write. It is my passion=).  I love manga and books. My personal favorites are Yellow, by Makoto Tateno; Fake, by Sanami Matoh; Cantarella, by Yuu Higuri,...
Pen Name:WhoSpokeSilence
Country: GB
Bio: So, here I am :)Andrea Sime here!
Pen Name:Weylon Elliott
Country: US
Bio: Hi,     My name is Weylon Elliott and I grew up on a farm in a rural area in Tennessee. I currently live in Sumner County Tennessee and enjoy reading, writing, speaking and just communicating in any way I can. I want to speak words of encouragement to anyone who will listen. I want to listen...
Pen Name:WritingAnonymous
Country: US
Bio: Hello Everyone! I am no longer using my booksie page!! So please check out a very tallented writers page called SammieeeJo. Goodbye!!
Pen Name:Watmore
Country: GB
Bio: I love writing about things that have happened in my life and changing it to seem more readable. I also enjoy watching movie's and walking about on my own to get some insperation. There are so many things to write about. I try to get people to read what i have writen but its hard because people...
Pen Name:WStanton
Country: US
Bio: Currently inbetween the bridge and the River.
Pen Name:write4change
Country: US
Bio: The Masked Bird Lady flying from tree to tree...somehow I go lost trying to be me!!! I have been in the art business for most of my life, owning and operating three galleries. My gypsies blood seems always to get the best of me and I move. I recently closed two of my stores with the intent to...
Pen Name:witch fang
Country: NZ
Bio:  Well, things have certainly changed. I started this when I was fourteen and have so for years now have disregaurded it completely. I checked into it to see what sort of writer I was when I was younger, and I discovered soemthging absoluetly hillarious, in a you know, terribly morbid way. I...
Pen Name:wolfgirl146
Country: US
Bio: I am a strange girl who has been through a lot. I am smarter than most girls my age and my ambition is ferensics anthropology. So, yeah, Im a strange person who gets along with everyone. Hmmm... I love reading and writing. I love singing. I read way more than most people I know. I live with my...
Pen Name:Wulfgang
Country: US
Bio: My name is Wulfgang Vaughan. I was born on the 27th day of September 1995 in San Antonio, Texas. When my parents split up me and my mom moved to Portsmouth, Virginia. Most of my family including my three siblings stayed in Texas when I left, so I never really saw my family very often. Growing up...
Pen Name:weathergirlwrites118
Country: US
Bio: ~Welcome! ♥Hi lovelies :) A few important messages: I'm taking down the following novels: There Were Others We Found You On Our DoorstepBarging Through Locked DoorsOld Time Love StorySorry for Your LossHe May Save Her from the Wrong Enemy♥The above novels will not be coming back. I'm...
Pen Name:wolfgangluv
Country: AU
Bio: Hey Guys :) This is wolfgangluv, and although I am a writer I mainly use Booksie to read. However if I ever happen to come upon a moment of inspiration that I wish to share with you all, hopefully you'll enjoy it!
Pen Name:Wendy lane
Country: GB
Bio: Hey :) Im Wendy, and a 15 year old girl from Hertfordshire  tall, thin, pale (pale enough to be called a vampire in primary school) shortish black hair wears a lot of tank tops, jeans and lee coopers.  favorite food, spicy chicken and orange juice my theme song: feel good Inc. by Gorillaz (if...
Pen Name:Words Uncovered
Country: CA
Bio: I am in the 9th grade, but I've always had a passion for writing, and have gotten good feedback on my work. Though I've tried writing full novels, my patience runs out long before I'm done, so I revel in the writing of short stories. I greatly hope my work is appreciated here.
Pen Name:WordLovEr98
Country: US
Bio: Writing stories is my life!!!! I love writing them and thinking up new ideas! I hope one day to be an author because I want to make a career out of this!!! I post mostm of my books and short stories on Wattpad, but I wanted to try something different!!
Pen Name:Winter Gleam
Country: US
Bio: Let's see...my name is Heather. My sister got me into this site. Amelia/SnowQueen is my sister. She's been going on and on about Booksie. "You should join, really!" So, for her sake, I joined and it's great. Amelia also got her friend Kit (Gypsyfruit00) to join. Jeez, she's been busy, don't cha...
Pen Name:WearMyKiss
Country: GB
Bio: A little bit about the crazy me, myself and I My names Emma, I'm A bubbly, energetic person, I'm a sucker for guys who have a big sense of humour therefore I'm totally inlove with most comedians haha :) I love to read and write, and I love leavinf comments for people then looking back to see...
Pen Name:will gray
Pen Name:writergirl101
Country: IN
Bio: EVERYYONEEE!! ive been gone from Booksie for.. like a yearr?But im BACK noww!!I was going through a really tough time. I was practically failing the year, bad marks in every subject, y'know.. so i completely forgot about Booksie.. But im back now =)And lots of writing coming up!STAYY...
Pen Name:Wil
Country: SA
Bio: When I  grow up and I found many things in my life that really pinfull to me. When my mother was pregnant, my dad forced her to make an abortion for her baby who actually was me.she was struggling for her baby and she succeeded to save a life. I always try to forget why my dad used to do that?...
Pen Name:Write for my oasis
Country: US
Bio:        I'm in the 8th grade, I adore music, I am ADDICTED. to reading/writing, I love food. Love Food... I'm small, and THE DEFINITION of unpopular, I am typically overlooked and ignored but, I could care less...gives me time to write ;) I completely overthink crap and SUCK at decision...
Pen Name:writingfrommakarska
Country: HR
Bio: I love writing stories, content for TV shows and movies. I don't like poetry that much, but I like thinking of plots of TV shows. I hope you enjoy my stories. :)
Pen Name:Willowbabyz
Country: US
Bio: I am a sixteen year old girl who lives in a house with five younger sisters and a younger brother. I love to read and write and hope to become an author once I am older. I hope to influence people with my writing and to get them to feel something when they read my pieces. I also love animals I...
Pen Name:wikssitu
Country: BG
Bio: I'm just a young girl who loves literature. I write many fanfictions. Some of them are about Korean pop groups (they're the ones I'm writing now). I'll post other stuff too though. I hope you like it : ) 
Pen Name:wanderingbeauty
Country: US
Bio: I don't know how to describe myself, because honestly i am still finding who I am every day.  Others have described me as a Jesus Freak..... i am good with that.   I have been through more than my share of dark times and i often end up writing about them.  I have been told to get my poems...
Pen Name:WarmSummerRain
Country: US
Bio:     Hello everyone!!!        I am a furry   I am a pansexual   I'm gender fluid i'm 18! :D im a model i love to rave Any other questions? Add a comment :3
Pen Name:Writer777
Country: US
Pen Name:WriterGal12
Country: GB
Bio: Hey guys, Writergal12 or Laura here, call me what you like x  I'm fifteen (Year 10) I take a serious passion in writing creatively and I would like to take up a job that involves that i.e. an author or a journalist :)  Feel free to ask me any questions, I'm very open :)  If you send me...
Pen Name:Will Raven
Country: US
Bio: I've alwyas like writing this is my first time on this site. I just posted my fisrt book its called The_Wall
Pen Name:WolfCry
Country: CA
Bio: I am an unpublised writer who has been making stories since I was in grade 6. With the passing of a friend over four years ago, I turned to poetry to get me through the hard time. It worked, and I know practice multiple forms of writing; short stories and poetry. My ultimate goal is to become...
Pen Name:wickedtwiztidclownlette
Country: US
Bio: hi I'm 26 years old, I have a  7 year old daughter, a 5 year old daughter, and a 2 year old son,  they are all where my inspiration comes from on my poems. i have a heart condition, arrhythima, i found out when i had mason about it. it scared me to death, first time in my life i was...
Pen Name:WizardOWords
Country: US
Bio:       This is just pretty much random writings that popped into my head then on to my keyboard at random moments.  No real way to describe it other than that.  It varies from a detailed description of an event or two throughout my day, to my inner thoughts and ideas and varying...
Pen Name:Wednesday Eclipse
Country: AU
Bio: Loves the supernatural (even the TV show Supernatural) Like dragons, fairies, vampires and fallen angels. Love writing stories from my imagination.
Pen Name:www
Country: IN
Bio: Lots of books to read.
Pen Name:whiteblooddaisies
Country: US
Bio: I am Tiffany Lawrence and I've always loved writing. I am quite young, but I'm a pretty good writer. I've written poetry a lot during class and my free time. I plan on being a poet, hopefully I can catch my dreams.
Pen Name:William Pross
Country: US
Bio: I'm A want to be writer.
Pen Name:Wander
Country: US
Pen Name:Wood Nymph
Country: US
Bio: May the blessings of light be on you- light without and light within. May the blessed sunlight shine on you and warm your heart til it glows like a great peat fire. FIRST OF ALL, I want to welcome you to my page.  My name is Dixie Carnley, but on here, I go my Nymph.   Anywho, I am a United...
Pen Name:WriterByHeart
Country: ZA
Bio: Welcome to the art gallery of my heart. Tumblr: www.aurabennett.tumblr.com
Pen Name:WanderingStars
Country: US
Bio: I am new to this site but I love writing and reading. If you could take the time to read my books I would be very happy! :)  
Pen Name:William Cromwell
Country: US
Pen Name:writersbug
Country: US
Bio: First and foremost, I love to read; always have.  I started writing when I was a teenager, then life got in the way for a little while.  I picked up a pen and started writing some short stories about three years ago, and although I don't write as much as I would like to, I absolutely love...
Pen Name:walkingcontradiction
Country: US
Bio: What could I say about me without seeming narcissistic or insecure? Because I can be both - not at the same time and with different persons, but still... I love to read and write. I wanted to write something beautiful, something to inspire or define other people.
Pen Name:Wilbur
Country: US
Bio: I seem to be gone, done with writng for the nonce if not The Duration.  I enjoyed my stay here, and I leave you with best wishes for all of you and for the ones and the places you love and have loved.  -- FYI,  Wilbur was my father's name.  The picture is of a handsome donkey named...
Pen Name:WerewolfWyeth
Country: GB
Bio:       I need to fill this in... ...maybe later.
Pen Name:Winterspell
Country: AU
Bio: Dia Dhuit (That's Gaelic for hello. Fun fact for you :D) I'm Winterspell, which you've probably noticed. If you have a sense of humour, I have lots of random jokes on my news page. I'm 13, I play piano, cello, descant recorder, cello, guitar and -- yes! -- my nose. It sounds like a kuzoo. I...
Pen Name:Wotan
Country: SE
Bio: Want to know more about me? I suggest you follow the link I will provide. I haven't updated this information in ages, though. It is a little outdated, many changes, but the base of it all remains the same. http://medlem.spray.se/wotan/html/Valhalla.htm
Pen Name:wolfchyld00
Country: US

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