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Pen Name:whiteroses
Country: SD
Pen Name:WaterAsh
Country: BA
Bio: Awkward teen, obsessed with horror and sci-fi, not that good at writing but I'm getting there,always a dreamer and always fascinated with the world and everything in it or as described by my bff: old fictional gay lesbian in a bad japanesse cartoon.I'm actually not lesbian.
Pen Name:WishList
Country: US
Bio: Not much to say, really. I'm not the most normal person you'll ever meet. My stories will tell you that straight up. I enjoy letting loose and having fun. My dream is to be a famous writer one day. Trust me, I have tons of petiontial(or whatever the word is). I'm not the best...
Pen Name:Walmart Lover
Country: US
Bio: i'm an 22 year old girl who loves country music, animals, concerts, reading, and writing. i've only shared my writing with a few friends, but i wanted more opinions so comments will be greatly appreciated.
Pen Name:WolfessLizi
Country: US
Pen Name:Wrulf
Pen Name:WispInScarce
Country: PH
Bio: Hello. This is me, Jave Haven Lafuente.  It is my real name. But theoretically, my new nickname is actually 'write guy.' Very odd and peculiar so you can call me that type, of course, I wrote essays. I'm actually a singer on my own as a talent for me; high songs but I got the perfect singing....
Pen Name:WordSpeak
Country: US
Bio: wordspeak   ~ ~ ~ Name's Justin. 23/Art student/writer I write what I like. That's mostly Young Adult, but whatever my muse inspires. Enjoy reading, and let me know what you think. Currently: working an adventure/horror/drama WHAT DOESN'T BURN. Check it out. Here's a quick cover! Novels on...
Pen Name:writersbug
Country: US
Bio: First and foremost, I love to read; always have.  I started writing when I was a teenager, then life got in the way for a little while.  I picked up a pen and started writing some short stories about three years ago, and although I don't write as much as I would like to, I absolutely love...
Pen Name:writingISpower
Country: US
Pen Name:will gray
Pen Name:WolfTracker
Country: US
Bio:   Hello dearest readers and connoisseurs of horror. I must apologize for my prolonged absence, the circumstances were beyond my control. My workhorse of a computer decided to take a day off in Heaven (or with all my files on its harddisk, Hell being more likely). Yours trully as  it turns out...
Pen Name:whyistherumalwaysgone
Country: KN
Bio: If you don't like a laugh, then please leave. Now. The door is over there. Mwahaha! My name's whyistherumalwaysgone... what can I say, my parents frikkin' love Pirates Of The Carribbean. Weird. I'm a fifteen year old girl, with my fair share of emotional issues... I like poems. Especially funny...
Pen Name:Wonder123
Country: US
Bio: I love to write and read poems and poetry. I hope you will be kind enough to read my work and give me some positive fed back. All mt life I wanted to do somthing like this. My work is so important to me! I think writing is so very important for every and anyone who enjoy what they do. Please...
Pen Name:westtxgirl
Country: US
Bio: I just started writing in December 2010 .
Pen Name:wolfgal
Country: AU
Bio: Hello  nice to met you all i love to write and i dream of being an author one day i Love anime of Gakuen alice, pandora hearts, black butler, fruit basket, tsubasa, kodocha, sailor moon, code geasss, fariy tails, baka and test and there alot more but i don't want to bore you with them all....
Pen Name:winnryxthexbassist
Country: US
Bio: Names Taraa. I write a lot, but don't always ost what I write. You can find me on FaceBook and VampireFreaks. www.vampirefreaks.com/TaraaMonsterx
Pen Name:Wilmeister
Country: US
Bio: I'm 22 years old, and i've been writing stories since I was 10. I have also been reading books seriouly since I was 10. I don't remembert the name of this first real book that I read, I only remeber that it was about a zombie that haunted a cemetary. It was really good, a page turner. When I got...
Pen Name:Whispering Loudmouth
Country: MY
Bio: Hello, I am Alya S.Soon to be writer...I am still training, but at this point in my life, the only writing that I will be doing would be essaysHopefully, you would also get a chance to see my FanFiction siteIf you can't click it, then copy and paste...
Pen Name:Cat13wolfjb
Country: US
Pen Name:WhyDontYouNot
Country: GB
Bio: My Introduction: Hello, guys! I'm Jessica and I'm REALLY interested in books with that kick of gore and yaoi in (yaoi= BL= Boys' Love). Yes, that may sound strange, but hey, we're all strange ^u^  I upload my stories from Quotev on here, check out the links to them for I proofread them on there...
Pen Name:wordsmithy14
Country: US
Pen Name:Wolfia
Country: US
Bio: ***** STATUS *****ONLINE []OFFLINE [x]Well my name is Samantha :3 im 16-17 and im a poetry writer, i write lyrics to my own music,and i write novels. I love anime(
Pen Name:WatchfulJewel
Country: US
Bio: I am a girl with a laptop and way too much free time on her hands now that summer's rolled around. While surfing the web, since there's nothing better to do such as go outside or get a job, I stumbled across the amazing world of booksie. Stunned, I realized it was the perfect place to vent and...
Pen Name:WorldsInsideMyHead
Country: US
Bio: A writer is a world trapped in a person. — Victor Hugo   I'm just a scribbler. The trouble is, my imagination spawns these characters that insist on telling me stories. So, I write them to get them out of my head. For that reason, I jump around genres a lot, but there is always romance!! I...
Pen Name:Wulfy
Country: US
Bio: Im 19 and have been writing since i was young i write songs and poetry i am open to suggestions to new writing topics a tips for improving my writing
Pen Name:Wyatt Hester
Country: US
Pen Name:whits96
Country: IE
Bio: xxxxxx hi,my name is whitney i'm 13. Check out my new novel ' Little liar' hope you like it xxxxxx
Pen Name:Walt
Country: US
Bio: I enjoy writing but not those long drawn out writings such as novels or for that matter even short stories, but instead just poetry.  I've always enjoyed the ability to put words in a way that you can express yourself and that's what poetry is.  I also enjoy writing musical pieces and playing...
Pen Name:WhatAGirlWants
Country: AU
Bio: important message: im really sorry that i have not updated in almost 3 months. i feel really bad and im feel even worse that i didnt tell you guys sooner. everything has just been so hectic lately cause of school and cyclone Yasi. i hope you can all forgive me and im going to update 'never...
Pen Name:Weary Cupcake
Country: US
Bio: You could say I am somewhat dark, but I prefer not to, considering I don't look that way. I am very emotional for reasons unknown. To vent I draw and especially write. I was told I was an amazing writer and told about this wesite. I'm thirteen so I don't expect to be any good at writing. I...
Pen Name:WorldOfMutiny
Country: GB
Bio: I'm a writer and proud of it.For as long as I can remember I've had that pen in my hands, and it has now officially become a part of me.I specialize in Poetry and Story writing, but I'm a kick ass essay writer when I try.I love to play Bass, Electric, Acoustic, Drums and Piano. I teach myself...
Pen Name:Wednesday
Country: US
Bio: Just to put it bluntly, if I'm not working I'm usually on wattpad now. Its so fun and addicting and more social so yeah...: http://www.wattpad.com/user/Wednesday92   Updates are going to be much slower now but I will have another chapter of Breakeven up soon!     Past, Present, and Future...
Pen Name:wolfrider96
Country: US
Bio:                                  Howdy!                                                                            My names Libby but yall can call me Vamp!I love animals, writing, my...
Pen Name:Williamsji
Country: IN
Bio: Williamsji was born on 23, April 1955  in Kallettumkara village, Thrissur District, Kerala State, in India.  Williams George, popularly known as Williamsji, Irinjalakuda during early 1970’s  wrote simple romantic, enchanting  lyrics in Malayalam  language , scribbling from four lines to...
Pen Name:WritingMyEscape
Country: US
Bio: Hmm. Where did it all start? I'd say probably in junior high with stories about myself, my friends, and the current crush put in outlandish situations that closely resembled the plot of a movie I'd happened to watch that week. No, I wasn't a particularly good writer back then, but I loved doing...
Pen Name:WhisperMyFairytale
Country: GB
Bio: Hello my sweet Booksians! I have some good news. I've got my motivation to write again! Success! Alhamdolillah (Praise Allah.) I honestly don't know how this happened that I got back on my feet again. I am so happy that I can write now. :') Oh, and I got a new laptop. That can be another...
Pen Name:WyrmScourge
Country: US
Bio: 33 year old male, single, white, lives in a small ass hick, redneck town in Northern California, i'm Bisexual, i love Fantasy, Horror, Goth, and SciFi movies and books. I love to write, i love pretty much any kind of music, U2 is my fave band. I love to play Video Games, Role Playing games, and...
Pen Name:Wordsarethings
Country: CA
Bio: Words are things. You must be careful, careful about calling people out of their names, using racial pejoratives and sexual pejoratives and all that ignorance. Don’t do that. Some day we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in...
Pen Name:Walter Blath
Country: US
Bio: I've been writing for years. Go ahead and give me a read :)
Pen Name:WendyDottyBuchanan
Country: GB
Bio: I'm Wendy Dotty Buchanan, I'm 26 years old. I have been a big reader for since I was 11 years old and have been writing since I was 13 years old. I write lyrics, short stories and novels. I am a fan of horror, young adult and crime novels. My favorite authors are J.K Rowling, Amanda Hocking,...
Pen Name:WolfCry
Country: CA
Bio: I am an unpublised writer who has been making stories since I was in grade 6. With the passing of a friend over four years ago, I turned to poetry to get me through the hard time. It worked, and I know practice multiple forms of writing; short stories and poetry. My ultimate goal is to become...
Pen Name:WeirdMuppet
Country: GB
Bio: The names Izaak. I'm a 20 year old English Literature and History student at the University of Chester, with an aim to go into the teaching of both of those subjects post-graduation. Writing for me is, and always has been, a way that I can release any and all emotion, both positive and negative,...
Pen Name:Wekizator
Country: US
Pen Name:Weatherwax
Country: GB
Bio: Well, what can I say, really?  I enjoy writing and I like having the opportunity of posting my stuff online for others to read.  I write short stories, fan-fiction and poetry, and have been doing so since about the mid-90s when I was in secondary school. Some of my earlier pieces were written...
Pen Name:WiseOwl
Country: US
Bio: Important Update! I am really busy, like really busy. I also joined the NanoWrimo event and putting up a story. I have been working on for a long time. So I am around, but not around at the same time. If you are on NanoWrimo. I would love some writing buddies! ( UserName:JH North) Hi everyone,...
Pen Name:wildspiritontheloose
Country: CA
Bio: The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.     Messages & Updates November 30th, 2014    I feel absolutely terrible for having been inactive for so long. I haven't written a word in months now and I'm struggling with starting, let alone completing, any stories....
Pen Name:William George
Country: US
Pen Name:WeAllFallAgainForever
Country: DE
Bio: profile will be in soming soon, im in new york. ja ne, i be on soon and also a new book!~Yui  
Pen Name:Whispering Winds
Pen Name:welovelife
Country: US
Bio: For me, writing has always been an escape.I write mainly young adult novels, but I'm branching into romance and mystery too.Please read & review :)
Pen Name:WriterGal12
Country: GB
Bio: Hey guys, Writergal12 or Laura here, call me what you like x  I'm fifteen (Year 10) I take a serious passion in writing creatively and I would like to take up a job that involves that i.e. an author or a journalist :)  Feel free to ask me any questions, I'm very open :)  If you send me...
Pen Name:WoodlandPixy
Country: US
Bio: I've never really thought of myself as a writer. However, as events transpire in my life, I've found that writing them down, usually in a poetic form, always helps express exactly how I felt at that particular moment.  In saying that, readers should know that almost everything I write is in...
Pen Name:wolfgirl23
Country: US
Bio: I'm writing a story titled Unclean Love about four different people suffering four different types of abuse with one thing in common.PAIN. Please read and review I want this to go as smoothly as possible but I'm only human. I need help with editing if anyone is interested.     Hi people I love...
Pen Name:Will Andrews
Country: AU
Bio: I'm 18, and my main interests are music, reading and writing. I'm not complicated.
Pen Name:Wilbur
Country: US
Bio: I seem to be gone, done with writng for the nonce if not The Duration.  I enjoyed my stay here, and I leave you with best wishes for all of you and for the ones and the places you love and have loved.  -- FYI,  Wilbur was my father's name.  The picture is of a handsome donkey named...
Pen Name:writing4u
Country: US
Bio: Hello fellow readers and writers,I wrote quite a bit when younger but then life sort of got in the way. Your know, blah, blah, blah...... but now there are so many ways for a slightly timid writer like myself to sort of get a feel for what's going on out there. I have always had a vivid...
Pen Name:Willowbabyz
Country: US
Bio: I am a sixteen year old girl who lives in a house with five younger sisters and a younger brother. I love to read and write and hope to become an author once I am older. I hope to influence people with my writing and to get them to feel something when they read my pieces. I also love animals I...
Pen Name:wanderlust22
Country: US
Pen Name:wannabeglasseskid
Country: SA
Bio: I love writing and singing. I cant write or sing. I think. Because I can think.
Pen Name:wanderingmurphy
Country: NZ
Bio: Well about me!!  I'm 28 and I currently work in an extremely boring office job, its only saving grace is the people that I work with, who again like alot of people I meet continue to enrich my life in ways I hadn't thought possible.  About  people, I've always thought that different people...
Pen Name:wasimhaider54
Country: IN
Bio: my name is wasim haider n loveones call me golu...I am a sweet,simple n humorous kind of boy...love to enjoy the life in my own ways...love  is life for me...because i think without love no relationship can run...
Pen Name:Wicked Beautiful
Country: AU
Bio:   URGENT, PLEASE READ IF A FAN OF ONE OR MORE OF MY NOVELS If you were reading one of my novels, Similar Differences, Crossing Sides or When There Was An Us, I have really really terribly incredibly horrible news. I've been having a few (minor) problems with Booksie recently and I didn't think...
Pen Name:william edmonson
Pen Name:WritersAnonymous
Country: US
Bio: alright so comment on everything cuz i like feedback, any kind, whether its negative or positive is accepted.    I have other accounts for my other styles, ask and ill give them to you  
Pen Name:wolfobsessed
Country: GB
Bio: Hey! My name's Caitlin :)  Basically, like everyone on here, I like to write! I'm 17, I'm from the North of England   I love fantasy, Robert Jordan is just wow, and Brandon Sanderson's doing a fab job of following him..  Kelley Armstrong too... Anywhoo, ever want to chat about anything and...
Pen Name:WarmSummerRain
Country: US
Bio:     Hello everyone!!!        I am a furry   I am a pansexual   I'm gender fluid i'm 18! :D im a model i love to rave Any other questions? Add a comment :3
Pen Name:Writers for Amber
Country: US
Bio: Simple writers (Andrew Soto & Joe Cardenas) two Artists from Los Angeles writing short stories as well as working on a script for a future (Cross you're fingers) T.V show on the very famous LGBT T.V Channel "Logo" please support with comments and reads and remind us to check with all of your...
Pen Name:wilson203
Pen Name:wily geist
Country: US
Bio:  MY BIO:      When I was young punk, I got into the world of tech, which was actually large and primitive still. We had giant boxes called mainframes, that crunched numbers and spit out bills. Sadly, Al Gore hadn't invented the internet nor did we have web connections and nude pictures were...
Pen Name:Ac3sD0wn
Pen Name:windcharm
Country: US
Bio:   Things about me: 1. I'm 18 2. I love to read (mostly romance) 3. I have two sisters (they're both crazy) 4. Graduated (2011!) 5. I have a huge family (Belgians) 6. I have lived in 7 different houses all in the state of Wisconsin 7. I want to see the world 8. I hope to one day own my own...
Pen Name:Wes Cloven
Country: US
Bio: I have always loved reading, losing myself in a new and wondrous world. This is a trait I inherited from my father, who seemed to enjoy anything regardless of genre. I primarily enjoy fantasy / urban fantasy. I love following a new character through his/her self discovery and learning how they...
Pen Name:willow brook
Country: AU
Bio: A form of literary art is something unique and not made by ordinary processe. It evolves from one's own thoughts or imagination and touches the hearts and lives of many. Poetry form can covey messages that go beyond the 'intention' or 'design' that we know in this world, and take us on...
Pen Name:Witchy

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