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Pen Name:XxPrincessxX
Country: ZW
Bio: kj
Pen Name:xVampiricNaturex
Country: US
Bio: Well...I like reading, writing, drawing, hanging with friends, taking care of my numerous pets, studying wolves...I think that's about it.
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Xsophie007X
Country: GB
Bio: My bio is my writing. Anything you can ever know about me is buried within it. Seek and you shall find.
Pen Name:xoAbbyxo
Country: US
Bio: ok so about me lol there so much and hmm... opps sry lost track of the thought yes i do that alot.my name is Abby as u can prolly guess from my info name. i am 15 and live in a small town. i have the best friends ever and they mean the world to me. i am prolly one of the most interesting ppl u...
Pen Name:xokatyxo
Country: US
Bio:  H E L L O    E V E R Y B O D Y Hey guys:] My name's Katy and I'm 15. I looove horses, Supernatural (coolest show EVAA! haha), swimming, singing, drama ( the play kind, not the OMG kind), soccer, reading, hanging out with my craaazy friends, and music.Oh, and writing. Duh...So yeah...I leave...
Pen Name:xXxWinterRainxXx
Country: CA
Bio: Im an 18 year old girl, with brown hair, and eyes. I'm 5"4 and in love.    I don't write very often, because when I do it always seems depressing.   As you'll probably notice while reading my pieces.Comments are always welcome. Comments lead to improvements don't cha know :P
Pen Name:xxemoxbfsxx
Country: US
Bio: *ATTENTION*Okay people, Don't comment me anymore on this account. I made a new account cus this one feels too much like my old self and I can't stand to think about me. I do not log into here ever. I won't ever again. Go to my new account. www.booksie.com/me_against_the_worldLove, Lydia
Pen Name:XxRecklessxX
Country: US
Bio: NOW known as RachelBlackouttt on here.Please do still give me credit for all poems on here;and check out my new shit.Cool cool; seeyuhh.
Pen Name:Xaruny
Country: US
Bio: Eh, it's been a while and I figured I'd update this joke of a profile.My name's Elliott, I'm a baseball player, a funny guy and a huge fan of everything Philly. I write stuff whenever I get a good idea in my head, I never write down a plot, which is why I've never actually finished a story....
Pen Name:xpressurself
Country: US
Bio: Hey, My name is Kelly and in my writings i really feel it is a way to just get my thoughts down. I sometimes have a lot of trouble figuring out my feeling and just have no clue what to do, say, or think... So then what i do is i just write, after the writings i go back and read them then examine...
Pen Name:XBrokenHeartedX
Country: US
Bio: I've left booksie. I felt it was my time to go, and this website isn't what is used to be. I've left all my writing up for you guys and I want to say thank you very very much for those of you who suported me and kept me going with my work. I'm now at a new website called www.writerscafe.orgI'm...
Pen Name:xXxMikkiKellyxXx
Country: GB
Bio: Hi there my name is Mikki. I'm still in school (two years left whooooo) and im doning ok there. My life is my pets (three rats frankie Baby Bob and Ray-Ray, two degu, Mikey and Gerard and a dog Tasha) my wonderful freinds, my family and school, in that order. I only have three real hobbies at...
Pen Name:xKateyxLostx
Country: US
Bio: I'm a outgoing girl who likes to alot of normal things and alot of odd things as well. I will try everything at least once. (has to be within reason)
Pen Name:xXBioChemXx
Country: US
Bio: I'm Chuckie. I'm 19 and I write poems mostly. I love vampire romance and science-fiction books. The person I love the most is my beautiful, amazing Summer.
Pen Name:XxSportsMVP25xX
Country: US
Bio: LISTEN UP!NEW ACCOUNT: www.booksie.com/Jayy13I will no longer post stuff on here. I am putting my best work on my other site.
Pen Name:xXxRTRxXx
Country: US
Bio: I am me!!!!! (Ryan)
Pen Name:XTillXDeathXDoXUsXPart
Country: US
Bio: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blahmy name is mathew...um i'm mostly here just to support my friend, zoe, or XBrokenHeartedX. i'm a song writer, so i might be on here every once and a while to post some lyrics. i'm pretty big with my music; it's pretty much my whole life, besides writing. i have a...
Pen Name:Mark13x92
Country: US
Pen Name:xOnceInAxLifeTimeLove
Country: US
Pen Name:xxSecretxx
Country: GB
Bio: heyyah xi come from mi lil own box !!hehe xi have lots of friends xi have bro + sis i gtg bi xbeth x
Pen Name:Xil Sane
Country: US
Bio: I've always been told I write well, but i couldn't get the stories I really wanted to write on ink and paper. I came to this site to atempt to write fantasy,romance,poems, and what ever else I feel like. I've been a enthusiastic drawer since i was little, I found it to be easier to express my...
Pen Name:XnewtX
Country: GB
Bio: yea my mates call me newt (theres a story behind it but i can't be asked to say it also makes me look stupid....lol) i basicly live in skinny jeans, black t's , hoodies , eyeliner , converses and fingerless gloves. yeah im a random person, but u learn to love me (or hate me whatever) i couldnt...
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