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Pen Name:zadudet1
Country: US
Bio: I'm your basic teenage young adult girl (just graduated ^_^). who loves to write, ie: I have little to no life. I write, a lot... I love to read as well. I adore joining and hosting contests becasue hey, who doesn't (if you answered yes, I hate you. Just kidding. Maybe... ^_^). I'm biggest on...
Pen Name:z3nob1a
Country: GB
Bio: I enjoy any thing creative and hands on.
Pen Name:zomski
Country: US
Bio: :)
Pen Name:Zin Dar
Country: NO
Bio: Important note: These pieces of writing, is for YOUR reading-pleasure. I don't demand comments, I want YOU to enjoy the language, thought or idea in the writing. Everything here is FOR you. Likes and dislikes equally welcome. --------------------     Status: Reading friends only - No requests...
Pen Name:Zera
Country: US
Bio: I came here to write, but I am thinking of just being someone to come to for links to great books faved by me. I like fantasy only because I can travel and become that character. I'm 18yrs old and dabble in a little bit of everything.  I am single and agnostic. If there is a god i do not know...
Pen Name:ziggom
Country: US
Bio: I love to write, and have 1000 story ideas, but not enough time to write. I love the horror genre, but like to try different things occasionally. Check out my writing if you get a chance, and please leave a comment, I love comments good or bad, especially constructive criticism. I also love to...
Pen Name:ZombieKiller4196
Country: US
Pen Name:Zanzabaar
Country: US
Bio: Sorry I haven't been on lately.  I plan on being on a lot more now, so please be don't hate me!       Hey people of the internet!!!  I'm me!   Some things about me: 1) I'm college age! 2) I love history! 3) My dream job would be to be a National Geographic photographer.  Or a nature...
Pen Name:Zlonk
Country: US
Bio: I'm 16 and a lot of what I right is based on experiences that have happened to me...BUT  a lot of it is not true too! so yeah bye
Pen Name:ZacArestad
Country: US
Pen Name:zairafirefly
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer, and have read all my life. I deal mostly with fantasy and scifi. I love stories, music, good food and cooking, art, clothes, and historical clothing. I am a Christian. I'm married, and don't plan on having kids. Everything posted here I consider fan fiction or non-serious...
Pen Name:Zoezolacocacola
Country: GB
Pen Name:zuiksi29
Country: US
Pen Name:zairanne
Country: PH
Pen Name:ZRaineri
Country: US
Pen Name:zakbagansfan18
Country: US
Bio: I love zombies! lol, i also love the paranormal, one of my favorite shows is ghost adventures. every friday i watch ghost adventure my fave ghost adventurer is zak cause 1 hes hawt and 2 i can relate to him Oh btw i might upload stories up.. I just need to type and reread my stories im working on
Pen Name:zhuanshu
Country: US
Pen Name:zippity2
Country: CA
Bio: There isn't mush to know about me...honestly
Pen Name:zandaatom
Country: US
Bio:   Insignificant night moth with tired eyes ; aloof ; imaginative ; master of potions and the moon Writer of fantasy and fear ; solitary soul ; explorer of treasures and tales ;  residing in story books and art.
Pen Name:ZacharyDawsonPitts
Country: US
Bio: Just like to write away what happens in my life or what i see. thats basically it.      
Pen Name:ZoeM
Country: US
Pen Name:hannah94z
Country: US
Bio: when the cold winds blow you into the great unknown is when i will hunt you down and bring you home again. Now matter how far, no matter how frightening, i will always bring you home. You are my life, my passion and my soul. Nothing will separate us, me and my imagination. :)
Pen Name:Zebrial J Gossage
Country: US
Pen Name:zoeletley
Pen Name:zara980
Country: US
Bio: Well, im 13 and i love to read. i just started on my first book and am still working on it, but i would love to know what other people think of it. i love to read and i don't have a favorite book becuase i like so many stories. i read twilight and even though some people don't like it, i love...
Pen Name:zenaford11
Country: US
Pen Name:Zack Ryder
Country: US
Bio: You Can Call Me Brett Matthews, Brett Major But To everyone out there, I Am Zack Ryder WooWooWoo, Remember Broskis Check out my Youtube Show True Long Island story. I may work For the WWE but I love to talk,I was Trained by Mikey Whipwreck and beat the U.S Champ Dolph Ziggler, WooWooWoo...
Pen Name:Zinnia Rahl
Country: US
Bio: Trying to figure out how to delete this account. Why do they make it so damn hard???     Hate Booksie.
Pen Name:zelly
Country: US
Bio: I love writing poems I've been doing it for over 6 to 7 months now.I started in 7 th grade.Im in 8 th grade now.I love rock music.I also listen to metal but rock is the best.I love Tokio Hotel, Marilyn Manson, Black Veil Brides, Simple Plan, Asking Alexandria, Escape the Fate, Thoery of a...
Pen Name:Sicky666 Zero
Country: NL
Pen Name:zephyna vein
Country: US
Bio:     ~im a girl ~my music tastes range from pop-screamo ~writing keeps me sane ~i love neon colors ~i dont take everything seriously ~i love dying my hair ~sometimes i dont spell everything correctly ~my eyes change color all the time ~i have a glow in the dark green belly button ~i love my...
Pen Name:zoeyzuko
Country: US
Bio: I'm here to find a good short story of anything to my interest so I can create the story into my machinima creation. So I come here from time to time to read your stories,  looking for good short story to create with my Sims machinima.  I'm not a writer nor do I have interests in writing. ...
Pen Name:ZonsterBl0odTattoed
Country: AU
Bio: Hello. I'm ZonsterBl0odTattoed (call me Zonster) and I'm very insane. Nice to meet you. "How can I keep my soul in me, so that it doesn't touch your soul? How can I raise it high enough, past you, to other things? I would like to shelter it, among remote lost objects, in some dark and silent...
Pen Name:ZZ is ZZ
Country: SG
Bio: I love to read,write and listen with two patient ears.
Pen Name:ziber
Country: US
Pen Name:Zachary Trump
Country: US
Bio: Hello. My name is Zach, and I have created an entire world just for you. A world of Magic. A world of Kings. A world ravaged by an endless battle between Good and Evil. I will begin to periodically post bits and pieces of tales that take place in my second home. These are my stories. These are...
Pen Name:ztlights
Country: CN
Bio: Shenzhen zhongtian lighting Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to zhongtian lighting) is a private hi-tech enterprise which conducts its business activities inLED indoor lighting R & D, manufacturing and marketing. Due to our complete after-sales service, we obtain great trust and support from...
Pen Name:Zelda Cantrell
Country: US
Bio: Hey, I'm Zelda. I enjoy to write. I take reading requests, and will tell my opion. Please do be prepared for the worst.
Pen Name:zeauoxian
Country: IN
Pen Name:zoechic
Country: US
Bio: I am a girl that feels so missunderstood and alone. I have all of these feelings inside of me and the way that I have found to let them out is through writing.
Pen Name:Zeria
Country: JP
Bio: HELLO fellow BOOKSIE-ians (is that a term I should use?) and HeLLo to those whose viewing my profile!! I'm just a typical, average looking Chinese, which is why my language might not be as good as the others here in Booksie. But, that doesn't stop me from writing - or should I say typing...
Pen Name:Zero Sheridan
Country: US
Pen Name:zenal
Country: US
Pen Name:z0mb1ezg0dd3ss
Country: US
Bio:     ~*I am lightness, I am darkness, Im the in between. I am everything to some, and nothing to most. I may never be known to the world, and I may not be the greatest writer of all time. I could die happy if my writing, my experiences, gave even one person hope.. or a moment of happiness....

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