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Pen Name:545zaboomafoo545
Country: US
Bio: OK Peeps, so im Jacqueline Schmedel and i have no will power at all to have this thing but my friends kept bugging me so i got one. I am a mediocre writer but uh.... im more of the performer type so i play soccer, im in bells, and i love three things, my friends, my family, and God. so that...
Pen Name:z0mb1ezg0dd3ss
Country: US
Bio:     ~*I am lightness, I am darkness, Im the in between. I am everything to some, and nothing to most. I may never be known to the world, and I may not be the greatest writer of all time. I could die happy if my writing, my experiences, gave even one person hope.. or a moment of happiness....
Pen Name:zoeyraehewitt
Country: US
Bio: Life is complicated. Music and writing makes it a little easier. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan is my hero. foREVer. Twitter: @zoeyraehewitt
Pen Name:Zahid
Country: PK
Bio: I want to make people happyI know, no one is happyI want to rule over the world by my words
Pen Name:zer0
Country: AU
Bio: I'm a writer, or at least I pretend to be. I'm a fourth year part-time arts student with a double major in Writing and English at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. I'm joining this site, a little optimistically I might add, in the hope of receiving some useful feedback on my...
Pen Name:Zephyr
Country: SG
Bio: Hi Readers/Writers,  Like any author wannabe, I look forward to seeing my own novels on the shelves one day. The Inheritance Cycle (it is no longer a trilogy) is my all time favourite. My dream is to show the world the magic in fine literature, for it is my only way of thanking the numerous...
Pen Name:zairafirefly
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer, and have read all my life. I deal mostly with fantasy and scifi. I love stories, music, good food and cooking, art, clothes, and historical clothing. I am a Christian. I'm married, and don't plan on having kids. Everything posted here I consider fan fiction or non-serious...
Pen Name:zenith66
Country: IE
Bio: Hey, wats up, My names Laurence, Lar for short, Love to read and write poetry obviously, love sports and computer games(xbox 360) Like anime, manga, movies, and loads of other stuff, Im 18 years old and have been writing for pleasure since I was around 11 or so, hope you like my work, Well if...
Pen Name:zaboomafoo545
Country: CH
Bio: lame
Pen Name:zak
Country: US
Bio: im zak i go to fdhs i like to write storys useing me and my friends
Pen Name:ztc
Country: US
Bio: My name is Zach and I have absolutely no idea what I am expected to write right here and so I will change this when I figure that out. :]http://www.myspace.com/pleasedie84add me :]
Pen Name:zoralielda
Country: PK
Bio: Full Name: Myra Ahmad Birthday: 25th November, 1994Birthplace: Wah Cantonment Nickname: none Favourite food: Baryani, Zinger Burger, Pasta, Macaroni, Chapli Kabab. Favourite color: Green. Favourite song: none Favourite pastime: Reading, writing, painting, surfing the net for ideas, watching art...
Pen Name:Zxam
Country: US
Bio: First of all I am not into biographys so...be warnedI grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska with 4 siblings (2 older and one younger sister, and a little brother). My mom was an alcoholic and had previously been addicted to crack coccaine. My Father died soon after the birth of my younger brother from...
Pen Name:Zanzabaar
Country: US
Bio: Sorry I haven't been on lately.  I plan on being on a lot more now, so please be don't hate me!       Hey people of the internet!!!  I'm me!   Some things about me: 1) I'm college age! 2) I love history! 3) My dream job would be to be a National Geographic photographer.  Or a nature...
Pen Name:Zero Saint
Country: AU
Bio: Ok me here we go I was born in Australia (yeah yeah downunder whatever) I moved to the states at the beginning of last year an joined the army but i am back in Australia now.My name is J.D Caine (I wont tell you what the J.D stands for so don't ask) :). I have four sisters (two older and two...
Pen Name:Ziggle
Country: US
Bio: Where to start, where to start. Well, I'm friggin' awesomeriffic, that's for sure. My fav color is red. I enjoy eating your mom, reading books, chatting with friends, and plotting total world domination. I see through blue eyes and brush my brown hair. I blow out the candles on January 7th and...
Pen Name:Zanaki
Country: US
Bio: Born September 28,1979 In  Central Province,Kenya.My passion is books especially African Lit though i love Stephen King.The guy just adds life to horror.Grisham is also another of my favourites The innocent just blows the top off and coming to think of it, this is real life not ficton.It  is...
Pen Name:Zayther
Country: ZA
Bio: Hello Earthlings :D  
Pen Name:zzzooe
Country: NZ
Bio: One thing guys; if you only ever read one of my stories, then I'd love you to read Indulgence. Yes, I'm only 14 years old but I really want to finish it and get it published! Please comment on it, no matter how harsh, I just want to improve! thanks x xZoe. I'm fun && loving, but i'm also blunt...
Pen Name:ZED
Country: US
Bio: A small green revolving mass of ectoplasm, surrounded by a shroud of everlasting synchronistic lotus petals.
Pen Name:zeeyarh
Country: AU
Bio: I love writing but I'm not that good. I just have too many ideas in my head and I can't seem to be able to organise them. And in the end, it all just stuffs up.
Pen Name:Zare
Country: US

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