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Pen Name:zooliglen
Country: US
Bio: So I totally owe Chocochippy my life and everyone needs to pay her a visit and thank her for her help.. She actually did everything.. She made those theives delete the videos and she talked to them about stealling other people's stories.. Thank you forever Chocochippy... I love...
Pen Name:Zin Dar
Country: NO
Bio: Important note: These pieces of writing, is for YOUR reading-pleasure. I don't demand comments, I want YOU to enjoy the language, thought or idea in the writing. Everything here is FOR you. Likes and dislikes equally welcome. --------------------     Status: Reading friends only - No requests...
Pen Name:Zriley93
Pen Name:Zethian
Country: GB
Bio: I'll try and keep this short.I'm a young, teenage writer, born and raised in Yorkshire, England. I've been writing ever since I could string two words together, and from the age of 7 I was dead-set on being an author. My dream is still in the making, and I'm happy having devoted almost a decade...
Pen Name:Zepheriah
Country: US
Bio: Greetings. It appears as if you stumbled upon my page…the Oracle was right. Now that you are here, I can introduce myself, and bestow upon you a task only YOU can fulfill. After all, you were born for this exact purpose.  I am the mighty Zepheriah, Zepheriah being my pen name. Only until you...
Pen Name:Zibonai
Country: US
Bio:     Hi my name is Zibonai (Zee-bow-nay) :)  This pass June turned 20 and loving it. Just a little sad that I am no longer a teen. One more year and I am considered as a full flegde adult by the law. I love writing for a hobby and of course art is my main interest.  I do love writing to get...
Pen Name:zeenath
Country: AE
Bio: HEY! Hope your doing great! School has started and its really hectic! I promise to get back to ALL the people who have left me requests once I'm free! Thank you for Understanding! :D News updated: I have just joined Wattpad! Follow me my name is zeenath. Quote of the day : "Love hurts, love...
Pen Name:Zakswords
Country: US
Bio: Born in Morocco Studied in VA, and NYC  Works and lives in NYC
Pen Name:ZeroG57
Country: US
Bio: I Have Quit Booksie: I'm sorry to my fellow dedicated readers but I have quit booksie if that wasnt apparent already. I feel as if I've accomplished my goal which was to share my writing with the world and improve. I've just felt as if I lost my touch. I write dark stuff not the type of teen...
Pen Name:Zombie Toxic
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer     I am scaredI am aloneI am MeI am hereI am futureI am pastI am MeI hurtI cryI feeland I prayI just want it all to end....but life keeps on going and the bad will end and the good will begin.....
Pen Name:Ziegler89
Country: US
Pen Name:z0mb1ezg0dd3ss
Country: US
Bio:     ~*I am lightness, I am darkness, Im the in between. I am everything to some, and nothing to most. I may never be known to the world, and I may not be the greatest writer of all time. I could die happy if my writing, my experiences, gave even one person hope.. or a moment of happiness....
Pen Name:zzzooe
Country: NZ
Bio: One thing guys; if you only ever read one of my stories, then I'd love you to read Indulgence. Yes, I'm only 14 years old but I really want to finish it and get it published! Please comment on it, no matter how harsh, I just want to improve! thanks x xZoe. I'm fun && loving, but i'm also blunt...
Pen Name:Zaphera
Country: ZA
Bio: Howzit _____________________________________________"Now I know the things I know, and do the things I do; and if you do not like me so, to hell, my love, with you!" "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the...
Pen Name:Zeiroh
Country: US
Bio: Hey, everyone! I recently starting writing a novel, based off of something else that I'm making. I can't say what that is at the moment, but maybe I'll be able to say it some time in the future. I'm making this novel, primarily, to see if people like the stories and tales of adventure I have to...
Pen Name:zadudet1
Country: US
Bio: I'm your basic teenage young adult girl (just graduated ^_^). who loves to write, ie: I have little to no life. I write, a lot... I love to read as well. I adore joining and hosting contests becasue hey, who doesn't (if you answered yes, I hate you. Just kidding. Maybe... ^_^). I'm biggest on...
Pen Name:hannah94z
Country: US
Bio: when the cold winds blow you into the great unknown is when i will hunt you down and bring you home again. Now matter how far, no matter how frightening, i will always bring you home. You are my life, my passion and my soul. Nothing will separate us, me and my imagination. :)
Pen Name:zairafirefly
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer, and have read all my life. I deal mostly with fantasy and scifi. I love stories, music, good food and cooking, art, clothes, and historical clothing. I am a Christian. I'm married, and don't plan on having kids. Everything posted here I consider fan fiction or non-serious...
Pen Name:Zayn Ul Abidin
Country: PK
Bio: I, Me & Myself: Ola! It's me, Zayn! A budding writer, poet, lyricist, rapper, avid reader and a whole heap of everything I can be. I ain't so serious all the time and I really like humorous comments so don't be surprised if you get one. I'm a proud librocubicularist! (I hope I spelled it...
Pen Name:ZAC XD
Country: US
Bio: I'm a 12 year old girl who has two siblings, and unfortunately the I am the oldest. I am smart, a singer, insane, a poet, a writer and a flutet a.k.a. a flute player. All my work is displayed on www.movellas.com and my users are: Rawrz and ♪Z♥E♪. I live in forest in the middle of a teeny...
Pen Name:zrakomlat
Country: US
Pen Name:Zombie Temple
Country: US
Bio: I love to draw and write. art is a large thing in my life and i hope to persue it in my future job at some point. But recently writing has been more my choice over drawing. So you're all in for treats.
Pen Name:zblackburn
Country: US
Bio: Okay, well, heyyy. I'm Beth. Uhm.... I write to reflect my mood. I've been writing for as long as I can remember and It doesn't take a genius to learn how to reflect feelings into paper. I'm pretty good at it by now... Uhmm.... I listen to metal- my music often effects my writing. It might come...
Pen Name:Zionwingmaster
Country: US
Bio: My name is Donivan Jacob Hughes. Everyone calls me Dante. I'm 18, and really big.I do everything, writing is only one of my hobbys. I only strive for writing Novels, or the ocasional short story. Only problem is I spell horribly quite often, I have a huge vocab but tat does no good if i can't...
Pen Name:Zlms
Country: GB
Bio: I love Anime,Manga & J Drama's Hear is a list of all my faverit Anime: One Piece Case Closed (Detective Conan) Fairy Tail Naruto & Naruto Shippudden Detective Academy Q D.Gray Man Gundam 00 / Seed / Seed Destany Tusubasa Chronicals Black Lagoon Black Cat Prince of Tennis Hayate the Combat Butler...
Pen Name:zechielava
Country: US
Bio: I like to write poetry, science fiction, and realistic fiction.
Pen Name:ZED
Country: US
Bio: A small green revolving mass of ectoplasm, surrounded by a shroud of everlasting synchronistic lotus petals.
Pen Name:ZombieGirlSara
Country: GB
Bio: I'm 14 and my favourite thing to do is to write! (obviously :3) I love more dramatic/thriller/mystery books as i'd rather be on my toes all the time then to just chill and read a calm book. I write daily (mostly) but it tends to be either a small paragraph or an entire page or two :P never...
Pen Name:ZoePatterson
Country: US
Bio: My name begins with the last letter of the English alphabet, it also means "life" in Greek.  I'm Zoe, except with two dots over the 'e' - I'm extremely lazy at the moment. I love to write, blog, go on Tumblr and iFunny a lot, eat food, play with cats, and review. I currently run a review shop,...
Pen Name:Zehraliya
Country: IN
Bio: I write what i feel.I write about things i wanted.not once but always i wish to be the one in my story.to be honest i stay true to myself and my style. Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you...
Pen Name:zer0
Country: AU
Bio: I'm a writer, or at least I pretend to be. I'm a fourth year part-time arts student with a double major in Writing and English at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. I'm joining this site, a little optimistically I might add, in the hope of receiving some useful feedback on my...
Pen Name:Zach S Blayer
Country: US
Bio: I'm just an emerging writer who hopes to get far in this field. All of my work is original.
Pen Name:Zombies n cake
Country: US
Bio: The only reason we make angels is becuase we are scared to die in our sleep -AABG
Pen Name:zatowg
Country: SA
Bio:  ..Born in 1983, Muslim, and a man.. I've had an interest in writing since i was 16
Pen Name:zoeyraehewitt
Country: US
Bio: Life is complicated. Music and writing makes it a little easier. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan is my hero. foREVer. Twitter: @zoeyraehewitt
Pen Name:Zandally6
Country: CA
Bio: My YouTube Channel URL: (I'm MalFuncTion) https://youtube.com/channel/UCKy-eWWWFchEKnQo1U4tbRg I love reading and writing (obviously) Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Minecraft and school! I hope you enjoy my writing because I can tell I'll definetly like yours!  
Pen Name:Zaynah
Country: GB
Pen Name:Zero Flash
Country: US
Bio: Challenge Everything. (all works are personal wrote) So with this being implement now in the reader. Take each one with your own view and a grain of sand.
Pen Name:ZoviaRain
Country: US
Bio: "I just want to know your story Learning, so I may love you complete 'Cause if we dig deep enough There are wells hidden deep inside of you and me" -Being As An Ocean L'exquisite douleur Please feel free to leave a reading request, especially for poetry!!  
Pen Name:Zane Lance
Country: US
Bio: Zane here, a casual guy, I just like to write. Booksie seemed like a good place to do it. I don't do much, like most things guys like I guess... sports, beer, sex. Just broke up with my girlfriend, I couldn't stand knowing how miserable she was. She was in love with another guy. I didn't love...
Pen Name:s3zshawtiix
Country: GB
Pen Name:zebracake101
Country: US
Bio: I love just sitting down and reading a good book, then when I'm done with the book,I get inspired to write my own. I've written a lot of stories. I have a whole notebook full of them! I hope to be an actress one day and/or a writer. I love writting books!!!!
Pen Name:Zoha Seddighi
Country: US
Pen Name:zen9835
Country: GB
Bio: I have a particular interest in comedy writing, short stories and sketches. alot of my inspiration comes from things i have experienced or people i have met. i also like to write slightly surreal comedy (think Douglas Adams but less err...spacey and I'm a girl). I'm going to university in...
Pen Name:Zen Master
Country: US
Pen Name:ZFanatic
Country: US
Bio: WELCOME TO MY BOOKSIE PAGE: - Hello, my name is Chynna :) - 20 years of age - Currently a college student - I'm from Chicago, Illinois - I am currently working on: The Truth at Seventeen (A/N: Published but not yet complete) *Severus Snape's Sons (Re-writing story going to be back up soon)...
Pen Name:Zoe James
Country: AU
Bio: Hey, well I like to write. I'm not gonna write a bio,m it would be too cliche.Just read my stuffkthxbi!
Pen Name:Zephaniah13
Country: US
Bio: It All Started With A Dare by Miss Melodramatic  http://www.booksie.com/young_adult/short_story/miss_melodramatic/it-all-started-with-a-dare     Hey there! So, I'm sorry about my lack of updates. I have a reason though! I started a new class in school, but I have to finish to semester's worth...
Pen Name:ZorathOrg
Pen Name:zaibybaby
Country: GB
Bio: I never know what to write in these. My mind has a washout and I can't describe myself in a few sentances. What can I say: the complexity of my character is too much for this meer textbox.
Pen Name:zhonghtx
Pen Name:ZombieHearts
Country: US
Pen Name:Zadia Thorpe
Country: US
Bio: Hi, my penn name is Zadia Thorpe (a character in one of my stories). As for my real name....lets just say it shall never be revealed. I love Harry Potter books, Redwall books, and any of Kate DeCamillo's books. I LOVE horseback riding and drawing. Please read my stories because I am eager to...
Pen Name:Zebadiah
Country: US
Bio: I am the greatest thing you will ever witness. Perhaps You wont realize this until I die, but for now I am alive, witness the greatness before it is gone.
Pen Name:ZAE
Country: US
Bio: So I'm working on some new and old stories and i've been motivated to writing more thanks to 666Vixen she's a great fan ^.^
Pen Name:Zoeblakelee
Country: ES
Pen Name:Zilungile
Country: ZA
Bio: God is my Master and with Him i knw i can stand,,,,i overcome whatever burden put before me by His glorious son Jesus Christ.....
Pen Name:Zemet
Country: US
Bio: Alrighty, I was away for some time and I think I'M BACK now.I'm working on a story www.booksie.com/romance/novel/zemet/vespers-goodbye. Plz take a look at it and tell me what you think about it.Well, there isn't much to say about me. Is there? Twitter: www.twitter.com/L0V3EUm...yeah, that's...
Pen Name:Zak Magick
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys! I'm Zak, and I'm 17. I don't know how much age affects opinions on writing, but I guess I'll probably find out eventually. Mostly what I read and write is horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.    I have a tendency to write short stories over things like novels, and I also have a tendency to...
Pen Name:zully571
Country: PR
Bio: Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in March, 1984. Growing up, I always had a passion for writing and arts. Always wrote down every emotion I felt since I was a teenager. Writing has always been my outlet and my way to escape from reality. When I joined the military and deployed to combat zones I...
Pen Name:ZoeyRawr24
Country: GB
Bio: Hey, My name is Zoey.  I live in Bolton & I'm 16 year's old. I have a great passion for writing, and I basically want to see if anyone like's what I write and if any one could maybe notice what I do. Please comment and give me some feed back on my pieces. Thank you
Pen Name:Zak Pacunas
Country: US
Pen Name:Zed Tassian
Country: US
Bio: A amatuer writer who likes to let himself spill paper. I enjoy adding metaphors and analogies in my writing as you could probably tell and will continue to notice. But hopefully you enjoy my writing and get something out of it.
Pen Name:ZShine
Country: US
Bio: I love writing and seek inspiration. I'm just a girl with a dream.
Pen Name:Zainna Chong
Country: US
Bio: I am a 18 year old girl who turns 19 in 2015 and I come from a tough childhood which you will read about in my stories and poems......
Pen Name:zurltafulti25

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