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Pen Name:Zara Samra
Country: US
Pen Name:ZoeyRawr24
Country: GB
Bio: Hey, My name is Zoey.  I live in Bolton & I'm 16 year's old. I have a great passion for writing, and I basically want to see if anyone like's what I write and if any one could maybe notice what I do. Please comment and give me some feed back on my pieces. Thank you
Pen Name:z0mb1ezg0dd3ss
Country: US
Bio:     ~*I am lightness, I am darkness, Im the in between. I am everything to some, and nothing to most. I may never be known to the world, and I may not be the greatest writer of all time. I could die happy if my writing, my experiences, gave even one person hope.. or a moment of happiness....
Pen Name:Zibonai
Country: US
Bio:     Hi my name is Zibonai (Zee-bow-nay) :)  This pass June turned 20 and loving it. Just a little sad that I am no longer a teen. One more year and I am considered as a full flegde adult by the law. I love writing for a hobby and of course art is my main interest.  I do love writing to get...
Pen Name:zaira50
Country: IN
Pen Name:Zsuzsika SK
Country: US
Bio: I'm crazy and my writing is dark...it might creep you out, it might turn you on. The reactions are different and it changes every day...I'm just here to get some opinions.
Pen Name:Zexion
Country: US
Bio: Hi I'm Zexion, I've been written since I was 9. What started me to write book/novels/short stories was that at the age of 9, I had my homework done and I had nothing to do, well my mother was up into keeping track of things in notebooks, so I asked her 'hey mom can i have one of your notebooks'...
Pen Name:Zap Tales
Country: US
Pen Name:ZaneJayxxxxxx
Country: US
Bio: :3
Pen Name:ZappiestTom
Country: GB
Bio: I am a study at my local college studying on a 2-year IT course beside an As Mathematics course, on the same note I am quite a big gamer, but I do find time to both read novels and publish my own. I feel that I am of the minority of the population as I prefer things which others may condemn as...
Pen Name:zadudet1
Country: US
Bio: I'm your basic teenage young adult girl (just graduated ^_^). who loves to write, ie: I have little to no life. I write, a lot... I love to read as well. I adore joining and hosting contests becasue hey, who doesn't (if you answered yes, I hate you. Just kidding. Maybe... ^_^). I'm biggest on...
Pen Name:Zackyydino
Country: US
Bio: My name is Desiree Marberry. I'm thirteen, and In eighth grade. Anything I put on here is mine...and, I wrote it. I will soon get everything published, so don't try to steal anything. Love
Pen Name:Zaphera
Country: ZA
Bio: Howzit _____________________________________________"Now I know the things I know, and do the things I do; and if you do not like me so, to hell, my love, with you!" "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the...
Pen Name:Zilungile
Country: ZA
Bio: God is my Master and with Him i knw i can stand,,,,i overcome whatever burden put before me by His glorious son Jesus Christ.....
Pen Name:Zayn Ul Abidin
Country: PK
Bio: I, Me & Myself: Ola! It's me, Zayn! A budding writer, poet, lyricist, rapper, avid reader and a whole heap of everything I can be. I ain't so serious all the time and I really like humorous comments so don't be surprised if you get one. I'm a proud librocubicularist! (I hope I spelled it...
Pen Name:ZuletskiBoy
Country: US
Bio: PLEASE READ MY NEWS!!!!       FIRES OF REVENGE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Please note that none of these are drawn by me or have anything to do with me. They are the general image of my characters and full credit goes to the artists who drew them (whoever they are).   Rylek of Ruine (In drawing...
Pen Name:ZerokiraKurayami
Country: US
Bio: Hello There My Name's Not Really Zerokira But I Much Rather You Call Me Kira I Am In Love With Anime Like.... No Joke~ I'm Bubbly And Really Random At Times  I Love To Write But Secretly Since I'm Not A Good Writer  But My Goal Is To Improve Without A Doubt!!!  So Cheer Me On (^0^)/  Ja'ne~...
Pen Name:Zephaniah13
Country: US
Bio: I would like to say that the story Are We Even Now? is not mine. My friends wrote it. If you have any problem with it feel free to say but please do not blame me for them. Thank you! :3   I would like to say that three of my quotes are from a wonderful writer named Smircle. I was allowed...
Pen Name:Zen Master
Country: US
Pen Name:zoesierraaa
Country: US
Bio: i love writing, long boarding, and music. I'm in highschool and i am from the US. i hope you like my writing and appreciate any feedback ( good or bad ) you might have :)
Pen Name:zozohart1
Country: US
Bio: My name is Zoee Hart I live in a small town of Kansas Pratt I love hard rock music then like are regular music today. I am 5"7 brown hair green eyes and in the 8th grade. I'm also thirteen Now I love to cook,write,some sports,I love to desing fashion. I am bi sexual and I love giving advice to...
Pen Name:zeenath
Country: AE
Bio: News updated: I have just joined Wattpad! Follow me my name is zeenath. Quote of the day : "Love hurts, love scars, love wounds, and mars any heart not strong enough to take alot of pain."     Heya beautiful / handsome! Welcome into the world of Me :D Nationality: Srilankan (very proud one ;)...
Pen Name:Zombie Bunny
Country: US
Bio: I mainly write poetry, but also short stories, and I'm working on a few novels. I mainly like horror, but I also like suspense, humor, and even romance every now and then.   My former account is TwilightgirlKT. I will no longer be using that account, so if you were a fan of mine, look for...
Pen Name:zairafirefly
Country: US
Bio: I am a writer, and have read all my life. I deal mostly with fantasy and scifi. I love stories, music, good food and cooking, art, clothes, and historical clothing. I am a Christian. I'm married, and don't plan on having kids. Everything posted here I consider fan fiction or non-serious...
Pen Name:Zero Saint
Country: AU
Bio: Ok me here we go I was born in Australia (yeah yeah downunder whatever) I moved to the states at the beginning of last year an joined the army but i am back in Australia now.My name is J.D Caine (I wont tell you what the J.D stands for so don't ask) :). I have four sisters (two older and two...
Pen Name:ZiggyStardust
Country: US
Bio: Firstly, it's a bit ironic that a website that shares stories, doesn't provide the means to indent properly in this box, anyway, I'm a young guy, fresh out of school, I'm trying to write a book but am having a lot of trouble with it. In the mean time, I write short stories and poems, since I...
Pen Name:zooliglen
Country: US
Bio: So I totally owe Chocochippy my life and everyone needs to pay her a visit and thank her for her help.. She actually did everything.. She made those theives delete the videos and she talked to them about stealling other people's stories.. Thank you forever Chocochippy... I love...
Pen Name:Zoe Ross
Country: GB
Pen Name:ZKX2624
Pen Name:zodwa
Country: ZA
Pen Name:Zenmoda
Country: AU
Bio: A big fan of Aesop's fables. I discovered that Socrates spent his last days putting the fables into verse. This inspired me to do the same. These are my attempts
Pen Name:ZevieShipper
Pen Name:zamanfarooqi
Country: PK
Pen Name:Zemet
Country: US
Bio: Alrighty, I was away for some time and I think I'M BACK now.I'm working on a story www.booksie.com/romance/novel/zemet/vespers-goodbye. Plz take a look at it and tell me what you think about it.Well, there isn't much to say about me. Is there? Twitter: www.twitter.com/L0V3EUm...yeah, that's...
Pen Name:Zaikyo
Country: US
Bio: I like to pretend the world is standing still. I enjoy music that makes me feel, as well as things that taste yummy. My favorite weapon is sarcasm. I'm quite sure I'm a fictional character from a tween written novel. Fanfictions make the world go 'round. Lines one and five do not make sense...
Pen Name:zacarianaa
Country: US
Bio: CHAPTER 2 is up for T.A.T.O.T.D.A (these are two opposits that don't attract) Sorry guyz...i can't kyu personally...so u hav to come on my pag. and check if i updated it....sorry once again guys..but i just don't have enough time...but i will say on my page if i posted a chapter... :) I...
Pen Name:zatowg
Country: SA
Bio:  ..Born in 1983, Muslim, and a man.. I've had an interest in writing since i was 16
Pen Name:Zehraliya
Country: IN
Bio: I write what i feel.I write about things i wanted.not once but always i wish to be the one in my story.to be honest i stay true to myself and my style. Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you...
Pen Name:Zackwell Dorian Aesther
Country: GB
Bio: I am a Shifter of Angst and bad feelings.I feel no Angst myself, because I trap it on the page before it has a chance to settle.Not only do I shift my own Angst, But others' too...Having persuaded several people not to kill themselves,  I consider myself an online councellor, as well as a...
Pen Name:Zombies n cake
Country: US
Bio: The only reason we make angels is becuase we are scared to die in our sleep -AABG
Pen Name:ZS73
Country: US
Bio: I write storyboards for my comics using Google Docs Presentation, or "Slides" on Android. Small time right now, but hope to become greater.
Pen Name:ZAE
Country: US
Bio: Hey guys I've recently been working on Locked heart chapter 6 is coming soon and I have a new story coming call Blood of Red Roses which is about a Princess who is secretly an assassin in her free time and she must save her best friend and sister from their mysterious...
Pen Name:zebracake101
Country: US
Bio: I love just sitting down and reading a good book, then when I'm done with the book,I get inspired to write my own. I've written a lot of stories. I have a whole notebook full of them! I hope to be an actress one day and/or a writer. I love writting books!!!!
Pen Name:Zync
Country: CA
Bio: Things that I like: peanut butter, the colour blue, moviesthings that I hate: hmm.. nothinghmm.. guess dat wasnt enough, so, i'm a hi school student in toronto. favorite band's probably linkin park. i didn't really start writing till a year ago. but i f i do write something, any comments are welcome
Pen Name:ZonsterBl0odTattoed
Country: AU
Bio: For those of you who know me, the last time I was on this site was a year and a half ago. Being a teenager obviously I've changed a lot since then, so here's what's new with me: 1. This gorgeous poem by e. e. cummings (unfortunate name, eh?) 2. Spencer Hastings I'm utterly in love with Spencer....
Pen Name:zef
Country: MY
Pen Name:zully571
Country: PR
Bio: Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in March, 1984. Growing up, I always had a passion for writing and arts. Always wrote down every emotion I felt since I was a teenager. Writing has always been my outlet and my way to escape from reality. When I joined the military and deployed to combat zones I...
Pen Name:z0n3
Country: US
Bio: Just another great innovator...... If given a chance!
Pen Name:ZFanatic
Country: US
Bio: WELCOME TO MY BOOKSIE PAGE: -Names ZFanatic or Chynna(=  -18 years of age -I'm a tomboy -I'm a senior in high school -I'm from Chicago -BIG fan of the White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, and Da Bears!! :D -I LOVE to write fanfics, fictions, poetry and nonfictions -My favorite books are the Harry...
Pen Name:ZeroDemon95
Country: US
Bio: I'm 16 years old, but will turn 17 in may. I have shoulder length brown hair with blonde highlights and blonde sun streaks. I live in Myrtle beach. I'm in the 10th grade. Check out evangalinealphawolf she's freaking amazing!!!!!! best girlfriend ever!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!! I love fantasy books,...
Pen Name:Zapzilla
Country: US
Bio: I am the author of the always expanding Allynation story. It's planned to have 50+ chapters but we'll see what I can do to the extent of my writing abilities. Also, I loved Toontown until, you know, THE MOUSE closed it... but thankfully, enough toony toons were toony enough to combine their...
Pen Name:zer0
Country: AU
Bio: I'm a writer, or at least I pretend to be. I'm a fourth year part-time arts student with a double major in Writing and English at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia. I'm joining this site, a little optimistically I might add, in the hope of receiving some useful feedback on my...
Pen Name:zoeyraehewitt
Country: US
Bio: Life is complicated. Music and writing makes it a little easier. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan is my hero. foREVer. Twitter: @zoeyraehewitt
Pen Name:ziggom
Country: US
Bio: I love to write, and have 1000 story ideas, but not enough time to write. I love the horror genre, but like to try different things occasionally. Check out my writing if you get a chance, and please leave a comment, I love comments good or bad, especially constructive criticism. I also love to...
Pen Name:Zachary Wentzell
Country: US
Bio: Don't judge my writing ability by my age, (13) or how I'm still in school. Some of the most famous writers were still in school when their stories were published. Such as S.E. Hinton, the author of The Outsiders. Which by the way, is on the verge of being banned in all school districts and...
Pen Name:Zin Dar
Country: NO
Bio: Important note: These pieces of writing, is for YOUR reading-pleasure. I don't demand comments, I want YOU to enjoy the language, thought or idea in the writing. Everything here is FOR you. Likes and dislikes equally welcome. --------------------     Status: Reading friends only - No requests...

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