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Country: United States
Favorite book: Mortal Insrtuments
Member Since: Jan 19, 2012

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Death Angels (Chapter 1)

Novel by xxKeyToMyHeartxx
Posted: Jan 21, 2012
Pg13 for violence and language.

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Living the Life

Novel by xxKeyToMyHeartxx
Posted: Jan 21, 2012
This is based on my childhood with my family. I really...

Death Angels (Chapter 1)

Novel by xxKeyToMyHeartxx
Posted: Jan 21, 2012
Pg13 for violence and language.

Not the only one who can walk away

Poem by xxKeyToMyHeartxx
Posted: Jan 19, 2012
Just a poem about my recent heartbreak.

  ​Hey guys! (That's my Hello Turtle.)


 That's my name in Chinese (Clarissa).  It's looks pretty >3<. You can also call me Kissa or Kat. But if not one of those, then just Clarissa.

I've always wanted to go to Japan. I know that's really random, but it's true. I've always been fascinated by their architectural style.  I really like koi fish too :3

     Now for some things about my writing: 
1. I mostly write fiction stories. But sometimes I'll write a poem or two (:
2. I read realistic-fiction/fantasy stories.
3. If you give me a request, I'll will read it when i have the time. I will also give you 120 percent true feedback ;3 (That's how true it is. It defines logic.)
4. One thing i will NOT read is erotica. That's. . . not my thing. . . 

​Let's break up this boring stuff and add some pictures in here OK?

 IT'S SO CUTE! This picture is dedicated to my friend Keara who, (if you read this WHOLE THING, will find out about later).


    (to get this picture you also need to read about mah good friend Jimmy :P)


things aboout mwah:
1. Im emo. Yes, i cut. Yes, i wear black. and YES, i tease my hair :3 If you have a problum im sorry. BUt im not chaning for just anyone (:
2. my favorite color is purple, neon blue, black, or dark pink.
3. Vanilla is the BEST smell in the world to me ^__^
5. I hate the number 4. Don't ask me why, i just do.
6. I'm an anime freak!i mostly watch Soul eater, OHHC (ouran high school host club), bleach, and wolf and spice (:
7.  My favorite food is sushi or lobster. (Im expensive >3<)
8. I'd rather have friends then a boyfriend... or girlfriend:P
9. I'm bisexual by the way. . .
10.  My favorite season is winter. (i like ice skating and drinking hot coco:3)




People i can't live without: 

Jimmy (Booksie: Ghoul24. Nicknames: Muffin, JimmyKitty) Haha. My cherry lollipop loving, vampire fanatic, anime kid, cat cuddlin' friend. Aw i don't know where to start ^__^. You're a real good listener and i could've made a HUGE mistake, I'm so glad you were there to help me through it. Your probably one of my best friends and i can trust you with all mah lil' heart :P *gives cherry lollipop*. Rawr ^__^

here is you if you were a Sexi Kitty Cat.


Jordan W.(Cupcake buddeh, K.D.B. karma DA b*tch) Your one of my best friends and your almost practically my sister:P Your also a wicked tasty Cupcake maker :3 Quotes by you: "The only things emos know is love and pain". "Love is like a rubber band, both people pull on it and when someone leaves, it hurts the other person." 

Your one of my wise friends, That's a BIG compliment for you compared to what my other friends are like :P here are some pictures for you ^_^ 

(only few will understand)(jordan if SHE was a dude. Shes got hipster glasses ;3)

Aili Wonkka(a.k.a Booksie: KittyAmazing, Booksie: Vampiregirl, homie,). 8 years! :3 Best friend for 8 years now ^_^ psh, i dont have to explain myself to the people. Just look at the comments and ill think you'll get it...
Heres some pictures to represent Aili>:3:
Oh, dont get mad at me DX  ;3

 (cough cough) Destiny Willeatyouall x3 (thts yew if u were a boy a.ka. chris chaos)

(If i was boy... feck yes^~^)

(Omfg i love him xD Destrey moore, Youtube video: Christmas Boners)

 ONe of my faovrite quotes from Nathen Napalm (Ahoynateo Youtube videos)
 BACONHAWK!!!!! (few will understand. also asscoiated with Des=nate, CapnDes, ahoynateo)

Things i love:
     Cupcakes, Dinosaurs, anime, oFTo
writing, reading, swimming, >3<
music, dubstep, rock, some pop, o.o
rap, flamingos, foxes, meez, (^o-o)^
FLUFFY THINGS!, BLANKETS!(I love blankets.their like my best friend!), sweet-tarts, hipsters WITH plugs, c:
pandas, kittehs, piercings, (>'-')>
 . . .and books:3. 

Things I Hate: 
Posers, liars,

watermelon, mondays,

history, math,

preps, hyenas,

 the color yellow, drama queens, and anoyying people/sounds :P

Also what irrates me when people say THIS is emo:
 Dammit, thats goth. THIS is emo: (thts my friend Austin Atomik)

See the diffrence? No? Then Gtfo -_-

and theres also scene, thye dont cut and they were bright colors and tease their hair and shtuff like that.

Some bands i like:

BrokeNCYDE(<--I have a huge crush on him xD)

Hollywood Undead i want this as a tattoo. I want it on both my hip bones :3

Breathe Carolina  


Well, that's all i have right now. 
 ~Clarissa S.


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