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Country: United States
Favorite book: Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
Member Since: Nov 23, 2012

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YF68's Theme Contest RESULTS

by YankeesFan68
Posted: Mar 30, 2014
My theme contest's winners.
Tags:yf68 theme contest results

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YF68's Theme Contest RESULTS

by YankeesFan68
Posted: Mar 30, 2014
My theme contest's winners.

YF68's Theme Contest!

by YankeesFan68
Posted: Jan 17, 2014
My second contest. I hope you all have fun with it!

Mercy of the Pen

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Dec 23, 2013
John's father has never been the same since his mother,...

The Other Side

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Nov 30, 2013
Have you ever known someone who suddenly starts acting...

One Year on Booksie

Essay by YankeesFan68
Posted: Nov 23, 2013
An essay celebrating my first year on Booksie and...


Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Nov 6, 2013
Chris and his friend all share a dream: they all want to...

Pieces of Time (4)

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Oct 20, 2013
Evan works for the International Time Management Bureau....

Kept Moving

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Sep 26, 2013
Lee has never had a home since his mother died. He has...

I Won't Be Forgotten

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Sep 5, 2013
Theo and Leanne are a happily married couple with a great...


Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Aug 13, 2013
My attempt at completing the first challenge in the...

The Archangel

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Aug 11, 2013
The Angels and Demons are two groups of bikers. The...

///Color Blind///

Poem by YankeesFan68
Posted: Aug 5, 2013
A poem I wrote about how I hate discrimination in the...

All Survivors Contest RESULTS!!!

Article by YankeesFan68
Posted: Jul 30, 2013
The results of my All Survivors Contest. Everyone did a...

The Dark Imposter

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Jul 17, 2013
My entry to Km2's Ho-Com challenge. The story of two...

///Batting Cages///

Poem by YankeesFan68
Posted: Jun 30, 2013
A poem I wrote about my stress reliever.

Betting With Your Life

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Jun 20, 2013
A story I wrote for rsjakovac's setting contest. My story...

///The Long Road Ahead///

Poem by YankeesFan68
Posted: May 10, 2013
My third poem ever. It's about how life is a long road....

A Life Full Of Death

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Apr 23, 2013
The story of a young teen named Mark in a new world where...

The Mission

Short Story by YankeesFan68
Posted: Apr 12, 2013
Jason Birch is a high school Algebra teacher. But before...

///This Is The Future///

Poem by YankeesFan68
Posted: Mar 22, 2013
My second poem. A freeform poem about how we should value...

///What Have I Done?///

Poem by YankeesFan68
Posted: Mar 16, 2013
A poem I wrote to express my feelings because I've been...

I am a 14-year-old writer in the 8th grade and I hope you all like my writing. I have a variety of short stories on my page and feel free to check any of them out. Some are short, some are long, so its your choice. Well, you don't have to read anything at all if you don't want.


I'm kind of an energetic person. I love the New York Yankees. They have two of my favorite players: Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano. I also like Josh Hamilton but he plays for the Angels. I love to read and I read at a twelfth grade level. 

My favorite color is blue, although I am color blind and mistake certain shades for purple. So I guess I only like certain shades of blue because I hate purple (<< that is purple, right? Just kidding, Booksie has labels on the colors, lol.)

I like Coldplay and Imagine Dragons alot. Favorite songs: "Violet Hill" and "Fallen"


Anyway, my reading request policies are pretty simple. Just let me know on my page and I'll check it out when I find the time or when I feel like it. If you ask me to read something romance-based, don't be offended if I don't read it. I just don't like romance. But I just might read your stuff, so you never know. 

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: Abosolutely NO erotica!!!! To be honest, that my least favorite out of all genres. So don't even ask me to read anything of the kind.





~"Arid Land" by Arid Land Kate (revised version has been published on Amazon)

~"Faded Radiance" by s t a r s t r u c k

~"The Secret of The Haunted House" by Silgorious

~"The Dark Castle" by Angie Blake

~"The Downfall of the Great Race of Mankind" by Jonathan DeLacuso

~"Seven" by Km2

~"Gwen" by BUnique




~I am the first place winner of Season One of Booksie Idol!


~"The Archangel" won the Best Short Story award in Km2's Angels and Demons Flash Fiction Challenge

~"Betting With Your Life" placed second in rsjakovac's Setting Contest


~"A Life Full Of Death" placed third in BUnique's Zombie Contest


Dear Bullies, That boy you punched in the hall today; committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today; she's a virgin. That boy you called lame; has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day; is already being abused at home. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for his country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. You think you know them? Guess what, you don't. Copy and Paste this to your profile. Show that you care.


And here is a list of Booksie members that I owe a great amount of thanks to for being very supportive, for reading my stuff, and/or making me a much better writer.

1) Kate Hanton

2) Km2

3) Silgorious

These people are in no particular order, they are equally great people in my eyes and they all have great things to offer on their pages, so check them out!


All of the works on this page are copyright to YankeesFan68 on Booksie.

YankeesFan68 has 81 Fans


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