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So Long & Good Night Series Character pics and description

Article By: Katniss
Young adult

Just say if this will be a good idea, if it isn't, or you think it's cliche, tell me where I will need to improve!!!

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So Long & Good Night

This will just be a 2 part series about a girl whose best friend comitted suicide, and how he's now... protecting her. Yes, it is romance, but that's because, shocker, it's kinda based on my dreams. Both the ones that I control, and the ones I cannot. So, I'll be updating as I figure out more character pics and more of the plot. This was really just so I could remember the idea before I fell asleep. Thanks for reading and if you like it, please tell me!!

So Long

Helenais just a normal, fucked up teenager. At least she thinks. She still has her friends. No wait scratch that. She still has her friend. Or, she had him. When events in Jespers life get too much for him to handle, he decides to do it. End his own life. AfterHelena finds out that he has gone, she considers doing the same. But a weird feeling in her gut tells her not to. And even though she ignores it, and still tries, lets just say... she gets stopped. And even so, even more fucked up things happen.



Picked on for being the nerd, yet they stay their distance while Jesper is with her. She's 15 years old. Close enough to the most common age for suicide. She says she won't let the world get to her, but maybe.. she will?



Helena's best friend. He's teased and sorts too, but not as much. She defends him, he defends her. They promise not toe do themselves in, but he breaks it. He was only 16. But even though death has come, he still defends her.



Popular,pretty. Typical blonde haired chick you would see on t.v. and such. She hates Helena, for being that newest 'charity case' at school, after Jesper dies. Well, she'll hate anyone who gets more attention than her, no matter why the case is.



The girl, who contributed to Jespers death. She didn't see that what she did was hurting him. I mean, dumping him after about a year of dating, then going out with the big shot who bullies him, then threatens him after she tried to be friends with him again? Well, she feels guilty now, doesn't she?



The boy Lily starts to go out with after she dumps Jesper. He enjoyed flaunting her around Jesper whenever he got the chance, but after Jesper killed himself, he felt terribly bad, and even tried to apologize to Helena for being such a jerk. But sometimes, it's just too late to 'pologize, you know?

Here's how I got inspiration for it.

One night, I couldn't sleep at all. I went on my ipod to sample some songs by My Chemical Romance. I saw Helena, my favorite song by them. I listened to it, but since it was a sample, I didn't get the whole song. So, I listened to it, and still couldn't sleep. I looked at the clock, it was past 3:00 A.m. I wasn't tired though. So I lie in my bed, looking at the ceiling. The song Helena stuck in my head. Then I start to think of him. I start singing Helena, then think of one of those crime shows. If you listen to the song, then think of a crime show, you'll see how the sing sounds (not by the words, but the music itself) sounds like a song someone would listen to while... you know. I look at my hand (I wrote my friends name on it a few nights before) and see his name is fading. I almost decide to do it as well. But I know not to. Every time I think about doing it, I think of it this way: Do you really think your friend who commited suicide would enjoy seeing you do the same? No, he probably would hate me for it. So, the only way for me to get it out is through singing and literature. Since singing is the thing that kinda got me to think about it, I chose Literature.

So yeah, that's the story behind So Long & Good Night. I hope you at least read it and tell me if you like it, if you don't like it, if you think it's a completely stupid idea. What I should change, all the basic comenting shiz. Or, if you don't like commenting, there is the like button. I check for likes often, so that will also determine if I should really go along with it, even though I most likely will, no matter what you think! And right now, i'm currently working on chapter two, praying for it to be good (even though I'm not that religious) because, it's really special to me. If I didn't start writing this, who knows who I'd be...

Good Night

Not going to post summary for this until done with first part, so tell me to keep you updated!!


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