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Stupid things put on booksie

Article By: KristenLOVEStoWRIGHT
Young adult

You know how we have stupid things on booksie? HEre is my thought.

Submitted:Aug 8, 2009    Reads: 142    Comments: 9    Likes: 1   

Pictures - Why are those put up on here? Who cares about the new Twilight movie pictures. Just wait and you`ll see them in the movie!
What I hate, is all the Twilight fans make stupid things, like pictures from the movie and They remake it in their words, or they write songs, Reviews. I mean, Yeah. We all know you like Twilight. But does it really matter? Not really. We already have the book series. We Don`t need to see or read anything else about it. Alright, Theres a Vampire and there is a mortal and there is a Ware Wolf. Thats all we need to know. Everyone in the world knows that by word or expieriance.
But we don`t need silly pictures put up, thats a waste of Space. I like Twilight, but If I hear anything more about it, I might just say " THATS IT" And hate it.

Contests - Do we really need a contest? We aint winning anything, atleast, nothing THAT important. I find Contests Stupid. Honestly, We have to write either a poem or a short story about a certain subject. Well, Why can`t we write anything at all? Are you that Despirate for ideas? i mean, GET AN IMMAGINATION! No Offence. But really, We don`t need conests. And that pisses me off when they make Top Featuring Writing. I mean, We need some real novels, Real poetry here!

Sorry if you felt Offended because you had anything to do with these things. But this is how I FEEL! I have nothing to complain about. I was on the Top Featured writing once. Wanna see a pic? Haha yeah, i took one for Memories. But hey, you might think I`m a Hipocrit. Well, its okay to have a picture about whats goin on in a novel. But if its just like "Hey Check out these pictures I have from New Moon!" And than list a bunch of pictures. Its like "Yeah,We could just go and look it up on google or youtube." Trust me, it has no need to be there. And if you can`t write worth crap and just have your account there so you can add pics of Twilight, than just leave. >.< I know I don`t own this site. But you have to have a better reason to be on here than stupid little things like that. Sorry about my Rant, hope you liked it? Haha thanks for reading, please leave your opinion.


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