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Love. Yeah, that topic.

Article By: Leah Marie P
Young adult

Finally, figured out what my little stream of conscience should be listed under. Who knew it'd be Articles? Anyhoo. Comment, like, you know ya business. Let's talk about love ;)

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Ain't love just grand, guys? It's fan-freaking-tastic. Am I right? It's like Ahhhh and then you get an Ohhhh in response…. Okay, now that the bullshitted, idiotic, girly side of this conversation is over. Let's talk about something more interesting…. Like cacti…. Or pasta…. Or toes…. Or jam…. Haha, see how I went from toes to jam? Ha! Toe jam.

Yeah, I lied. This little thing is still about love. I'm just making a point. There's stuff that is extremely more interesting than the idea of love. Do I love people? Yeah, I'm not a heartless bitch who can't hold a positive or endearing emotion for more than 5 seconds like most people think. I feel stuff. Love, happiness, dopey-ness, and more. I've felt it. I feel it. Not a cold robot. Although that'd be soooooooo cool! Right? Not like a robot in Hardware (1990), but more like I, Robot (2004) or A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001). Because, let's be honest. The human looking robots are the scariest. I don't care if you show me a murderous block like robot who has basic motor function and can move it's arm 90 degrees: wow. But a little childlike robot who can run around killing people and no one suspecting it because it's a freaking kid?! Yeah, more ready to run into movie theaters for that!

I think I went off topic for a little bit. Love! That's what this was about. Right. Okay, focused. Love; ain't it grand?....I already went over that bit, didn't I? Okay, more focused. Love isn't something amazing, or rare, or fabulous, or something to kill for. Loyalty is. I'm sorry, if you love someone, fine. Good for you. I'm happy you found someone you love. Hopefully they love you back. It is a great feeling. But it's not something that needs coddling, and taking care of, or being breast fed in the middle of shopping malls because "It's my choice. It's a beautiful thing. I shouldn't have to hide it." Again, let's be honest, you guys see a woman breastfeeding in the middle of shopping malls and you have one of two reactions. "Oh. My. God. I can't believe she's doing that HERE," or "Oh. My. God. Look at the size of her TITS!" Yeah. I've had both reactions. 'Cause there are some boobies that just look wow and there are some that you can't see because the kids head is in the way. Big whoop. It's sad but true.

But that's one of my points. People have different reactions to love. Some feel like it needs to be coddled until adulthood and then you kick it to the streets for it to get a job and work on its own. Other people (Including myself) believe it's just there. I have a boyfriend whom I love dearly. Yeah. He's awesome. Doesn't mean I think about him every second of every day and how we're just perfect and how we're gonna be together forever 'cause no one can tear us apart 'cause he's my baby and I just- No. Just….no.

And I'm certain he doesn't think about me every second of every day and how we're just perfect and how we're gonna be together forever 'cause no one can tear us apart 'cause I'm his baby and he just- No. JUST NO! We're awesome. We have a solid relationship because we don't CODDLE ANYTHING! We joke, we tease, we laugh, we cry (me more than him, but I'm pretty sure that's the whole estrogen difference), and we love. It's how we are. We don't have to work on loving each other. Just happened. Just happens. That's how I believe everything should be when it comes to love.

I'm not trying to say relationships are easy. Holy fuck on a fuck stick. I'm not that oblivious to the world. Shit happens. I've had stuff happen to me that I'm sure my boyfriend doesn't necessarily like and my boyfriend's had stuff happen to him that I don't like. We talk. We know what's up with each other. Done? Never. Not until him and I are on opposite sides of the planet and we're over. Then that relationship is easy because it's done. Being done is easy. Working on things? Hard. But I like it that way. (Queue dirty joke. Awwwww Yeaaahhhh!)

But having to work on love isn't normal to me. It just doesn't seem natural.

Anyways. Just another rant from Leah Marie P. Yay writing! Haha, yeah. Boredom suits me well…. Also I've been told my mind spins off into a well-organized thought stream but after re-reading this I'm not so sure. J Okay, more to come soon. Been working more on The Agency. I don't want to post anymore chapters until I have 25 written, that way I can post 2, write 2, post 2, write 2. So I'm always a few steps ahead. See ya guys soon J


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