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"Summary and Character Introduction for Paradigm"

Article By: Pharaoh888
Young adult

This is an introductory preview of my upcoming Novel "PARADIGM". Featuring Summary and Character Pictures.

Submitted:Feb 16, 2012    Reads: 79    Comments: 27    Likes: 6   

Melody Graces is a novel worshipping teenager who lives with her Aunt Maggie, Uncle David, and her 9 year old annoying brother Sammy, in the small town of Winterfield.

Lately she starts her days in Winterfield High School along with her next door neighbor Anna, where she makes new friends, and encounters some good and weird teachers. Melody soon gets a crush on handsome soccer star Aron Trevor, but what stands in her way, is Winterfield High's irritating bully Christie Denver and her duo Linda and Stacy. In order to try and gain plans on trying to win Aron's heart over Christie, Melody spends her days in the bookstore reading Romantic novels for 24 hours, until she gets the influence of writing her own romantic novel.

Melody writes about an uptight High School Student named Cole Adams, who struggles through his high school life, to win the heart of the girl of his dreams, by lunging his fears, and propelling his rival in love. Eventually, Melody succeeds in completing her novel, and high hopes began to put her into a beatific feeling, that all will be well, and she will soon feel Aron taking her in his arms.

Melody's Excitement puts her into a deep sleep, as she dreams of a night she spends with Cole Adams, where the feeling was mutually unavoidable; but then, her life suddenly turns upside down, as she is introduced to a world never heard of and never seen before, when she finds her own protagonist...sleeping next to her in bed.


Melody Graces

The 17 year old Protagonist who starts her first year of High School, and undergoes a journey of realizing and understanding


Sammy Graces

Melody's younger brother, he has a habit in teasing his sister everyday, especially with his self proclaimed imaginary friend, or so it seems


Maggie Graces

Melody and Sammy's Aunt, she took in her niece and nephew after her brother left with his wife, and never gave them a better care


David Carson

Melody and Sammy's uncle, he struggled with his wife Maggie into raising the two together, and is loved the most by Sammy


Anna Carter

Melody's best friend and next door neighbor, she obtains a strong sense of mingling with people, and is a talanted social person


Aron Trevor

Winterfield High's Soccer Star, and every girls widest dream


Christie Denver

She is known by some people as the prettiest girl in the world, and by others as the bully of all time, she has a huge crush on Aron


Linda Brazelton

Christie's best friend and right hand girl


Stacy Gladstone

Linda's friend and Christie's left hand girl


Mrs. Natalie

Winterfield High's Math Teacher, she is favoured the most by Melody


Mr. Tutwiler

Winterfield High's English teacher, he is known as the weirdest among the other teachers


Trainer Hank

Winterfield High's P.E teacher, he is feared by all the students for his strictness and his activities


Mr. Wallace

Winterfield High's Science Teacher


Mrs. Presley

Winterfield High's Art Teacher


Mr. Ford

Winterfield High's Librarian


Simon Cook

Winterfield High's Janitor, with a high sense of humour


Jerry Oxford

A bright bespectacled african student, one of Melody's school friends


Amanda Baker

One of Melody's school friends, who has a valuable talent in poetry


Bryan Richards

A kind fantasy artist, he is one of Melody's school friends


Susan Archer

Melody's classmate, she's the A student in class, but the students (including the teachers) believe she has a dark secret in her sleeve


Jonathan Philch

Melody's classmate, he has a crazy obsession with ufology


Moses Jones

A comic book store owner, he always shows good quality with his respectful customer Sammy


Becky Jones

Moses' little sister, who's highly in love with fairytales


Patricia Lavenders

Melody's bus and classmate, she is the first to mingle with Melody in school, she sometimes appears independent, and troubled


Charisma Jenkins

A gothic teenager who favors horror themes, and thus likes to scare her school friends


Christopher Jenkins

Charisma's twin, he likes to hang out with strong students, but dislikes being handled with, like his twin, he's into horror themes


Justin Slater

Sammy's best friend, he's into science fiction and Mecha Anime


Lucy Queens

President of Winterfield High's Media system, her favorite hobby is documenting everything she either sees, or comes to her mindalt

Michelle Forester

One of Melody's most awkward classmate, because of her independence and complete silence, she is known as "The Silent Girl"


Cole Adams

The protagonist of Melody's romantic novel, he's a handsome, admiring, sensual person who likes to lend a hand


A/N: The summary will be updated the more the chapters come in; feedbacks and comments are highly appreciated. The prologue will be uploaded soon.

Thank you for reading :)


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