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It's about me and my life issues and the long journey I'm heading to, episode 1.

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(All situation to be told Repsect privacy Sexual content Violence and discretion advised All gansta all sweet n lovely) ----The Private--- Dec. 26, 2012 I'm high off weed, stuck!! Ronnie sitting in front of me trying to set up a play station account don't know what the fuck he doing! Laid back you know what imma give u a preview of the story of me. 7:19,thinking about this girl breneisha, she the beautiful person I know. I tried many times to try and talk to her,I got denied every time. I was super Drove. I was always hoping for a Yes. A girl told me to step my game up. To be continued..... -- Dec.29 I woke Up this morning feeling good. My Room was already clean. So I made space n vacuumed the floor. Organizing everything so I'll know where everything would be. My uncle Ivory had a hard attack, my mom and my step dad went to the hospital. He said his urine was bloody like. At 2:30, i walk to East Green to make a song and chill over there. My aunt said leave here house at 10:00, you know I respected her orders. I made a song called long journey verse was good, hook, it was a prayer, a amazing prayer. At a round six o'clock, my step dad came and pick me and my bro up from my aunts house. I gets home, a well cooking meal was at my hands it was: well done rice, porkchops, home made onion rings , and some oysters. I started to cook some sweet potato fries. Around 8, I was texting my baby and she still amazing popping her with questions. She realer than the others I had. Imma put it on her and stick with her. I had a dream me and her was married and as we got older I still was bringing something new to the table, new jokes, and making her laugh. Im a good boyfriend when I want to be. My boy boobie said,"my nigga Ryheem in love", all I could do is laugh, because it was true. Shona asked, "You in love with me", I SAID, "YEAH". I love her like I love my momma, you know what type of love I'm in, I'm in that never look back love!! Today I asked her five questions, she replied to all of them. Even the realiest questions. I know you want to know but its under privacy. So I cannot tell. So anyways at this point the credits of SHREK 2 is on. Yes! I'm that bored and childish. Not all ways but sometimes. Everybody has a little childish ways. You don't have to lie. Just like everybody has goals. If he or she tell you they don't have goals, then they telling a lie. Everyone has goals either selling dope trynna get rich or try to be a drug lord. I wonder what my girls goal is. Imma push my girl through college as she pushes me. She going to college so our family can live happy and give back. Yeah! I'm thinking about the millions. I have high standards in a lot of things. Especially for schooling. I'm thinking about having a baby with her. Everytime I say it. I grab my Dick. To think about the bad things such as broke family, staying in farmerville for the rest of my life, and what changes in my life will be. Having a baby just means you having to take care of god's child and how to be a parent. Teaching god's child how to become a good person with a good head. It don't make you grown. It ties down with responsibility. Show me how to be a good parent. If you can't, then don't have a child. If you can raise a puppy, then you can raise a child. To be continued...... ----Dec.30-- I woke up this morning feeling like yesterday took a shower,listening to lil Wayne, future, and Drake new song it go so hard. After the shower I brushed my teeth. Pretty smile you see. I put my clothes up in the dirty clothes, came to my room cleaning a little things up. Today I stayed home all day, bored, trying to find something to do. So I watched this movies called, "Katt Williams kattpacalypse", this movie in very funny. Katt Williams is crazy with his Hooverville hair style. I'm about to make this story very interesting. Today I was looking out the blinds hoping too see a beautiful girl or to see Dineisha. Iwant to fuck her. She gone let me because we like each other. The only thing is holding us back is my age. I'm 17. I be wishing I was 18, so I can fuck whoever I want. That's how everybody think at this age. Then when we turn 18, they don't do nothing but try to sit back and wait for some to shake. Dineisha is a big booty, nice body, badd girl. I heared her head was fire and that pussy would put you on yo ass. That's why the niggas she had or have, don't leave or keep coming back. It's that boomer rang. Niggas can't leave it, but a nigga like me. I want to test that ride, to see how good the pussy really is. But, I always wanted Raven. She sexy ass fuck, she got a body, ass like a basketball, pussy lips like a pizza with extra toppings. Then her friends be on point. The only thing I hate about her is that she hangs with homosexuals. One of my niggas be with her is Bee. She is a fucking thugg, she can fuck your girl more than you can fuck your girl and you stay with her. This new booty came through from California Jasmine, Bitch, can get the Dick and then she got some ass too. Imma put this Dick in her. I have the best dream around this bitch, that's through school, any dreams or career through school that I feel, that I like, I will go down the road to the journey I'm heading. With god walking with me down this long road. In Farmerville, La its very hard to go down the road to the goal that you have accepted. Because in the retirement home, and Yes I said,, "Retirement Home". You have slim chances to become successful. My principal told us, he don't think anyone can make it out of Farmerville, la. I am going to be a difference maker. I've been getting into a lot of trouble but I'm forgiving myself and making a change. I've been in La gear up for 5 years the best explorers club ever. We stay at colleges for a week learning what career we choosing and the standards for college and get scholarship money for college. This is my life I want make a difference. I want to see what my 2013 New Year's revolution going to be. To be continued.....


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