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Blurred Visions *Character Pictures*

Article By: ThoseMidnightEyes
Young adult

After years of suffering, Lottie's abductor Mr Kingsley decides he wants more. Sending Lottie to the most popular school in the country could make her rich and even get a chance to be a model, that's what Mr Kingsley wants -taking her earned money. He begins to change her name to Valerie May and when Valerie is sent to the school she finds that the girls are all dolled up and perfect. One in particular, Charlotte Denvers the most talked of women. But, when she finds out who Charlotte really is she decides to keep quiet. But, then Alex begins to have feelings for her and she's scared she might get trapped in. What must she do?

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Author's note:-

Hello guys! Thanks for stopping by, be sure to read/comment/like. I do hope you guys will accept my character pictures. This story was stuck in my head for about a week or two and I thought Booksie is just the perfect place to empty it out to. I also do hope you read it to the very end, everything will be appreciated here. To get me by this page I listened to music, all of the songs are from an artist called Katie Melua, if you don't know her google her and post me a comment about what your impressions were. The songs are, 'Spider Web,' 'Piece by Piece,' 'Close to Crazy,' 'I Cried For You,' 'If I were a Sailboat,' and 'Crawling Up a Hill.' Be sure to check all those out if you have time. Now sit back and relax, and do scroll down it won't work automatically! :P


Her real name was Lottie Smith, but now it's Valerie May. Valerie is a shy, quiet girl. Ever since she's been abducted by one of the most powerful men in the town no-one knows where she is. MrKingsley the abductor is a rich bloke, but wants all the money he can get, but when he sees Valerie's beauty he decides to send her to boarding school for girls where she can be taught how to be etiquette and all the things she needs. This is part of his plan, you see bringing her to the boarding school could make her famous because you see the boarding school is one of the best schools for girls and are always in the magazines, if only Valerie could be a famous model and give all her wages to the greedy Mr Kingsley.


Katherine Smith is Valerie's younger sister. She loves her sister dearly, but ever since the abduction of her sister she has been faling into pieces. She has been searching her for years. Will she ever find her sister Valerie?


Charlotte Denvers is one of the sneakiest girls of the school. Her hobbies are to make her sef extra popular by bullying the weak girls she can pick on. All she cares is about slapping on her expensive makeup for Alex Lattermae and showing off to the paparazzis.


Maddie Gray is friends with evilest girl in school- Charlotte Denvers. She again loves to pick on people and tries to outsmarten Charlotte, but Charlotte already knows that. She's very giggly in public, but very witty behind the cameras. She is also crazy about Alex and plans to get with him.

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Last, but not least on our 'horrible's list,' is Cat Stevens. She is just like her two friends, but even way dumbier. She just follows them in their ways even though she knows it's wrong. Her hobbies are painting her nails and... bullying. What a surprise! She loves Alex, but Alex just sees her as the 'typical' girl.


Miss Violett Lattermae better known as Madame Lattermae. She is the school's headteacher and is astonishingly beautiful for a fourty year old, no creases or wrinkles. She makes sure that everything is as it should be on the magazines. Many have made up stories of how she got her beauty.

-She is a witch.

-She is an immortal.

And so on, but they all got... sued, even the famousmagazine 'Ditzy Glitzy,' was sued and they aren't allowed to publish their work anymore thanks to Violett Lattermae. She is also married and has one son who is also very handsome. All the girls just love him.

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Ivory Jones is friends with Valerie. She never knew how to fit in, but that didn't even affect her. She does her own ways and tries the best to humiliate the 'evil triples.' Ivory loves reading magazines, and anything she can get her hands on. Her parents are both rich and payed her to go to this boarding school in particular.


Katie Bell is also a very lively girl. Her hobbies are reading magazines and in some cases very big novels. She has been on many different magazines, but finds it quite boring. She's not that sort of girl, she just wants to live, but who knows that? No one.


Alex Lattermae is the headmistress' son. Everyone loves him, especially Charlotte Denvers. They drool for him. Alex has been coverboy for many magazines and girls are crazy for him, there's just one problem, he doesn't like them. They're just all the same, but are they?

p.s I may add more characters so keep your eyes peeled!

Behind the Curtain at the New York City Ballet photographed by Henry Leutwyler

It's time to welcome, 'Blurred Visions.'




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