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In His Head

Book By: 30STMLove
Young adult

This is the unedited version of a story that I started over three years ago. Reading the story should explain everything.

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As a child, I knew I was different from all the other kids. I told no one about it, but I just knew that it was abnormal. It didn't seem like something that everyone else had to deal with. To this day I haven't told anyone about my talent…, but it's not the type of gift you show off. It's the type of talent that gets you out-casted and taunted, unless you use it for blackmail. Not being able to ask family makes it even worse.

When I was about a year old, an explosion ruined my family. Now I live with Ethan and Aaron, a couple that were close friends with my parents. They were a cute couple that was together since high school. Ethan and Aaron decided that they wouldn't let the daughter of their best friends go into foster care, so I was adopted by my second parents. It wasn't weird growing up with them until I hit puberty, which included a very awkward conversation with my dads and my doctor.

Aaron was always more like a friend than a parent with his bubbly personality and Ethan was always more protective and strict. Ethan and Aaron were already like second parents to me, so it wasn't weird growing up with them as my parents, but I would give anything to have my real parents by my side.

Now that I am just two years away from being a legal adult doesn't help anything with the whole weird issue. At Mills High School, I am casted out as a weirdo, but I have friends that aren't judgmental. Well, I have two friends to be more precise. I've known my friends, Zane Gonzaga and Rachel Zonkalis, since we were in grade school. I had been in class with Zane since I began pre-school and I met Rachel when she moved in town during our fifth grade year. Through everything, they have been by my side.

At the current time, I am in my floral covered room in Marlow, Connecticut. Usually at this time, I would be in bed sound asleep dreaming that I was normal, but now I sit in my room listening to pop music, writing an essay for my history class. Even though the essay isn't due tomorrow, I would rather stay up and finish the essay than go to sleep with it half done and have a goodnight's sleep. I can tell you now that the origin of the English language is not an interesting topic to write a two page essay on, but with the fact that Ethan minored in English helped a lot.

With the clock ticking closer to midnight, I finish typing the last words to conclude my two and a half page report on how the Anglo-Saxons helped create the English language along with the Vikings and the French. Already dressed and ready for bed, I save the essay and lie down on my bed. Time passes and I still lie awoke staring at my ceiling waiting for sleep to come. I feel this slight anticipation within me…like something is about to happen, I just don't know what.

* * *

I wake with the same amount of energy I have any other morning, none. I force myself out of the bed and into the shower. The warm water against my body starts to wake me, but I still have to force myself to go through my morning routines. Last night, I picked out my outfit because I knew that I would be too tired to care. I pull on the pair of skinny jeans, a blue top that I fell in love with and the pair of ballets that I picked out last night. I brush my curly hair into the neatest ponytail possible and rush downstairs hoping that one of my dads are still here, so that they can drive me to school. I rush down stairs with my tote bag on my arm. When I make it down the two flights of stairs, I find a note and a muffin on the kitchen counter.

The note is in Ethan's neat handwritten and tells me that Ethan and Aaron had an important meeting this morning. I grab the muffin and head out the door to the bus stop. I know that a lot of people ride the bus and that is why I dread to get on them. Whenever I am in an enclosed space with too many people, I start to have terrible headaches. I don't hurt until I concentrate on the person …sometimes.

I walk down Rucker Road passed all the houses that too closely resemble each other. Down all the way at the end of the road, I see Zane and Rachel in their usual debate about which super hero would win if they ever fought. Rachel always chooses Thor or Superman and Zane says that Batman and Spiderman would beat both of them. When I make it within range that they can recognize me, Zane says, "Look who decided to take the bus with her best friends."

Rachel, who was still looking at the comic that she just bought, looks up at me and says, "Let me guess, Aaron is bribing you to take the bus?"

I laugh and shake my head, "No, Ethan and Aaron had a meeting and had to leave out early, so I'm riding to school with y'all today."

"How great to honor us with you presence," Zane says acting as comical as ever. "Your carriage waits," he says as the bus comes.

The bus ride isn't as bad as I expected. No one messes with me. Zane and Rachel pull me into their debate even though I don't know as much about comics as they do. "Ari, if Superman and Batman were to fight, which do you think would win?" Zane asks me when they can't come to a conclusion.

"Um…" I think about which superhero is which. "I think Superman would win because Batman doesn't really have powers."

"Ha," I hear Rachel yell at Zane. "I told you, Zane. Batman only has money and would die in a second if he fought Superman."

Zane tries to come up with something to make himself win. "Batman could buy someone to get kryptonite to use against him," obviously he's getting desperate.

We walk to the front of Mills High School and I hear Rachel say, "This isn't over," before walking towards her locker.

I know that to many people they seem like geeks, but they're my geeks. Even though I don't find comics that interesting, I go with them anytime they want to see the movie adaptations or to get a new comic. I stay up past midnight on Fridays with them to watch the anime versions of comics, like Wolverine. It's not what I like, but I know my friends do the same for me when I watch re-runs of 'Glee.' We would do anything for each other.

I walk through the halls decorated in red and gold, to make up for the students lack of school spirit, towards my first period class. I don't even bother using the lockers that the school issues because even though this is a decent neighborhood, there are still people that break into lockers. I find it smarter to not use the lockers rather than take the chance of my stuff being stolen.

Now because of the bus ride to school, I arrive later than usual to my English class. Usually when I get to school, Ms. Rogers is still at her desk grading papers, but when I enter the room it is half full and my usual seat is occupied by a guy with his head down looking at his phone. I usually sit in the last desk near the door, so that I can leave in a moment's notice, but I settle for the seat next to my usual seat.

I sit and pull out my phone that I abandoned in my tote bag this morning that started to vibrate shortly after I arrived. Rachel's name covers the screen once I unlock it. The text says, "new hot guy n ur class. Kiss him 4 me?"

I look over at the guy who stole my seat and know that this is the guy that Rachel is talking about. The late bell rings and the guy beside me lifts up his head and I see his beautiful dark green eyes and am mesmerized by his looks.


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