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Monster Hunters

Book By: Allison95
Young adult

Fabian thought he was normal.

It wasn't until he met six people that he realized he was far from normal. Fabian will have to fight for his life. He will have to make new friends. Figure out what he is. Travel through worlds he never knew of. Talk to creatures he never heard of. Nothing will ever be the same.

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My life is a complete mess. Right now I'm in hell waiting to see if my friends and I are going to survive this. Probably not which is why I need people to know what the hell happened. I can hear the screams of people dead down here. It's horrible. I would never wish anyone to be sent here even my enemies.

Getting a F on a test or not having a date for homecoming is nothing compared to what I've been through the past couple of weeks. You might think crashing you dad's car is the worst thing that could happen but believe me it's not. I would rather crash someone's car than be here. To understand I have to start from the beginning. The day they introduced themselves as Monster Hunters. The day I found out what I was. The day I knew that I was different and a whole other world was waiting for me. A world where I belonged.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I hated today already.

It was the first day of school and my best friend Eddy was supposed to be here in a couple of minutes to pick me up. I got out of bed and went to take a shower. Afterwards I changed into a navy blue shirt and skinny jeans. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my brown hair in a mess and my blue eyes looked tierd. I hadn't been able to sleep at all because I was thinking about my first day of school.

I wasn't very popular. Well I wasn't popular at all. Everyone always `accidentally' bumped into me in the hallways and made fun of my appearance. I wasn't muscular like all the other guys so they enjoyed picking on my because of that. I had never spoken to a girl or had a girlfriend in my life. Eddy could go up to a girl and ask her out and she would say yes but me. I would faint and embarrass myself. I actually tried it once. I only got to say hello before blacking out. I woke up in my house and Eddy told me I had passed out. After that day I didn't even try anymore. I will never be able to speak to a girl without panicking and fainting.

I walked out of my restroom and looked out my window. I saw Eddy's black Mercedes pull over. I grabbed my bagpack and ran downstairs. I saw my aunt Margaret in the kitchen. Her golden colored hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a purple sweatshirt with running shorts. Margaret was only 23 years old and ever since she was 18 has taken cared of me. My grandparents had passed away her senior years and since my parents had died when I was a baby I had no other relatives besides her. She hadn't hesitated to take me in when it happened. We grew up together and she was like a sister to me instead of a aunt. I do feel like it is my fault that she had to work three jobs and go to college and take care of me. She always told me she would never leave me to foster care that I was her only family and she was always going to be there for me.

"Hey kiddo!" Margaret smiled when she saw me. "Eddy's already here?'

"Morning." I said and grabbed a granola bar from on top of the fridge. "I just saw Eddy's car outside. I might spend the night at his house so don't worry about me."

"Well that's great because I have some plans tonight and didn't want to leave you alone." Margaret looked at me closely like she was expecting me to do something.

"I'm almost 18 Margaret. I can spend a night alone at home without burning the place down don't you think?" She seemed to be in deep thought because I had to repeat myself to her.

"Yeah…." She kept looking at me weird as she drank her cup of coffee. "I guess…."

Eddy walked in through the kitchen door. "What's up?" He asked.

"Umm nothing." Margaret smiled at him and ruffled his hair. "I've got to go get ready for class. See you later Ed."

"See ya!" Eddy said and we walked out the door and towards his car.

Eddy had dark black hair and brown eyes. There was always a mischievous smile on his face. Teachers always called on him on class because they knew he wasn't paying attention. He was kind of popular. Probably if he wasn't friends with me he would be with the jocks and cheerleaders. He became my best friend since seventh grade when I moved here with Margaret. I had nerdy glassed and braces back then and some guys were making fun of me during lunch my first day in a new school. Eddy walked up and told them to leave me alone or he was going to have to deal with them. Since that day he was always there to keep the bullies away. I know it's weird. The nerd who everybody makes fun of and can't talk to girls and the class clown who girls love best friends. But that's just how things are. He's the brother I never had.

"What was wrong with Margaret?" Eddy asked as he drove us to school. It wasn't a very long drive since the town wasn't very big. Fell's town didn't have a very big population which meant everyone knew each other.

"I have no idea." I admitted then forgot all about Margaret acting weird. As I looked out the window and saw us pass 'Old Hunters Boarding House' and I felt goose bumps on my arms. There's a rumor about that house. They say it's haunted by some sprits who kill whoever steps a foot in the property. People have been dared to enter the house. When they come out and people ask them what it's like inside and what they saw they get a confused expression and say they don't remember. The last thing they remember is walking in and then next thing they know is they are walking out the black gates. The house has huge black gates that are locked but can easily be opened with a bobby pin. The house is more like a mansion that probably had over fifty rooms. The grass is dead on the property and there is no sign of a living thing there. Some of the adults say the people who live there just don't like coming out. Only a few adults have ever seen them and whenever people ask them how they look or how many there are living there they just tell us it's none of our business and should stop snooping around. It's really hard to believe anyone lives in such a spooky place.

"What are you looking at-" Eddy saw that I was looking at Old Hunters Boarding House and shivered. "Every time I look at that house I get the chills."

Eddy parked the car and we got out. Eddy was surrounded by some of his friends meanwhile I looked over at Old Hunters Boarding House. It looked creepier today since it was cloudy and dark. It suddenly started raining and there was a roar of thunder and a flash of lightning. At that moment six people walked out of Old Hunters Boarding House and ran towards the school. They ignored everyone staring. They were six teenagers my age. Three muscular guys and three hot girls. They all wore almost the same clothing. Leather jackets with white or black shirts and black skinny jeans. The smallest girl wore a dress. They continued walking inside and before the entered through the doors they turned and looked straight at me. It was only for a second but it made me nervous and made my skin crawl.

"Wow! This is just…." Eddy couldn't make a sentence.

"Unexpected." I said.

The bell rang and everyone came out of shock and ran inside. Everyone was wet from the rain and wanted to get indoors where I was warm. I had a feeling that everyone was going to be talking about those six people that came out of the creepy old house all day. I also got the feeling that this year was not going to be like the ones before. Things were about to change in the small town of Fell.


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