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Life as a Mermaid Princess

By: AlyssaAlisson

Page 1, Aqua is a mermaid princess. Though,she doesnt want to be. When her father forces her to marry. Aqua finds herself running away from home. When she runs onto land, she doesnt expect the things to become so great.For her. JoinAqua in her lovely adventure as a human.

Ever since I turned 19, All i could ever do was hide behind a rock,and watch the couples arm in arm, holding each other on the beach. I'm Princess Aqua Waters, a mermaid. Yup,thats right. Mermaid. Well anyway,My dream was to be on land somehow,but i never thought i had the guts to do it. Until now. Standing in front of my father.

"I've told you since you were 14, that you are to have an arranged marriage. Now's the time. You are to marry Aaron. Soon." Dad said in booming voice.

"You mean Stream's BOYFRIEND??? That's my sister! I can't do that dad!" I yelled. I was angerly flicking my tail, with clenched fists. Ocean is my older sister. In fact, I have 7 siblings. Ocean, who is 25, who  ran away when she was forced in to marriage, and never came back. Anyway, There's Ocean, Stream who is 18, Lake who is 16, Sea who is 14, Atlantic who is 13 the only boy besides dad in the family, Marianna and Bay, the youngest twins who are 5 years old.


"It's no concern of Stream!" Dad yelled. "This discussion is over." He added gently. He tried to comfort me, but i swam away.


"Not for me!" I whispered. I swam into my room.  I packed any clothes that would work on land. I wrote a letter to tell them why i've run  away:


Dear Family,

I'm sorry to leave home so unexpectedly. I don't mean to cause harm, but i can't get married to Aaron, he loves Stream, and Stream loves him, it just isn't right. It will never be. I now understand why Ocean left. I know your going to try to find me. I know all about what your going to do to find me, i saw you do it all with Ocean. I love you all. Daddy i'm sorry. But i can't continue to be what you only WISH i could be.

                                                                       Love, Aqua

I swam far away from my Kingdom, away from town, away from it all. I looked back once, but refused knowing i was going to marry a person i don't love, who i could never love. 

Once i got on land, my tail magicly turned into legs. I wobbled. How do people do this? I finally figured out how, and walked into town. I remember where my grandparents lived. My mom was human. But my dad turned her into a mermaid when they fell in love. My mom came back once with Ocean and I,she told them about marrying dad, but they were angry when they weren't invited to the wedding or knowing about the birth of Ocean and I. There was a nasty fight and mom never came back again.

I finally saw their home. I knocked on the door,waiting for an answer. After a couple seconds, Grandma came to the door.I hugged her,but i knew she didn't remember who i was.

"Hello there," She said chuckling.

"Grandma!" I said giggling.

"Grandma? Well which Granddaughter are you? Ocean is that you?"She asked surprised.

"It's Aqua. Can i come in?" I asked hopeful.

"Of course Aqua! How's you're mother?" Gram asked concerned. "Are you here alone?"

"I ran away." I said quietly looking at my brand new toes.

"RAN AWAY??? Bobby get in here!" Grandma yelled towards the stairway.

"Huh? Whats going on?"I asked frightened.

"Nothing sweetheart! Just calm down."She said.

A tall man with a huge belly came down.

"Whats going on? Who's this?" He asked tiredly. I grinned, classic grandpa.

"Hey gramps!" I shrieked hugging him.He hugged back.

"Bobby she ran away." Gram sighed.

"RAN. AWAY?? Child are you out of you're mind?" He asked angerly.I shrugged.

"Honey. If you're mother found out, she'd think we brought you here, we csn't have it like that sweetie." Gram said, every nickname she had for me was warm, but got cold because i understood what she was saying.

"So you just don't want me?" I asked shocked. I always loved my gram and gramps,i thought they loved me too but no.

"We do," I rolled my eyes. "I know your angry but we can't have you, but we can send you to Aunt Carol."I smiled. Aunt Carol!!! I missed her so much!

"I believe that's a yes!" Gramps said. Then he showed me to my room. "You're  leaving tomorrow girl. I'll leave you 3,500 dollars alright?" I nodded, even though i don't really understand how to use it. "Buy whatever you want, wisely!" I nodded again. Then went to sleep. What a day.






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