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The other side of him.

Book By: AnneLikesHim
Young adult

Everyone saw him as the perfect figure, role model, best son, favorite student, and best player. But after all that acting, he comes to me, i am the one that he needs, i understand him, and he would never hurt me too bad. Well at least that's what he says and i trust him enough to take his word for it. He says that no one else will understand, no one but me, and since he places me on such a high level of importance, how could i posibly not let him do this? Everyone has their own way of letting go of all that anger...

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My mother holds her hand out out to Joe, inviting him to come forward. We've been dating for a couple of weeks now and she's never met him before, so she encouraged me to bring him to the annul party that my family, The Hamiltin's, throw. Everyone in my father's office come to them, making it more like a business encounter than a amiable party. Everyone dresses in great dresses and suits, making it all the more sophisticated.

"Oh great, my mom wants me to bring you to her!" I whisper to Joe.

"Let's go to her then," he says, seeing nothing of it. "I want to meet your mom!"

I look at him with a funny expression, 'Does this boy know what he's talking about?' I wonder to myself. I've never met a boy who actually wanted to my parents, this being because of the fact that they are rich, and rich parents are known to be strict, impossible, and crazy bossy. Not saying my parents are anything of that description, but they can be rude, especially if the boy doesn't fit "family standards". No boyfriend of mine has ever sufficed, and i don't want them to judge Joe negatively and say anything against him. This is why i try to turn away, and bring Joe's attention towards something else.

"What about going to your mom?" He asks me, seemingly a little perplexed as to why I'm stirring him the a direction opposite my mother.

"We'll meet her later," I say, dismissing the introduction. Hopefully later is way later, so that way i can get a chance to enjoy Joe's presence without knowing that my parents do not approve.

He offers a short laugh and goes with me where i am trying to lead us. I want to bring him to the gazebo, away from all these stiff, dull people. So, when we get there, we climb down the steps of the dug-up gazebo and i light the pit in the center, whilst Joe takes a seat on the semi-circle of a bench.

"Your house is great," he comments in that deep-ish voice of his that I enjoy hearing so much.

"Well, my mom is good with her exterior designing." I say, with a slight shrug as i take my seat beside him.

He wraps his arm around my shoulders, laying his big lacrosse-player hand gently on my arm. Slowly, he begins to caress my arm, this way i could feel the firm but softness of his touch, i like it. I look up to him and see that he was scoping out the back yard, observing. I wonder what he thinks about all of this, if it is too much to his liking, although he told me he likes my house.

I also wonder if he takes it to offense that i didn't want him to meet my mom. I really hope he doesn't think that i am ashamed of him or anything like that because that is not the case at all. If anything, i am proud to have him, for he is attractive, smart, well-mannered, and has a great head upon his shoulders. I feel like my father will like the fact that he has his future well planned out in financing.

"Did you really want to meet my mom?" I ask him; listening especially for any sign of hesitation.

"Sure," he answers, turning to look down at me. With the flames burning just a couple of feet from us, his eyes seem to shine a brown-red, and i can't help but smile.

"You're not afraid of what she might think of you? Like, the questions she might ask about your family's financial status or anything?" I ask him innocently, knowing that my mom asks any boy that i am involved in those queries.

"Are you afraid that she might?" He asks, his expression changing from laid-back to rather bothered. I see a crease forming between his eyebrows. Oh no, I've offended him!

"No, of course not, i was just afraid that we'd be rushing into meeting my parents and that they would judge you before we get a chance to like one another enough to not care about what they think!" I say, rambling on with my excuse.

"So, you don't want me to meet your parents because of what they might say about me?" He asks.

"Yes!" I answer, relieved a little, until i realize how bad it actually sounds. "I mean, no!"

Joe scoots away a little, turning to face me, the fire in his eyes are now scary when just a second ago, they were admirable. I didn't mean to offend him at all, and i really wish i could go back in time and restate the things that i said so they sound less like I am not proud to be with him. Of course i am!

"Well, which one Sara, because it sounds like..." the words fail him, but i know what he was going to say. Oh damn, two weeks into a perfectly fine relationship and i am already ruining it!

"No, Joe i really like you, i just don't want my parents to ruin anything for us!" I say.

"Well, forget your parents, you're already doing a great job at ruining things!" He says, and gets up. He starts towards the steps into the gazebo, making an attempt to leave.

I quickly make my way to him and grab hold of his arm, and make an effort to hold him back. He is far to strong for me, so when he turns and shoves me, i am sent falling back towards the fire pit. I fall hard on the floor of the stone, circular pit. I hit my bare shoulders and my head against the hard wall protecting the fire. I cry out in pain, for there are red scratch marks on the bare skin that my white, bondage dress isn't covering.

I look up to Joe, surprised from the blow. He, apparently, is surprised with himself to and he hurries to me on the floor. He cradles my hurt shoulder in him big hand, and runs a hand over my now messy ponytail. He wears an expression that i am sure is just as aghast as mine at the moment.

"Oh my gosh, Sara, i am so sorry!" He says, taking me into his arms and helping me up. He places me on the bench, whilst looking around, perhaps to see that no one saw anything. No one seems to be aware of what happened, so he looks back to me, then my shoulder and mutters "shit!"

"What was that for?" I ask him, my voice shaky, for i am on the verge of crying. I've never been purposely attacked, so you could imagine the fear i felt towards him at the moment.

"Don't tell your parents," he tells me. I just look to him with confusion clearly showing itself on my face.

All of a sudden, he grabs my arm with more force than necessary. Joe leads me up the steps and around my colossal house towards all the people in the front yard.

"You're scaring me!" I say, trying to free myself from his tight grasp.

Again without any warning, he pushes me against the wall that we're walking along. To others it may seem like an intimate action, but to me, who could feel the hard wall against my back and head, it sparks up fear. I wince and cry out in pain, looking up at him, trying to figure out where all this aggressive anger is coming from!

"And you're a mean bitch!" He says to me quietly, but i hear the hardness in his voice.

"What's wrong with you? Why are you so mad all of a sudden?" i ask, now i am already crying.

He begins to shush me. How could he be so mean and scary all of a sudden? I can't believe that half an hour ago, he was a boy that i was so proud to be with, and now i wish so badly that i had never met him. I don't like this abuse, i don't like the pain that he brings to me.

"No, don't cry! Just-- introduce me to your mom and everything will be fine!" He says, his voice no longer hard, for it sounds like how it did before. He's changed back to himself all of a sudden, and he takes me into his arms.

I cry and then go to my mother who happily meets him. The worse thing about it is, she doesn't even ask about his financial information, like i though she would. She doesn't even look at him funny or make him uncomfortable. Instead, she smiles when he speaks and calls him "great".

The whole time they talk i cannot help but want to cry, not only because of how deceiving Joe actually is, but he presses hard on my shoulder that is all marked in red marks of pain. Every time he laughs, he presses harder and harder, making me more uncomfortable by the minute.

"...and Sara thought you wouldn't approve of me!" He says at the end of their conversation, looking down at me. I smile a tight smile, uncomfortable and filled with pain, i want to cower away from his firm grip. But instead, i accept the kiss that he places upon my lips and force a smile when he whispers into my ears that he's sorry.


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