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Under the Shadow P.3

Book By: brauweiler141
Young adult


Submitted:May 15, 2008    Reads: 123    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter 3

God it hurt. It hurt alot. More then the other times it happened. Of course it hurt, this time she used a stick. I winced as I tried to get up. All this because I tried to get out of the house. It's getting worse and it's getting annoying. I knew it would only be matter of time before I struck back, but I wanted it to be the right moment, maybe when she thought she was ontop. Winning.

I got up and held my arm/elbow and headed to the backroom. I stopped, frozen in time. There standing on the welcome mat stood Ryan O'Banyon. My father was talking him about something, but his face didn't give away anthing. I turned around quickly, but he sw me and smiled letting my father know of my presence. I inwardly sighed. I smiled and immediatly thought of my appearance. I look like I've been beaten, quickly, think of something! I fell. I walked up to my father and Ryan.


Ryan looked at me and saw all the bruises and a few cuts. I saw the look of concern cross his face before I looked to my Dad. He knew. He's known since the first time but I think it was better for him to either ignore it or not think about it as much if at all. I tucked my hair behind my ear then thought better of it. Ryan reached out and tucked it behind my ear again.

"Leave it, I think it's pretty" He stared into my eyes. My Dad cleared his throat. I stared up.

"This young man wants to take you out on a date. To the movies. Are you feeling ok?" He asked as a swayed, more from the prospect that Ryan would want to take me out to a date. I nodded.

"Yes, of course, I'll go get dressed." I got to my room and saw Bracky rummaging through my stuff. I stopped short as she starightened.

"You say a word to anyone, and I'll kill you." That's all she said before she left. I locked my door as I got dressed. I pulled on a tank top and a sweater. Then a pair of jeans and shoes. I got down staires and breathing became harder. He was dressed in a blue pullover like me and jeans that hugged him everywhere. His hair was mussed like he just got up and he was smiling. I love Irish men. I concluded. I stepped outside and let the wind play wiht my hair. I started to head down the alley when he grabbed my shoulder. I almost cried out in pain. I didn't notice a tear roll down my cheek. He did.

"What's wrong? Shannon?" I looked into his eyes. I can't tell you, but god I wish I could.

I put on a fake smile. "Nothing".

...If you tell anyone I'll kill you....


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