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Under the Shadow P.6

Book By: brauweiler141
Young adult

you have to read on. Learn for yourself....hehe

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Chapter 6

Days. It had been days and I still haven't heard from Ryan. After you ran away, your lucky I'm talking to you! I thought to myself. I sighed running my hand through my hair. Man I need a shower. Nodding to myself in agreement, I wen to the washroom and turned on the water, stripping down and stepping under the hot blast of water. Turning my face into the spray, I closed my eyes and Ryan appeared.

"Why must I be so stupid. I didn't hyave to run." Yes you did. You know that if you get too close you'll lose him harder.

Finishing with my shower, I stepped out of the washroom (in only a towel) and almost ran into Ryan. I looked at him, screa,md and ran into my room. Leaning against my door I took slow calming breaths listening to Ryan try to explain.

"Hey I'm sorry, but your door was open and I didn't see or hear anyone!"

Calming indeed. He's in your house right when you come of the shower thinking about him. Hurrying to get some clothes on, I bolted around my room grabbing whatever to cover my self.

I stepped outside to Ryan leaning against my door. He fell against me and I caught him. He looked my in the eyes

"wow, for a girl you sure are strong."I blushed and set him upright.

He didn't let go when I went to move away.

"Ryan..." I began but before I could continue my sentence that would have hurt me more them him, his lips found mine and he kissed me.

When he finally pulled back, my eyes were closed and my mouth seemed to want more attention. He chuckled and pulled back.

"I've wanted to do that for a long while. Sorry if I've.." This time it my turn to cut him off.

After our second kiss I smiled at him and put my arms around his waist

"Don't be sorry. If anything I should apologise to you. Those 2 were my first kisses ever. Thank you for that." I went to let go again but he held fast.

"Why did you run away the other day. All I wanted to do is to find out what that bruise was from, and you treated me like a stranger. You know me." I looked down and managed to walk away a foot.

"I only ran because I was afraid for you. If you get in invloved...Becky....Becky...."I couldn't finish. The words she had spoken to me still rang clear in my head. If you tell anyone, I'll kill you. Ryan placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Maybe it would be better if you did tell someone. So that you didn't have it all on your chest." I turned to look up at him and gave a shakey smile.
"Alright" I told about how Becky threatened me daily and how I got hit every day. I even showed him my bruises. You know the ones that last for months. His eyes filled with the darkest colour green I had seen. One could only guess it for anger and hate. My watch beeped and I looked down. 8:00pm. Becky will be getting home soon.

"Ryan, you have to go now." He didn't seem to understand when I got up and ran downstairs. I got half down when I heard the key in the door. Oh no. I turned to run up the stairs only to bump into Ryan. Turning back I saw the evil grin of Becky. She looked from Ryan to me then to Ryan agian.

"I think it's time your friend goes home. We have to have a little talk you and I."

"...The words she had spoken to me still rang clear in my head


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