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Under the Shadow

By: brauweiler141

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Chapter 1

Hitting every bump along the route, the bus driver heads towards the first stop. I stare out the window, watching the poeple and scenery zip by, even though we have the slowest bus driver ever. My knees are up on the seat ahead of me and I half listen to the conversations going on while listening to my music.

I look over to my sister, Kerri, and watch as all the boys attentions are on her. This shouldn't be new to you Shannon, everyday for the past year it's been like this. I duck lower in the seat and listen harder to my music.

Turning my attention back to the window and wizzing scenery, I think about the past year. Ever since she came to this stupid school all the attention is on her. With her golden hair, pure blue eyes, flawless complexion (which Shannon thought was most unfair) her glasses framing those beautiful eyes she was definitly the beauty of the family. Sure, her dad tried to cheer her up by saying she was his 'ugly duckling' but that only made her feel even lower.

"The swan was ugly to begin with Dad" she tried to explain one day "he was ugly in the beginning, so what are you trying to say?" Her dad had merely laughed at her question and told her to go and do the dishes.

"-but I told him I wouldn't take him to semi over a piece of gum!" I tuned in right when Kerri was explaining something. About a guy. "Hey Shannon! You have gum?" I shook my head. Do I ever have gum Kerri?

Our stop came and I got off, blasting my music and heading for home. Kerri came up from behind and tapped me on the shoulder. Just last week she had blown up at me for 'treating her like shit' so I pulled out one earphone and listened.

"Whatsup?!" I rolled my eyes. Of all the people I could have had for a sister, I get the one who can't decide on an age. I shrugged "Nothing". Everyday she asked the same question, and everyday I gave her the same answer. She walked on ahead and I chuckled to myself. I can't wait till the day the wicked witch of the east gets that damned house on her. I smiled to myself and turned up my music.

 When I got home I fed my dogs and head up stairs to my room for some study time. My appearance seems to throw people off when I say I'm a cadet and I have straight A's. My hair is a darker colour of brown and short, almost black and I wear darker clothes (were it not for the damn school uniforms I'd always be in darker clothes everyday all day). I love to read, which when I got home, is exactly what I did. Throwing my bag in it's corner I took my book I was reading and sat on my bed. I read 5 chapters and then grabbed my journal. I did this every day before homework.



2day a guy talked 2 me, which as u no is definitly odd. i found out l8ter he didnt talk 2 me 4 me, he did it on a dare. nothing new. anyways besides the rude interuption of the boy, i had an ok day 2day. got all my work done and i saw my uncle delivering pizza. have u ever noticed that, tho its spelt p-i-z-z-a we pronounce it p-i-t-z-a. it annoys me so i dont do that.

alone in the world

with no one to help me through

sometimes i wish death.


Finished with my journal I began on my homework. Everyday I get shit on because I read, but Kerri and backtalk and screw around and not get a thing. Then  I heard it. Footsteps, pounding up the stairs. I have come accustom to those sounds. I clamp my teeth and blare my music. Becky stormed in.

Becky is my dad's wife for 4 years. After mom died, he took to bringing a girl hom almost every weekend. Until he found Becky. Holding up a piece of paper, she pointed to it. I looked up only briefly to see my writing on it.

"What is this?"

"A piece of paper with writing on it" I said absent mindedly. She advanced and smacked my bed.

"Don't get smart with me young lady, or I'll tell your father." I had to conseal a smirk. For a 34 year old, she sure acting like a 4 year old. She seemed to be waiting for an answer.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Can I have my paper back, it's for school." That sent her off the edge. She smacked me clear across the face and ripped my poem.

"You'll never see that pretty poem again. And from now on I want you downstairs when you do your homework and read. I also want to see all your writing folders, books and sheets." I gapped at, her holding the back of my hand to my mouth to stop the bleeding, trying to conprehend how she managed to hit me. Normally I catch it and twist, threatening to break her arm off. But only somedays I catch them. Those are the days dad's not home and she's drunk.

"No." She when to hit me again, but my father called me. I answered, never taken my eyes off her for fear she might hit me again. I got up and walk towards her causing her to walk backwards. I backed her to a wall and got close to her face. I had to bend to get there, she was only 5'3". I was 5'8".

"Don't ever demand to see my writing or I'll tell dad". I smirked as I backed away watching her eyes go over my face, looking for a weakness. She knew I could stop her if I really wanted to and if I had been givin enough warning. She left my room and I stood for a second longer, waiting for her to return. When she didn't I crumpled onto my bed and lie there, refusing to cry. She'll be back and when she is, I'll be ready.

...threatenning to break her arm off.

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