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you know that saying 'money can't make you happy', well Lee adds a bit to it 'neither can people.

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Chapter One:


"Happy Birthday Lee!" My mom sang to me, as me and my family sat in our dining room for my birthday dinner. My brother and sister made my favorite, spinach and salmon with cream sauce. I was having such a great day. It was probably my best birthday yet. '' I got you something sweety!'' My mom says and quickly rushes into the other room to grab whatever it is that she had gotten me. " How does it feel to be seven years old Lee?" My big brother, Micah asks me. " I feel the same." I say shrugging and pinching my arm to see if there is any difference from yesterday when i was still a six year old. Nope, nothing different about me. "I think you're even prettier now LeeLee." My four year old sister, Aymberlynn whispers in my ear. " Well i think you're just saying that so you can have more of my birthday cake." I say and tickle her. She laughs and nods her head. I giggle and hand her another slice of red velvet cake.

Mom comes back into the room and hands me a small box. " This is from you, right?" I ask her. " It's actually from me, Micah and Amberlynn." She smiles and encourages me to open it up. I open it up and it is devided into two sections. I open up the first section to find a beautiful necklace with a light blue diamond in it. " Oh mom! It is incredible, i love it! Can you help me put it on." I ask her. She nods and gently takes it from me and clasps it around my neck. It hangs just an inch under my collar bones. I decide to open the rest of the box. In the next section i find a sliver ring with an engraving on the inside. It read 'don't forget to smile.' I automatically know its from Micah because thats what he says to me every morning when he wakes me up. "Thank you guys!" I hug them all. " I helped pay for the engraver thingy on the ring that Micah got you!" Amberlynn says happily jumping up and down. "Well thank you, i love it."

Two hours later mom tells me to go to my room until i was told to come down. See, dad was coming over. Him, and mom are divorced. I am glad they are, because dad hits me. And he makes me do odd things with him that i don't want to do. He comes over almost everyday. Sometimes he stays that whole entire day. I hate those times. Last week i finally told my mom that he hits me, and she said she will talk to him about it. I hope she has forgotten about it because he said if i told anyone he would hurt the people i love.

My mom said my best friend Leah could come over for a sleep over since it is my birthday. So i called her a few minutes ago and she said she is on her way. I hope she is quick about it, i am quite scared that my dad will yell at my mom. I don't like when he yells. It is terrifying to me. As i wait on my bed i look down at my necklace mom gave me. It is so pretty. It must have been so expensive. That isn't a problem though. My family is very rich. Mom says that she got all our money from my grandparents. They were supposedly really famous for something. I don't really know, i never met them. They died right before i was born.

I can hear mom and dad talking in hushed tones. They keep talking about some parenting thing. And about how Jesus wouldn't approve. Maybe they are talking about going to church tonight? Im confused, but it sounds serious. I hope dad isn't mad. I hope he doesn't hurt her. Oh boy. Suddenly i hear a couple screams. What is that? More screaming. For almost five minutes all i hear is screaming. I quickly duck under my bed and pull my blanket down and grasp tightly onto my necklace.

"Miley-Ann Lee Colins!" My dad screams my full name and stomps around down stairs. I hear a gun shot and more screams. Then all too quickly the whole house is silent. Too silent. I then hear footsteps. They keep getting closer and closer. I can hear them right outside my door. Then suddenly my front door opens and i hear Leah scream. "Mama Lee's family is dead!" She cries and runs out the door screaming, to my front yard. I hear my dads foot steps chase after her and suddenly her screaming stops and my dad runs out of my yard and into his car and drives away at an illeagal speed.

I sit for a few minutes making sure no one is there. I get up and walk down stairs. I'm afraid to look to see what's happened. I walk slowly into my living room. I live in a big house so it is hard to get around quickly. It's so quiet right now. I'm not used to it ever being quiet in my home. I look down on the floor and see my brother, sister and mom laying on the floor. Dead. I scream and run into my front yard. I hear police sirens and Leah's mom crying. I run up to her and she hugs me and whipsers "it's all going to be okay." Yeah, i would believe that if my dad hadn't gotten away.

*end of flashback*


hi people! i hope some of you actaully read this and maybe even like it, i don't know. it is only the beginning though. i have a lot planned for this story. keep reading it when i update it!

*may be major spelling errors and typos. I will correct them later*



Chapter Two:

*present day*

"Now, go in peace." The pastor says and dismisses the church and everyone in it. As i'm walking out i run into some guy on accident. I try to move away, but end up stepping on his foot. "Ouch, sorry." I say as look up at him. Oh okay. I just happened to run into an attractive guy and step on his foot . Nice going Lee. "That's okay." He smiles and walks away. I try to find my way out and look for my aunt. She is busy apparently. Ugh. I walk up to her and tap on my shoulder and she completely ignores me. I just shrug and walk over to some chairs and sit down waiting for a while. After an hour i decide to tell her it's time to go.

"Margo. Lets. Go." I say to my aunt. She is simply chatting up the new sunday school teacher at my church. See i can drive, but Margo insisted we take the same car becase it is indeed, my birthday, and she wanted to take to me lunch. Margo looks at me, dismissing my pleads to leave and continues talking. I'm eighteen today, yet i still am not patient. My mother used to say the older you are the wiser, and more patient you are. I don't really think that is all completely true. Honestly, i'm probably less patient and wise than when i was younger. But oh well.


I decide to just walk to the beach from here and i'll just text Margo telling her where i am. I go inside to grab a water bottle from the church kitchen before i leave, and my old preschool teacher stops to talk to me. "Hi Miley, how have you been? I hear it's your birthday today. How old are you now?" She asks me smiling widely and looking happier than ever. Like always. "I'm finally an adult." I simply state trying not to look as bored as i am. " Well i can tell, you've grown up so much since i last saw you. Wow. You look so much like your mother." The last part kind of breaks my soul. That is if i have one. A soul, i mean. " Thank you." I say smiling, trying to look happy.

" So do you have a job?" She asks me obvously wanting to have a long conversation. " Um yeah, i'm working at the beach shack at the pier." I say kind of pointing in the direction of the beach. " I was um, actually heading over there right now." I smile suggestively hopeing she realizes i'm not enjoying this conversation as much as she is. "Oh my, that sounds quite fun. Well i better let you go then. Are you going dressed like that?" She asks looking at my outfit. I look down at my 'Pierce the Veil' t-shirt, ripped jeans and black 'Doc Martens'. " Oh yeah, i don't have a ride home to change so i'll just wear this." I say. "Oh i can have my nephew drive you home, he's staying the summer with me and you know, you live quite close to me." She says smiling. " Oh no, thats okay, i don't want to bother him like that." I say. "No, its fine. He won't mind. He is very nice." She says motioning for me to follow her to, im assuming, where her nephew is.


We get into an office, where i assume the church social workers work. When we walk in there is the same guy i ran into this moring, sitting at a desk. "Jonah honey, can you give this lovely young lady a ride home, please?" She asks motioning to me this time. "Hi, i'm Lee." I say giving him a little wave. He smiles " I'm Jonah, so where's this lovely lady?" He says looking over my shoulder. I laugh a little. " Jonah! How rude!" Mrs. Robinson says slapping him slightly. " Auntie it's just a joke." He laughs and smiles at me. "Where do you live?" He asks me. "Across the street from your aunt." I say. "Oh, okay then. I'll take you there then." He smiles. I nod and just stand there awkwardly while he talks to his aunt for a few minutes.

"Lets go."He smiles at me. I follow him out to his car. Its just a simple toyota black pick up truck. He opens my door for me. "Thank you." I say politely. He nods. "My pleasure." He walks around to his side of the car. He gets in and opens the windows straight away. "The air conditioning doesn't work." He points to the windows. "Oh. Well isn't that fantastic for this kind of weather." I say gesturing towards the window. Its about a hundred degrees outside. "Totally." He says plainly.

The car ride was quite silent and awkward. Never has a ten minute car ride seemed so long to me before. I sat there awkwardly tapping to the beat of 'Second & Sebring' and humming to it. I think Jonah noticed and then he started getting something out of a box he had laying in the back seat. He places a cd on my lap. I look down and it's the 'Of Mice & Men' album. " Go ahead and put it in." He nods towards his disk player in the radio. "Okay." I gladly put it in and the music starts playing. I automatically smile. "They your favorite?" He asks me. "One of them. What about you? Do you like metalcore?" I ask him. "Actually my friend gave me all of his albums and that just happened to be his favorite and he always played them non stop. I just regonized that song and figured you liked them." I nod.

"Why did he give you all of his albums?" I ask, confused as to why someone would give away all of their music. I would probably be crazy without mine. " He actaully left them to me in his will." He says kind of sadly. " Oh. Did he, uh-" he interupts me. "Yeah. Brain cancer." He says looking out the window. I don't really know what to say. "Um, i'm sorry." I say softly. "How long has it been?" I ask kind of regretting it. "You know what, you don't have to answer that." I say quickly. "No, its okay." He pauses. "It's been two months." He says trying not to look too depressed. "Oh." I say not able to find any other words.

Two awkwardly long minutes pass until we reach my aunts house. He pulls into the drive way carefully and comes to a stop. He turns the keys off and gets out of the truck and gets my door for me. Wow. A perfect gentlemen. "Thank you." I smile at him. "My pleasure." He says for the second time. He walks me to my door which sadly isn't very far from the driveway. I kind of actually wish he had asked for my number or to go do something fun and spontaneous with him, but he just said goodbye and got into his truck and pulled into his aunts driveway and went into her house without another word.


I walk into my house and hear my phone ring in my boot. I bend down to grab it. Whoops. I forgot to call Margo. I tap the answer option on my phone. "Hello?" I say into the phone as i walk up the stairs. "Miley-Ann Lee Colins. Where in the world are you?" Margo asks. "I got a ride home from Mrs.Robinson nephew." I simply state sounding bored. "Well i didn't give you permission to leave." "Well it's my birthday and i don't feel like sitting in church while you talk to someone, so i am going to the beach." I say. "Do you have a ride?" "No. I have a car though. I'm sure that will get me there faster than a rollercoaster could. Bye now Margo, see you tonight at around seven." I say and hang up my phone, but not before i hear her say "hmmn, what a smart ass." I laugh and grab some shorts, put them on, grab sunglasses, some cash and my car keys and head out the door.


When i get to the beach there is so many people it's hard to believe that everyone wants to actually stay in such a crowded area. I decide to go to the shack to get some snacks or something. As i'm walking i run into about nine thousand, four hundred and seven people. Obviously not that many, but it sure seemed like it. When i finally get to the shack, most of the people are surrounding some performer at the end of the pier, so there is no line for the shack. "Hello, how may i help you?" Some guy says turning around. When he turns around i automatically regonize him. "Oh, hi Jonah, i didn't know you worked here too." I say waving a bit. "Hey Miley-Ann." He says grinning at me. "How'd you know my full name?" I ask bewildered. "Oh, just asked my aunt about you. You know, a guy's gotta do his research about the people he has hitch hiking in his car." He smirks. " I wasn't hitch hiking. Your aunt offered me a ride."I say. "And you toke it, and i just dropped you off, on my way, without really knowing anything about you. Sounds like hitch hiking to me."He smiles. "Bu-" I try to say, but he interupts me, yet again. "That's what i thought."He says pridefully and asks once again. "What can i get for you?" I look at the menu for a second and decide on something. "I'll take a mango raspberry smoothie, please." I ask. "Okay."He says and starts making it. "Oh, how much?" I ask taking out my wallet. "Oh its no charge."He says and continues working. "But, i have to pay." I say giving him a five. He pushes it away. "No charge for the birthday girl." He says happily.


hai! so i know this chapter isnt very long or good, but i'm trying so yeah. hope someone enjoyed it. kay, bai.

also. there will be errors and typos. but i will fix them later. yup. bye



Chapter Three

*two weeks later*

"Well my theory is that someone threw a birthday party for Jesus here back in ancient times-" I interupt him, "I doubt that this shopping area was here in ancient times." I say while he continues talking. "Anyway, everyone had fun at his party, so ever since then people have been coming back to this very spot in hopes of having as much fun as that day." He says proud of himself for thinking of a reason the beach was so crowded all the time. "Yeah, Jonah. That's the reason." I say patting him on the shoulder.

Me and Jonah have been hanging out a lot lately. It's been two weeks since my birthday, and he has been hanging out with me almost everyday. I'm glad i've finally made a friend. I haven't really had one since Leah. The thought of her makes me so depressed. I feel like it's my fault. If i hadn't invited her to sleep over, she would have never been there. But if she hadn't came, then my dad would have killed me and not her. I wish he had. I don't think i enjoy life as much as she would have. Honestly, i wish my dad would have just killed me so that my family could have still been alive. They deserve life a hell of a lot more than i do.

"You okay Lee?" Jonah asks looking worried. I guess when i think about my family i tend to look as depressed as i am. "Yeah, i'm just thinking." I shrug. Its incredible how i can be thinking of one thing, and somehow it almost always leads back to my family. It's like God wants me to be depressed. I mean, i know that isn't the case, but is sure feels like it. But maybe i'm depressed for a reason? Maybe someone is supposed to make me happy again. Although i doubt it. No one really cares about me. Not even my aunt. But one day, everything will make sense, i hope at least.


"Do you think everything happens for a reason?" I ask Jonah as we walk into some beachy surf shop filled with swim suits, flip flops and beach-like clothing. He contemplates my question for a second then answers. "Well yeah. Basically." He says. "So, people die for a reason? People suffer for a reason? All of the pain in the world is for reason?" I ask him as he looks through some board shorts. "Wow. Where is this coming from?" He asks. "I don't know, i just can't stop thinking about my family." I say and as soon as i said it his face saddens and he hugs me right in the middle of the store. "It wasn't your fault Lee." He says and then lets go, but still has his hands on my shoulders looking down on me. "That's what my aunt used to say too. But-" "No, it wasn't your fault. End of story." He pauses. "Now, i'm going to get ice cream, and take you with me, and then we will rent some old disney movies and have a movie night." He grabs my hand and leads me out of the store. "Okay." I smile up at him and walk with him, hand in hand, back to his car.

The thing about Jonah is, that he always cheers me up. Like last week i had a, probably my worst , panic attack and he was there with me, calmed me down, and then took me out to the beach at like one am, just to make sure i got some fresh air and that i was feeling better. Like seriously, he is the kindest person on the planet. He never fails to make me smile, and somehow feel better for a little while. And that is something no one has ever been able to acomplish. I mean, i'm sure if i paid for the best therapy money could buy, then i might feel better and be less depressed, but i feel like i should'nt spend my parents money, even though it's mine now.


I'm glad that Jonah is staying with his aunt during the summer, because i've really been having a rough time, and i don't know that i would have made it without him. The reason he is staying with his aunt, really isn't as great as him being here, but i'm glad he is safe now. See, he was living with he abusive father. He never met his mom because she died giving birth to him. I feel so bad that he never had a mother, but he seems so happy and content with life, that i don't even know that it affected him at all. But anyway, his father tried to kill him, just about and month and a half ago. He has a scar on the side of his neck still, and everytime i see it i just wanna cry. Even though Jonah and i have only known each other for about two weeks, we are already best friends. Like literally if you saw us together you would assume we'd been best friends since birth. I'm so lucky to have him.


"No way, this is the part where pooh and the rest of the gang throw a tigger party for tigger because his tigger family doesn't actually exist!" I say a push a pillow into Jonahs face. We were arguing about what happens next in the 'Tigger Movie'. "No, it's not. It's at the part, where uh-" "Just eat your ice cream Jonah." I say and hand him his tub of vanilla ice cream. He coughs and i know he wants me to get up and get the toppings tray. "You can get them yourself lazy ass." I say smiling and he groans and gets the tray of toppings and dumps all of the sour patch watermelons onto his ice cream. "Hey! You know the rest of those were mine!" I slightly shout at him. He laughs and shrugs. "Well you didn't want them enough to get up and get them yourself so ha!" He throws one that has ice cream on my shirt. I pick it up and eat it. Then i grab a gummy worm, lick it, dump it in his ice cream, pick it back up and put it in his hair. "How could you?!?!?" He fake cries and gets a spoon full of ice cream and flicks it into my hair. Oh no he didn't. I grab some ice cream, just with my hand, damn that's freezng and throw it at his face. "Oh my god thats cold!" He yells and throws some ice cream in my direction, but i'm already running into the kitchen, for what reason, i don't know.

*Ten minutes later after some severe ice cream throwing.*

"I'm going to get you." I see an ice cream covered Jonah running towards me with the tub of ice cream in hand. He dumps the ice cream on my head it it pours down my t-shirt and on my jeans. Now, i'm completely coveed with ice cream. I smirk and run up to him and give him a huge hug so that he's covered in just as much ice cream as i am. Just as we are hugging my aunt comes into the door. She looks at us, looking completely normal. Not suprised at all by our actions. She puts her purse down, hangs her jacket up on the coat rack and walks into the other room whispering "What a waste of ice cream." Me and Jonah laugh loudy for about five minutes and then go outside just to hose off.


"Oh my gosh it's freezing Jonah." I say as soon as be get outside. "Well it's not my fault." He says putting his hands up. "Actually-" "I know." He says laughing. He grabs the hose and turns it on. I decide to have a little fun and grab it from him and spray him with the water. He looks shocked and takes it from me and does the same. "Hey, not nice!" I say slapping him and squirting water at him. "Says you!" He sprays me with more water and continues to laugh at how i keep slipping and just throwing dirt up at him from the floor. "Hmm, i guess we just always have to have some kind of fight."He laughs and i laugh along with him. God, i've missed having a best friend.


"Hey Margo." I say as i walk into the family room after Jonah left. "What's this?" Margo is pointing at my computer screen and it has a page full of hateful things some kids from my high school said to me. "Oh, it's just some stupid kids." I say shrugging. "Miley, this kind of stuff is illegal. They can get arrested for cyber bullying." She says looking horrified. "I'm used to it. They said that kind of stuff to me all four years of high school Margo, it's fine." I just say and start to walk out. "Did they ever physically hurt you Lee?" She asks almost crying. I turn around to answer her. "Both physically, mentally and emotionally Margo, goodnight." I say and leave before i have to see her cry. I'm used to this stuff. It's happened to me all my life, it's no big deal right?


"Wake up you little sour patch." I hear someone whisper in my ear as i have my head stuffed into my pillow. "Go away Jonah." I groan and attempt to fall back asleep. Suddenly i feel a large amount of weight on me. "Wake up!" Jonah says and starts tickling me. "Get off me you fat ass." I say not really meaning my words considering Jonah isn't fat, he just has a lot of muscle. "Only if you get out of bed." He says pulling my blankets off. " Well i can't really get up with a football player on top of me." I say swatting away his hands from my blanket. He gets up and i just roll off my bed. I make a big thump when i hit the floor and i just start laughing. "You okay there?" He asks taking my hand and helping me up off of the ground. "Yeah, i'm fine." I say and go into the kitchen to get breakfast. "Well hurry and get ready cause today we are working the same shift in the beach shack." He says smiling at me. "Oh, we're gonna get so much work done today then." We both laugh knowing we will end up throwing food at each other or something at the end of the day.


okay, i kind of just did this chapter quickly so it wont be very good, but i will go over it later and fix it up a bit. thanks. also let me know what you think, leave a comment or something.


Chapter Four

"Miley I think we should report this to the police, we can't just let this get past us." Margo says, she's been worrying about the bullying i got in high school a lot lately. "It's honestly nothing Margo, and if i needed your help i would have asked for it. Okay? There is no we, this isn't something that's happening to you. Okay just leave it to me." I say kind of harshly, but she's been bugging me about it. "But Miley, we can't just let this happen." She says worriedly. I'm very suprised that she cares. She tends to ignore me half the time. "There's no we Margo, there never has been. Just get over it." I say and storm off. "Miley, you can't just ignore this! As your legal guardian i have a right to tell the police!" She yells at me. I'm eighteen now, she's not in charge of me, she never even tried to be. "Since when do you care about anything i do, or say or have said to me? You've never cared, so i doubt you actually do. Just leave it!" I yell at her. I grab some money, clothes and some snacks, i put it all into a back pack, put on my boots and storm out of the house. I huff and realize i forgot my car keys. I grab them, put my stuff in the back seat of my jeep and drive away.


I drove for a couple of hours and ended up in some city i'd never heard. I spotted a large hotel and decided to stay there for a few nights. It was pretty nice there, it was fairly expensive, but the rooms were really nice and there was a spa, gym, sports court, a pool, a restaurant, a gift shop, a band room for whatever reason there was a recording studio in it too and lots of other stuff too. I wanted to go swimming but i forgot a swim suit so i went to the gift shop to see if there was one there. There was, so i got a plain black bikini. I went to my room to change. I decided i should tell someone i was here so i called Jonah. "Miley-Ann?" Jonah says happily into the phone. "Hey Jonah." I say nicely. "Where are you? I have something for you and i came to your house to give it to you but you weren't there." He says. I'm kind of sad he made no other attempts of getting ahold of me. "I'm in, well actually i have no idea. I'm at this hotel named 'Williamsons Place'." I say kind of confused. "Why are you all the way out in Westfield?" He asks sounding shocked, but then again Westfield is more than four hours away. "I just had a bit of an argument with my aunt and i haven't had a summer trip yet, so this is it." I say laughing kind of. "Oh, well i guess i have to drive out there to join you because otherwise my aunt will try to drag me into some sewing classes or knitting stuff." "Well i guess so then. You should start driving now then, so you can get here before midnight." I say teasingly. "You do know it's like one o'clock in the afternoon." He asks. "Yeah, but you're going to have go through traffic and stop to buy me dinner and snacks and oh yes! You can't forget sour patch watermelons too!'' I say happily into the phone. "You're crazy." He says. "But that's why you love me." I say and hang up the phone smiling. I get my swim suit on, grab a towel and my iphone so i can listen to music.



As i'm sitting by the pool one of the lifeguards, who was just sitting on one of the stands, comes and sits next to me on one of the long chairs. "Hey, i'm Asher." he says smoothly. I look up at him so i can see what he really looks like. Medium height, black hair, tan skin, muscle, but less than Jonah, and brown eyes. Nothing too special. "I'm Lee, but i don't really talk to people." I say plainly and continue listening to music and texting Jonah. "What if i was an alien then?" He asks smirking. "Then i'd report you to NASA and have them send you back to your home land." I smile polietly at him and then look back down to my text messages. "Are you texting your boyfriend?' He asks being nosey. "No. I'm texting my therapist." I say literally because i kind of mean it. He helps me like one. "Um, that's weird." He says slowly. I nod. "It's actually my best friend." I laugh at him. "Oh, i see." I smile at him hoping he goes away. "So you don't seem like you really wanna talk, so i'll go." He says and starts getting up until he sees my phone case. It has a 'Sleeping with Sirens' logo on it. "You like them?" He asks pointing to my phone. I shake my head. "No. I don't like them." I say seriously. "Why do you have them on your phone then?" he asks confused. "I love them." I state and he nods his head. " I've met Kellin a couple of times and been to one of his concerts." He says and i almost jump out of my seat knwoing i'm conversing with someone who has met Kellin Quinn a couple times. I don't usually fan girl, but i do for him. "Seriously?" I ask. "Yeah, he's pretty awesome." He says and pulls out his phone and scrolls through some stuff before facing the screen to me. There is a picture of him with Kellin Quinn. "Took this one last week." He says proudly. "Oh my god lets be best friends." I say and he laughs. "Okay." He says and about two hours later we are still talking about all the bands and stuff we both like.


"No way, there is not a band called 'Of Monsters & Men'." Asher says arguing the it can't be possible. "Yes there is." I say bluntly. " They totally copied 'Of Mice & Men' then!" He says slightly shouting. I put a hand on his shoulder. "Calm yourself, people are staring." He nods and continues going on about how rude it is to copy someones band name. As he was talking my phone started ringing. "One second, i've gotta take this." I say to Asher and move into the back of the pool area to answer it. "Hello?" I say into the phone. "It's Jonah, i'm here at the hotel. What room are you in?" He asks. "one hundred forty seven, i'm at the pool but i'll be up soon." I say. "Okay, wait how am i supposed to get in the room?" He asks. "I'll call the front desk and tell them to give you one." I tell him. "Okay, see you soon." He says nicely and hangs up. I call the front desk and tell them to give the key card to Jonah and then go back to talking with Asher for about twenty more minutes. "Hey, i've gotta go for now cause my friend Jonah came here to stay with me and he's upstairs waiting for me, but maybe we can all hang out later?" I ask. "Yeah, sure. Text me." he smiles giving me a hug and then i leave back up to the room.


"Well what's my crazy little Lee up to?" Jonah asks as soon as i walk into the hotel room. I smile and run up to hug him. "You know, just chilling." I say jokingly. "Margo came over to my aunts house and was like crying. She's worried like crazy about you. I told her i would have you call her and tell her you're okay." He says seriously. "Jonah, i can't do that." I say quietly. "Lee, she's worried about you. What's wrong?" He asks. "She say some stuff kids fron high school said to me. It's not important." I quicly say. "What kind of stuff?" He sounds worried. Ugh. I hate people being worried about me. " It nothing honestly Jonah." "Let me see your phone." He demands trying to take it out of my hand. I put it in my pack pocket of my shorts. "That's not going to stop me from taking it Lee." He looks serious. I sigh and take it out and give it to him. He takes it unlocks it and sits down for a few minutes and scrolls through my phone. I sit down against the wall and wait for him to be done. "Can i have my phone back?" I ask him. " No." He says bluntly. "Fine, i'm going back the pool." I grab my jacket because it's windy outside and my key card.


" You miss me?" Asher asks as i sit down near his lifegurad stand. "Nah, my friend was busy." I shrug. "Well my shift is over in like five minutes, want to hang out after?" He asks. " Yeah, sure why not?" I say kindly. He nods and continues watching the kids in the pool. I walk over to some chair and relax for a short while. After a few minutes a guy, who i may say does look like a Hollister model, walks up to Asher and starts talking to him. "Hey Lee come here." Asher waves me over. I nod and walk up to him and the other guy. " This is my brother Aaron." He nods towards the guy next to him. He reaches his hand out to shake mine. " Aaron Williamson." He smiles. "I'm Lee." I say softly. "It's great to meet you." He says kindly. I nod. " Well Ash, dad want's to talk to you, i'll take the next shift." he says to Asher. "Alright, me and Lee are gonna hang out so is it okay if i talk to him after?" He asks. "He says it's important." He says while shaking his head. " Aight, see you later." He says to Aaron. "Nice meeting you." Aaron smiles at me. "You too." I say and leave with Asher. " So i have to stop by my dads office in the lobby, it won't take long, i promise." He says. " Yeah okay. Does your dad work here?" I ask. " Kind of." He smiles and continues walking. We get into the lobby and Asher walks up to an old man who looks serious. "Dad meet my friend Lee." He gesters towards me. "Hello Lee, it's a pleasure to meet you." He shakes my hand. "And you aswell Mr.Williamson." I smile at him. "Well son can i talk to you privately in my office please." He looks at me. " Running hotels gets to be a bit crazy at times, luckily my sons are always here to help." He nods towards his office. "I'll be right back." Asher says as he walks into his office. After about fifiteen minutes he walks out. "Alright lets go." He smiles at me.


"So where are we going." I ask Asher as he grabs his car keys from his dads office. "Well you like Sleeping with Sirens correct?" He asks. I start to get excited. "Yes." "Well i have a friend you may want to meet. He is going to grab some food and then go to a park, wanna meet him?" He asks. "Who is he?" I ask. " Just my friend, he likes the same bands as you though." He smiles and continues walking ti his car. We get to the parking garage and he has a new looking blue car i've never seen. "It's a model S." He pauses. "Brand new." "Wait." I think about it for a second. His last name, the hotel , his dad and him meeting Kellin Quinn. "Your dad owns all the Williamson's hotels?" I ask. "You figured it out. " He smirks. "Indeed." I say and get in his fancy car. After about twenty silent minutes of driving Asher pulls into a parking lot near some stores near the beach. "He owns one of these houses. It's a short walk.." He smiles. We get out of the car and walk about five minutes. "Here we are." He stops in front of a tall, two and a half story house. Asher knocks on the door. After a few minutes i hear a voice yell. "Come in Ash." Asher opens the door and walks in. "Come on Lee." I nod and walk in. "I'm in the den." The voice yells again. "I have a friend with me, come out." Asher yells back at him. Then someone familar walks in. "Hey guys." He says. "Hey this is Lee." Asher say gestering to me for the third time today. "He shakes my hand. " I'm Kellin, nice to meet you." He smiles. "She's a fan of yours." Asher says to him. I'm still slightly shocked. "Yeah?" He asks. I nod. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Or just be in the same room as you." I say just staring at my idol right infront of me. "Well i'm just as happy to meet you." He smiles. "So shall we go eat?" He asks me. I nod.


It turns out Asher is rich, and best friends with Kellin Quinn. Well awesome. We ended up going to a really yummy thai place and then to an amazing amusment park. It was one of the best times of my life probably. It wasn't as great when i got back to my room. As soon as i open the door Jonah is right there sitting on my bed. "Where. Were. You." He asks sounding mad. "Out." I shrug and grab my yoga pants and oen of my 'PATD' shirts and change in the bathroom. "You've been gone for like six hours." he says. "I was worried." I shurg again. "Sorry." I say and sit down at the table across from him. "So i looked through your phone." He says. He hands it back to me. "Okay." I say. "You don't deserve to be treated the way they treated you." he says. "Do you.. Harm-" I stop him. "Yes. Just leave it." I tell him. He sits next to me and gently takes my arms pulls up my jackets sleeves. He sees a few scars. "I-." I shake my head, push him away and cawl into my bed and turn the light off. I have a feeling when i wake up he's not gonna be here anymore.



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