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By: bubby

Page 1, after Jasmeria parents death, she had suffered for many years, but Jasmeria had to go on. Jasmeria had to take care of her little sister Jocelyn and little brother Jordan. Jasmeria had to do things she would never had her siblings do to put a roof over there heads, and food on the table. was it all worth it? will karma\'s drug problems get out of hand. or is Jace a little too nosy for his own good? Will Jocelyn follow her big sister Jasmeria carrier choice. this story is suppose to base on hard times going from being rich to the hood. There will be drama/action/romance/ adventure.... (I\'ve never been in the hood so I hope you will still enjoy it).


Jerry pov


Jerry Jasmeria’s father coughed, the flu season was in full bloom.. I grabbed my overly expensive, robe that was slung for the arm of my chair and slipped it on. Outside was storming Washington has terrible weather. ,but I love the town here. Mr. Jenario, son Jonathon Jenario was supposed to be here an hour ago. He is married to Mich jenario, has four kids, and has a baby on the way.


“Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!” a high pitch scream was released from outside my office.


45 minutes earlier



Mia pov





I was waiting for Mr. jenario son to show up, and cook us some delicious spaghetti for tonight’s dinner. “Ding dong”

I looked up from stirring, and put the spoon I had been using, down. I quickly walked to the open the door.



I was looking at a younger version of Mr. jenario. He had sloppy brown hair thrown up into a Mohawk. He had Mr. jenario’s eye’s just two shades of a darker green. He was 6’2 and super skinny. He had an eight pack, and a gorgeous smile.


I cooed, “Come on in, Jonathon make your self at home”


For an instant there was a disgusted look on Jonathon face. But, it quickly flickers to a bright smile that I thought I had been mistaken. The thing is I would never have made such, a mistake something was  up, and I’m getting bad feelings.


I showed him my best smile, and led him into the living room.



“So are you new?” I asked

“New?” he inquired


“New, with your work you do with your dad Mr. jenario and my husband.” I Clarified


“Not really, my dad has been making me do some duties he does since, I was fourteen. In fact, some may say your husband Mr. summers is more inexpiernced. What has he worked for my dad two years, maybe three years?”


What disrespect, he totally talked down of  my husband. My husband is the best worker in that damn place and has worked well over 13 years. Man I certainly don't like this Jonathon boy, what-so-ever.


“13 years, and 8 months to be exact, I think he has plenty of experience for his position if I may say so,” I defended my husband.


He frowns, and acted uninterested in our conversation. “He has, has he? I am surprised anyone could follow my fat ass of a father long enough without quitting. But, if my husband hid in the shadows of my father, and came up on top in less then, three months for kissing his ass to get money in, then I would, too. Sadly I am the sun of the owner, and I don't kiss up”


I was beyond furious but I wasn’t going to let Jonathon know that. I smiled at him and took a deep breath. “Beep, beep, beep!” my kitchen alarm yelled. “Excuse me I believe the breads done, I will be back please have a seat,” I said “You may be excused,” Jonathon smiled.


I turn around and narrowed my eyes, he should straighten up, he is so irresponsible, egotistical, and disrespectful .



20 minutes later


After I had finished cooking and preparing the table. I walked back into, the living room to see Jasmeria talking to Jonathon. “Are you dumb?” asked jasmeria. “Excuse me?” asked Jonathon getting offended. “Well you see, I was talking to you but you, never respond to me. You kept saying my fathers so dumb for planning a death. What deat_” jasmeria’s was cut off with a smack to her face. He grabbed her and shoved her against the wall.


“Bitch shut up”


I went back to the kitchen and grabbed my Taser. I walked in to she the worst thing ever. RAPE!!! Screamed in my head. My eleven-year-old daughter is getting raped.

I was frozen, I couldn’t move at all.


I just watched until it was over, and then fell to my knee’s crying. I heard my daughter’s ear piercing scream.

Next thing I know my husband walks out of his office. Jonathon pulls out a gun and shot my husband three times. I started screaming and calling 911.


“Bitch if you want to leave I suggest you hang up now,” Jonathon said


“FUCK YOU” I shouted


“Help, yes we have an emergency at 1912 south wan_” I was knocked out with a punch to my head.

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