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A women named Miranda awakes in hospital after a nasty car crash with no memory of her life the last 3 years,she must slowly put her life together with her best friend at her side discovering she is also engaged and soon relizing that the car crash may not have been as simple as she first thought...

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I woke feeling groggy and completely out of it. Something felt wrong I stretched out my legs out and sat up in an unfamiliar bed. I finally opened my eyes as I found my self laying in a hospital in a cheaply made gown. ''what the heck?'' I asked myself looking around the room, light shined through the curtains, and countless nurses rushed passed my room. I bit my lip as I ripped the IV out of my hand and slowly crept my way out of bed. I stumbled to my feet and rushed to the door when a short brunette opened the door ''Miranda you're up!'' She gasped wrapping her arms around me, almost fell backwards ''Oh Jenna what's going on? What am I doing here? Where's my cousin and aunt, and what happened to your hair'' I asked She starred at me puzzled ''Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?'' ''Miranda what year is it?' ''Its 2012….why…why are you asking?'' I asked walking back towards my bed ''Where am I Jenna?! What happened?!'' I asked once again ''Miranda….it's August, 24th, 2015…you were in a car accident 3 days ago and you've been in the hospital since…'' She said as I sat back on the bed and she dropped down on the chair beside it. ''No that's not possible…I was in innisfil. .it's was September 2012… it's been only 2 weeks since we've seen each other....'' I cried, She just shook her head ''Ah Miss Mackenzie you're awake' A man said as he opened the door ''Doctor she doesn't remember'' Jenna said ''She thinks 2012'' She added ''I'm not crazy! It is!'' I shouted ''Miss Mackenzie-'' ''Call me Miranda'' I interrupted ''Miranda you were hit by a drunk driver 4 days ago you've been in surgery for 2 of them and in an induced coma the past 2- ''What kind of injuries?'' I asked ''Well you suffered skull fractures, cuts and bruises, bone bruising as well as some internal bleeding, we repaired the internal bleeding and stitched up your cuts, and put you into a coma to allow the skull fracture's time to repair, we were surprised they've been healing at an very fast rate'' He said I nodded my head ''Are you okay?'' Jenna asked I shook my head,

I started twisting the ring on my ring finger thinking nothing of it until I felt a stone on it, My skipped a beat and I looked down at the ring ''Jenna!'' I said flashing the ring at her, her eyes widened ''Uh so doctor…how am I doing now?'' I asked ''Well everything is healing well, heart rates normal scans came back normal everything will heal over the next couple of weeks but I'm not sure what's going on with your memory could have been from the trauma it's self'' He replied ''It could just be some temporary damage and your memory could come back but memory loss is still very unpredictable'' He added, The door opened and a tall, handsome and familiar looking man walked in, I knew my eyes widened as the man approached us ''Miranda you're up'' He said stopping in his tracks ''Oh my gosh'' Jenna said ''Mike what are you doing here?'' She asked ''what are you talking about? Didn't Miranda tell you?'' He asked her, She shook her head turning to me ''I don't know'' I responded '' Miranda you don't remember?! '' He said I could see the confusion in eyes ''I don't remember'' I whispered ''She thought it was 2012 Mike'' Jenna barked at him ''Jenna'' I whispered tapping her shoulder ''Doctor can we have a few minutes?'' ''Of course, we'll talk later today and I'm sure you could go home tonight'' He said quickly as he walked out the door. ''What don't you remember?'' Apparently the passed three years…. I remember that whole thing with someone….a week later I moved out to innisfil with my aunt and cousin and it's only been three weeks, I went trying to sleep during a really bad storm and I woke up…I was here'' I said trying to avoid eye contact with him. I pulled my hair back it was incredibly long, a lot longer then it was in the dream I had, I still had my nose stud and tongue piercing. The only pain I really noticed was my sore eye

''Mike is this from you?'' I asked showing him the ring. He nodded ''Yes I gave it to you the night you were…You were on your way to tell Jenna'' He said Jenna nodded in agreement ''you told me you had something important to tell me, Alexandria and Blake you said you were coming over to tell me'' She added 'How long have we've been dating?'' I asked he chuckled ''two and a half years'' He smiled I grabbed at my stomach ''Miranda are you okay?'' Jenna asked I shook my head '' No I feel like I just did a bag of coke because my hearts racing, stomach's turning and I feel completely stoned'' '' just breathe'' She said standing up, Her and Mike stepped towards me ''I'm going to be sick'' I gagged as I rushed into the washroom. Jenna tried to walk in behind me but Mike got in first and kneeled down beside me, pulling my hair out of my face, I gagged and finally threw up. Mike flushed for me, I wanted to crawl into a hole and die ''I'm okay '' I whispered I felt his arm around my back to my shoulder and his lips pressed against the top of my head. I lifted my head up and looked at him, He had hardly aged and he still wore a baseball cap just as I remembered, his brown eyes made me melt inside and just having him there made me feel better. ''Sorry'' I whispered to him as I crawled to the sink I grabbed at the counter and pulled myself to my feet, I was shaking my body was weak and sore and just when I thought I was going to collapse back onto the ground he grabbed my arm and pulled me up. ''It's alright'' He whispered ''Mike could you give some time to talk?' I looked at him and stress radiated off him''I'll go grab a drink, do you guys want anything? '' He smiled ''Yeah a box of cancer, thank you'' I said as I slowly made my way back to the bed ''I'm fine Mike thanks'' Jenna said as he walked behind me. ''Alright I'll be back in a bit'' He said, waving back to us. I crawled onto the bed and Jenna sat at the edge of the bed.

Catching up

The door closed and I collapse into the pillows. ''Oh my gosh Miranda Mackenzie what the hell are you doing?!'' Jenna chuckled I sat up and shook my head ''I don't remember'' I whimpered ''What do you know?'' I asked ''I don't know much, I remember you telling me you were seeing someone, never said who then you moved out and I never got to meet the guy even when all me, Alexandria and Blake all pushed to meet him even tried to follow you to his place a few times but you caught us a lot, or lost us in traffic'' She said, I rolled my eyes at her ''Dear god Jenna how could I do that with the nut case in the basement still breathing! I mean he wants us dead as far as I remember in that dream that one of the things that caused me to move out! I wanted to get far out of the same city as him!'' I shouted ''Miranda….his in jail'' Jenna whispered ''I heard about it on the news just after you moved out'' she added '''what?'' I gasped ''He and Mike got into some sort of fight, Todd attacked Mike and he wouldn't stop they fought and someone called the cops'' he said, I closed my eyes and I could hear fighting in the back of my mind ''I think you were there'' She added, I closed my eyes and I remembered hearing guys fighting I wasn't in the same room it was muffled ''I can hear it'' I whispered I felt Jenna's hand hold mine, I opened my eyes and looked at her ''Are you sure that's something you want to remember? '' She asked ''I want to remember it all….good and bad it was my life'' I said, She nodded ''Okay just squeeze my hands if you need to'' She faked a smile to me. I closed my eyes and took slow breathes ''When was it?'' I asked ''It was almost 3 years ago in decemeber'' She said I took one last deep breathe and a picture started to form,


I was in bed with someone's arms around me, I felt something was going to happen in the pit of my stomach. I laid waiting starting to feel uncomfortable I rolled around facing the man holding me, It was Mike I sighed in relief while I snuggled against his chest. Suddenly I heard banging at the door, my heart started to pound inside my chest I kept my eyes shut and clung to Mike. The pounding continued even louder eventually Mike started to wake up ''What's wrong?'' He asked looking down at me, as I opened my mouth to answer the knocking started again Mike sat up ''For fuck sakes Mike mouned, I held on to his hand ''Mike no! I have a bad feeling about this'' I whispered. He grabbed me and kissed me softly ''Don't worry'' He grinned as he stood up. While apart me knew something wrong was going to happen, I felt like I was in a movie where I knew how it ended but I only saw the ending and now how it started and I just had to sit there and let it play. I nodded and I followed him out. ''Stay here just incase'' He said, opening the bedroom door ''Your joking right'' I mocked him ''Michael open the fucking door'' I heard I looked at Michael ''No way you are going out there alone'' I whispered my heart continued to pound in my ears. He walked out and the voice called again ''Michael open the fucking door now!' I recognized the voice ''Fuck its Todd , Miranda stay in here and I will come get you when his gone '' He said pushing me into the washroom ''No Mike!'' I said as I spun around the bathroom door now closed I kicked the door I looked around and noticed my cell phone on the counter charging I grabbed it and held it close as I turned off the light then laying on the floor trying to watch under the door. I couldn't see anything yet but I stayed quiet and listened ''God damn it Todd what do you want? it's like 1:30 in the morning'' Mike demanded I listened as someone walked into the house ''Do you have something to tell me?'' Todd asked ''You are annoying as hell?'' Mike mocked him ''You uh seeing someone?' Todd asked, I heard more foot steps followed by a moment of silence ''How'd you find my house Todd?' I sense something in the tone of Mike's voice something inside me wanted to scream. ''That doesn't matter , want to answer me now?'' Todd said some thing about his mere presences made my blood boil ''No, you should go now'' Mike order and foot steps followed ''I'm not going anywhere'' Todd snapped at him, Suddenly I wanted to rip the door off hinges and kill him but I couldn't ''Your dating Miranda'' Todd said and my heart stopped ''That's really none of your business Todd'' Mike snapped,I blinked and suddenly found my mind back in my hospital bed with Jenna shaking me.

I grabbed her and she stopped ''Miranda you are going to break my hand'' Jenna chuckled as she rubbed her hand.


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