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Change; for better or worse

Book By: CAIRA
Young adult

Alice Riley lives in Belpre Ohio. Her mother is a Lawyer and her father a Doctor, With two big shot parents and a popular sister. It's pretty easy to seem invisible, but that's all about to change. Everything from her looks to her reputation.

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Not many people understand what it's like to be unknown. They don't understand what it feels like to be left out. They don't see me, they don't know me. But that's about to change. I am about to change.

My name is Alice Riley; I live in Belpre Ohio. A town where there aren't many people. The people you went to pre-k with are the people you go to high school with and maybe even college. I've lived in Belpre for as long as I can remember, and I've always been invisible. My mother works as a lawyer, and my father is a doctor. I guess that means I'm supposed to be something big to, probably not. I only have one sibling, her name is Kristin. She's perfect at everything and my parents adore her. Community service, volunteering work, she does everything possible to stay on the top. Not to mention her Barbie doll look; the all American blue eyes and blonde hair, and I have to admit her high cheek bones are to kill for. Kristin is on the top of the popularity charts, even though my parents think she's just the sweetest. Truth is, ever since Kristin started middle school she's been one of the most popular girls in the town. Now she's about to be a junior in high school, and still at the top. This year I'm going to be a freshman, and I'm determined to change. Everyone thinks I'm the shy Riley sister, the one who does all of her work and never misses a day of school. The daughter of a lawyer and a doctor, she would never do anything wrong. Yeah? Well that's what they think. Ever since I started school I've been shy and quiet, I only have one real friend. Janie, we first met at Dairy Queen four years ago when we ordered the same exact ice cream and walked to the park together. She told me that she never had a friend before, and I told her the same. We've been best friends since. Without Janie I would have never made it through Junior High alive, we stuck together. When someone pushed me around she stuck up for me even though she's extremely scared of speaking to anyone other than me and her family. She honestly doesn't even speak to my parents, when she comes over for sleep over's she just waves and smiles. But my parents understand. Janie's an average looking girl; she has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Her face is rather skinny, but it fits her. Now that I'm about to be in high school, I'm tired of being the lonely sister. I made a plan that no one knows about, not even Janie.

Only two more days until the first day of freshman year, I wasn't exactly ready yet. Janie and I had plans to go to the mall today, to shop for new school clothes. She had asked why it was so important to get new clothes; we usually just wore the same clothes from the year before. I ignored the question and changed the subject; I didn't want her to know why. It was going to be a surprise everyone was going to be shocked. Now it was twelve in the afternoon as I walked into my bathroom. We planned to go to the mall around one thirty. I looked in the mirror at myself; my long auburn hair reaching my waist, my big green eyes barely noticeable behind my huge bifocals. Thank God I had ordered contacts, and they had arrived yesterday. My skin was a pale white and my lips were a rosy red, just like my mothers. I was skinny, people often called me a stick or a noodle, it's just because I don't eat a lot. I hate the way I look and in two days I won't look like the same person. I plan to dye my hair blonde and wear make up for the first time, and I won't wear the same clothes from last year. Instead I'm going to wear something that's in style. I walked out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth and pulling my hair into a tight pony. I changed into my usual boot cut jeans and sweater, even though it was the middle of summer in Ohio. Kristin always joked about how crazy I dressed, oh how she's going to react on Monday! I hope she's shocked, I hope everyone will be shocked. I lost my train of thought as my mother called from downstairs,

"Alice, honey, Janie's here!" It was one thirty all ready? I walked down the stairs into the kitchen to find my mother at the table on her laptop, and Janie standing by the door.

"Hey, Janie" I said as I opened the fridge to find my Frappe', over the last few years I had become madly addicted to Frappe's. I grabbed it out, and put on my Converse.

"Do you girl's need a ride?" my mother asked

"Nope, were just gonna walk. It's not that far" I said with a smile, I honestly just didn't want my mother to drive us.

"OK well, here let me give you some money," She reached into her Luis Vuitton, and pulled out her wallet, "Oh man, I forgot to go to the ATM yesterday. You'll just have to use my card, you remember the pin?" she looked stern as she asked.

"Yeah, I remember it. It's Kristin's birthday." Everything was about Kristin, how could I forget!

"OK great, see you girls soon. Call me if you need anything." She smiled and got back to work on her laptop.

Janie and I walked out into the summer heat; Janie was wearing capris and a Rolling Stone t-shirt.

"Your mom is awesome" she said as we walked down the stairs and onto the sidewalk.

"She's only awesome to you because she's not your mom." She nodded her head in agreement. We walked past the only grocery store in town and some of the local small businesses. Old people were walking their animals, and kids were playing with water guns.

"I want to play with a water gun too." She was looking over at the kids with wonder in her eyes.

"Janie, you do realize that in two days were gonna be in high school." I said with a mature voice, I had been practicing.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun."

"No it doesn't. But we should have different types of fun now, like going to parties and stuff."

"Do you really think we're going to get invited to parties? People barely know we exist!" She said with a slight giggle, as I thought about my plan. I felt bad at that moment, what if I get invited but she doesn't. Maybe I should tell her about my plan. But then it would ruin it, and what if she doesn't understand.

"You know maybe we don't have to be invisible. Maybe we can change" Her facial expression read confusion.

"Why would you want to change, your great the way you are Alice." She smiled and so did I, as much as I wanted to believe that I knew it wasn't true.


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