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Strange Things Happen

Book By: CAIRA
Young adult

Danny is the new quarterback on the high school football team, hes dating the hottest girl in the school and gets invited to the best parties. But why cant he keep his mind off of the weird girl?

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It was something weird about the way she glanced at me, the way her head turned as soon as our eyes met. Her hair was auburn, the same color as her eyes. She never talked, ever; she just sat in the back of the class room drawing. Her name was Naya; she was the person in school who everybody picked on because of the way she looked. She wore hand-me-downs and torn sneakers and carried a black messenger bag with tons of metal buttons on it wherever she went. No one knew what was inside it, but everyone just assumed it was her drawing crap. Everyone assumed wrong, because something happened that changed my, our, lives completely.

Rain hit my bedroom window as I rolled over in bed; it was 5:30 in the morning the time I had been getting up lately. I lay there with my eyes closed and again the image of Naya at my locker comes into my head. Lately every time I close my eyes that image came to mind. All my friends joked at the idea of me seeing her in my head; they all thought she was a complete creep. I usually just agree with them to end the conversation. High school was a drag, especially for me. Being the new quarterback wasn't easy, everyone expected me to make the team win and go to every party and get with the hottest girls in the school. That reminded me; I needed to call Lacey, my girlfriend. Lacey and I have been together for a month now, since I made it as quarterback. I had a crush on her since middle school, when I was a nerd and she was the cute girl that every guy tried to flirt with. Lacey wasn't cute anymore, she was hot and all of a sudden she wanted to be with me, I jumped at the opportunity.

I roll out of bed and unplug my phone; I have two text messages from Lacey

'Hello, why haven't you called?'

'It's important, we need to talk now'

I dial her number and she picks up on the first ring.

"Where have you been Danny!" she's louder than my alarm clock and I almost throw my phone against the wall because of it.

"Sorry babe, I was sleeping. Why did I have to call you so early?" I try to calm her down

"I'm sorry I yelled it's just, when I tell you to do something you should at least be on time" her voice is so cold, like she's my mother or something.

"Yeah, well what did you wanna tell me that couldn't wait till school?" School started in a few hours; she could have waited till then.

"Well, as you know the winter ball is coming up and I want me and you to be king and queen," her voice was very high pitched as she said it, "So you and I are going to start promoting our relationship!"

"What do you mean by 'promote'?" I can't believe she just said that, like were some kind of makeup commercial or something.

"Danny, come on don't act like you don't understand what I mean. All we have to do is pass out some flyers and kiss in the middle of the hallway, and that crown is mine!" I could hear the smile on her face, and it made me want to throw up. I don't know what my friends see in her, she's rude, arrogant, and fake. But she's the most popular girl in school, and isn't that how it's supposed be 'the jock and the cheerleader'. But maybe that's just not what I want, maybe I want someone who's sweet, someone who's real someone who doesn't just want to be with me for the title.

"Look Lacey, I don't know why we have to do all of that, isn't being with me enough?"

"NO, Danny it's not. I'll see you at school." Her voice was irritated when she hung up.

I sighed at fell back onto by bed shirtless, why did relationships have to be so complicated?

Half an hour later I walked down the stairs dressed in converse and grey V-neck sweater. My mom was in the kitchen on the phone as I was walking out of the front door.

"Bye mom" I almost made it out

"Wait sweetie aren't you gonna get breakfast?" I pointed to my wrist and she nodded. My mom and I moved to Ohio some years ago, after my parents split. My mom wanted to 'start a new life', the idea made me furious at first. I didn't want to start all over; I liked my old friends and my old house but my mother didn't care she thought it was best for both of us. After junior high I had made some friends and got used to the new place, and by the time I started high school It seemed like I had lived there forever.


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