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Erm Helena? Or maybe Pixie Dust pt1

Book By: Charlotte
Young adult

Sort of tongue in cheek pixie land teen fic, with fairy princesses (obv), vampires (why not? it's fashionable), and robots made out of dead people (not as disgusting as it sounds) enjoy :)

Submitted:Mar 31, 2009    Reads: 88    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Once upon a time there was a girl named Helena. She was a bit bored one day, and was feeling perhaps a little down because nothing interesting ever happened, and if it did she either hesitated until it was too late, or nothing good came of it. All of this, however, was about to change (cue dramatic suspension, and possibly a wait with baited breath)...
It was raining. Helena didn't mind, though; she liked the rain, so long as it didn't hurt. But then again that's hailstones and not rain, so there's no point even in mentioning it. Staring out of the window, she decided to immerse herself in it, and go for a walk, as it wasn't like she had anything else to do.
She put on her wellies and coat, grabbed her wonderful pink plastic bubble dome umbrella, ella, and walked right up to the front door.
It was at this very moment that something rather profound fell out of Helena's pocket; it was a small pouch made of a lovely, smooth, light material, and was of a colour that was quite undeterminable (the closest you could possibly get would be blue/grey/green-ish, but then again that could be completely wrong; maybe I'm just colourblind, like Martin Scott). Something altogether ethereal counted itself the content, and some of this just so happened to trickle out and land on Helena's wellington boots, as she picked up the bag, and wondered what it was.
She was so absorbed in examining this little bag- because it was shiny, of course- that she failed to notice the strange yet subtle merging of her surroundings into that of another world.
"Pixie Dust..." Helena mused, reading the delicate shiny writing on the shiny bag. "I wonder what this stuff could do. Assuming it works, of course."
She looked up. "What?!!!"
A thousand thoughts simultaneously crossed Helena's mind at that point, one of the most prominent being: did someone spike my Sunny D? (She had consumed the Florida sort, of course, because everyone knows that it beats the California one, hands down).
Despite her obvious astonishment, Helena could not help but register that all of it was quite beautiful. She was standing on a ledge, halfway up or down the side of a waterfall, depending on what kind of person you are, or whether you don't really care and say it differently every time. The brilliant sunshine refracted in the water, to reveal some very pretty rainbow spectrums, and the land behind and around her boasted some perfectly lovely plants and flowers of every nice colour (because khaki and burgundy don't paint a good picture). It was all rather wet near the waterfall, so at least Helena's rainclothes hadn't been wasted.
Remembering where she came from, however, Helena spun around, to reopen the front door she had just closed behind her, but somehow it looked dull, less real than the sparkling world around her. Upon closer inspection, looking behind the frame, it appeared to be just a door, standing on a grassy ledge next to a waterfall, and the number had been eaten by some invisible air monster, and replaced with a little carving in the mahogany, reading 'out of order'.
After opening it, and finding nothing but empty space, and the inside of the frame, Helena spared herself a little time for contemplation.
Hmmmm she thought, I appear to be in another world, or place, at least, that glitters and sparkles and seems to be saying 'Look at me, I'm a pretty place in another world! You're about to have an adventure!', which is strange and worrying enough in itself. What's even more worrying, perhaps, is that I can't get back, so it looks like im stuck in magic mushroom land. Alternatively, I could be on magic mushrooms.
She pondered this and gave herself a good hard pinch on the arm, receiving a blossoming bruise and the assumption that what she was experiencing must be real, or as real as magic fairy lands can be, in return.
So, I'm probably definitely here. What should I do? I can either stay here, and get bored by the pretty flowers and annoyed by the constant waterfall, or have a look around and have an adventure, or maybe even go on a quest. The second option sounds fun, but quests are normally dangerous and I don't want to die here. Then again, I'd probably die of boredom and starvation staying here and waiting for my front door, to work, which could take years. I think I'll quest it.
Feeling all the better for making decisions, Helena looked at her door.
Considering that I can't get back through it yet, I should really lock it, because if any kind of LSD weirdo gets in there, I will not hear the end of it from my Mam.
After the important business of door-locking, which was really sensible, as anyone could have went in and stolen their television. Haha, foiled that one.
Ahead of her, to the other side of the waterfall, there was a brilliant white city, and it looked so shiny that Helena felt she just had to go there. She stepped closer to the waterfall, trying to figure out a way across, and a little white bridge appeared on her ledge, leading across to the sloping hill on the other side. Helena couldn't help thinking it was just like that amazing TV show she used to watch as a child; William's Wish Wellingtons (shame on you if you haven't seen it).
"I'd better put the umbrella up." she said simply before crossing the bridge, humming the theme tune to William's Wish Wellingtons. Once across, Helena guessed that she was looking at about a half hour's brisk walk to reach the edge of the city, but could not be sure, as she didn't have a very good perception of time or distance. She could, however, balance a spoon on her nose for sixteen minutes fifty-eight seconds, which is quite a feat, if you've ever tried it.


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