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Jack and Jill

Book By: Cottonwalls
Young adult

Jane lives in Java. Jane makes a baby with Jack- a problematic baby. Jane drowns the baby..... you must read on

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People say that they aren't good with endings. The thing is, I love goodbyes but hate hellos so this is getting to an awkward start. You should know that my name is Jane. Plain Jane, my parents were really origional. I live in Java on this hill, because of dad's job. I am half Indonesian and half English.

This story is about two boys who I love dearly.

You could see by Jack's figure that he never really went to the gym before but he wasn't chubby either. He had a bit of an acne problem though. The kid would stop picking on it, it was disgusting. He had a lovely smile though, every single tooth of his was incredibly symetrical. Then I kinda say "oh sorry that I dropped my books" then pick we both pick them up and exchage a cheezy glare. What a well planned, non-coincidential way to meet. I think you have realized that Jack and I had something.

We made "love" in the changing rooms when the swimming gala was finished and the lights were dark. I know it was a very kinky move and yes we did go skinny dipping after. But, I got pregnant. I was able to keep it from everybody. Yeah okay, I got Jlo's ass after a while and my double chin record got to 6 but it was a secret kept well untill I gave birth. I first stayed in the toilets but it got too much so I screamed and Ibu Ranja came to help me. She kept chanting, "Aduh Jane, Aduh!". Like I understand that it's bad enough okay. You know when you cut yourself and it feels like thousands of needles are poking you. Or that when you get period cramps that there is a person inside of your wound straching out your uterus. Or when your muscles hurt so much that you don't want to move one bit. Well all of that into one feeling; god-fucking pain. I called it "Jill".

I love Jill, the only thing is that Jill didn't look right. I knew that something was wrong with Jill, he was shaking when he was born. I loved Jill so dear but mother and father would kill me. I drowned Jill that evening, in the pool. I took him out, then wrapped him around in my uniform and placed Jill in my PE bag. I then put Jill away, in the can. I loved him, I still do. I don't want you to think that I am a murder. It was best for both of us.

Only Ibu Ranja knows, we never spoke about since. It's awkward. She knows mum too. Mum is what we Indos call a "Night butterfly", in other words a slut that doesn't ask money but wants to fuck rich white men for cash. I mean when you see my parents together you already kinda see the story. Mum wears fake lashes and straightens her long, lushious, black hair while Dad's stomach shows that amount of pasta he eats every night and he doesn't have a head of hair anymore.

One night when me and Jack made love at my place and Jack went home.I went to bed, I woke up. But not by any sound. I get out of my bed. I walk down the hallway. The floor was shaking. I heard a slight scream- probably mum. The doors were locked. Fuck, somebody was probably stealing something again. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Whispers floated through the household. I sprinted down the stairs and there it was. Shit. What a fucked up world do I live in.

It was Ibu Ranja and Dad. Cash on the table. Lovely. I told mum the next day. She never came back but left me a short poem.

"Jack and Jill went up the hill,

but not to fetch water but flesh,

Jane was hungry and cruel so she would kill,

Her un-perfect son to a big pile of baby mesh,

I did not leave because of Daddy's ugly face,

Nor because of his disgusting needs,

But more because of your disgrace,

I hope your hopeless heart bleeds,

Don't lie to your mother, love xx "

A comment would mean a lot! I always would like some improvements!


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