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Wolf Boy (still in progress)

Book By: DangeloSmithMD
Young adult

Micheal Dawson , your normal chubby , short , wild haired , spiderman wanna be is about to get ... Pretty Fucking Awesome . Seriously , Wolves and Swords and Love and Hot chicks ! What more can you ask for ? If that's incest , this book doesn't have that ... Well maybe a little ...
Don't miss out ! Don't be a trout ! Or a flounder ! Nobody wants to be a lame fish , be the Shark ! Like Mikey here , He's a ... Wolf Shark ? Shark Wolf ? Sharkeisha ? Oh uh I'm getting off track . Give it a chance ! Come on !

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"You're cute !" The seductive naked woman said to me as I walked into the Strip Club . I almost wanted to say thanks but the I realized where I was ; at a strip club . I took a seat as far from the center pole as possible , I figure its simple logic that strippers wanna avoid the creepy guys that sit alone in the corner . This is just where I need to be , I feel comfortable here .

As the night rolled on I was approached by almost every visible Stripper the club had to offer . I'd turned them all down when they asked "Hey , Sweetie pie ! You want me to keep you some company ?" Being naturally shy doesnt help , you'd think when seeing a guy like me that a Library would be more my preference ... Gonna let you in on a little secret . It is ! I hate being around too many people , I hate being around people I dont know . I kinda hate people in general , well I dont hate them I just like my privacy is all .

I got up from my cheap leather chair and headed for the door . I hadn't bought anything or talked to anyone , hell I was barely enjoying the half naked woman dry fucking that dirty pole . No reason to stay if you aren't happy I say . I shimmy'd and squeezed my way through a crowd of people when I finally got to the door , I reached for the handle and tugged on it .



"What th-?" I rolled over in my bed and strecthed for my alarm clock , which felt like it was non-existent at the moment . SLAM! Finally I got the damn thing to shut up . Sitting upright in my twin bed I rubbed my eyes , scratched myself , and finally yawned before getting up to head to school . I took a shower last night ... I think .

I slithered my way into some jeans and a shirt , but here comes the painful part . SOCKS ! Those demons ! I tried to put them on at the same time but of course that never works . When I finally got them on I didnt even bother reaching for my shoes . Nope not just yet . I sat there for a few moments , shaking my head vigorously every few seconds to keep myself awake .

"Strippers." I muttered . I chuckled at the thought of that pointless dream . So random . I got up grabbed my phone , keys , and my wallet . BADASS MUTHAFUCKA ! Not really , though I've always wanted one of those wallets . Exited my room at about the same time I do every weekday , just as the school bus rolls down the street . Here we go again .

"Ooohhh noooo!" I said half-heartedly . I didnt wanna walk to school but I didnt really wanna get on the bus either .

I rushed down the stairs , grabbed my backpack and headed out the backdoor . No time to lock it . Like an escaped prisoner I hauled ass through my long backyard and went as fast as my short legs would allow . I hurled my body over the old , short wooden fence that seperated my yard from the forest - not much difference to be honest - and landed right on my butt . It didnt slow me down though or maybe it did , I cant be sure . I continued running until I hit the street , heard the sound of my bus coming and took a moment to catch my breath .

The bus came and went , didnt even stop for me . "You gotta be kidding me ..."


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