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forgotten, is a story about a young 13 year old girl, name maggie fledser, who is trying to figure out, why she is the only one who can't feel emotions. Its not that she can't feel emotions, but she has become to immune, to her surroundings that she dosnt understand how she became the person she is.

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By: Ellie M. PL

Its a funny story,well i...think it. okay maybe not so much saddlyIt was mytenth birthday when my mother left me. thank god she had somedignity and she left meat my aunts place for the "night."Well thats what she made me believe.i loved my aunt a lot, My cousin Andrew aswell, but as always he was too busy playing his vedio games to notice anything. ofcoursebeing used to being dropped off at any strangers house i was used to being left alone, as always i went into my own little world.the only escape i had,no one even notice i existed i just sat there spaced out. it was raining that night and every night after that. i stayed up all night waiting for my mom. i wacthed as every rain drop landed on the window. Thinking how beautiful it must be, to dance so gracefully but i knew everything so beautiful must come to an end,edventualy andmaybe one day i would be a beautiful rain drop. Anywho, my mom said she would be back in the morining , she clamied she had some business to take care of. Sure "business" as far as i was concern i wasn't six anymore and i was adware that she only dropped me off to go meet up with my no good of a father. How i hate that man, why would she o see him? When has any good came form him? last time i checked he had raped her, left her and never did he bother to come to my birthday. not evern a hello did i get form him. my mother is someone ill never come to understand. That night is i will never forget.

Chapter one

Dear Journal

That night like every night after my tenth birthday, the rain poured.I am thirdteen and so far i been raped, abonded, and its just been one tragety after another.My cousin Andrew is now fifteen and he is far to involved in his own life, to care about anything that happens to me. *Smh*Everynight he goes into the garage and works on his bike, he claimes its his new hobbie. As far as i am concern the only reason he does it is because aunt marlyin said he should clean dishes. seriously, so i am left to me the classic "stepsister", except i am his cousin and i am more of a welfare case then anything.

My aunt has been one of the nicest person in my life,well since the night my mother left me. she has provided me with food, shelter, clothes, and even 'love'. well the love she can only provided as my aunt, being not of her blood, she really only says it instead of showing it. she calimes i am the daughter she never had, but she has two, so how does that work out?0.0? but dont get me wrong i love her, and i appricate everything she has done for me, but she oblivious to the fact that i am thirdteen and i have a belly, how can you miss that one thing. *dramatically points at her belly* ~sigh~ and its sad i am three months pregenet and every time at dinner all she saids is "Girl stop eating so much, you know i love you, but i can't afford to keep buying new clothes" SERIOUSLY GIRL STOP EATING SO MUCH? come on igo to school and it obivious to everyone,the girls at school tease me, and its sad because i think i am a little more mature then they are but not enough to the poitn that ican take care for a baby.i am justthirdteen!! the bible says i should ignore it, well something along the line of that.. sort of.. okay do as you wnat other to do to you, but seriously, i just sometimes wish, i had a friend who could listen to me, not just hear what i have to say, but listen truly listen to what i have to say , maybe i wouldn't have to wear a smile on my face a smile that makes my face hurt so much.

Every sunday, like a "good chirstian" i go to church. i pray to God, i sing to him, but i can't help feel the eyes of them buring through me.... staring at my belly. How obvious it is to them, but to my aunt i am just fat? 0.0 seriously fat? i am thirdteen, i haven't gotten my period in the last 3!!! 3 if you don't undertsand Three months, jesus, but don't get me wrong these church people have been very nice to me, just the occasional stare and wispher here and there. i wake upevery morining, my pillow complety soked in tears form the night before. i was raped by my aunts husband, he died in a car accident a moth ago, thank God. don't take me wrong i don't mean to sound sodiabolic or anything but how would you feel if you were forced on to a bed, had your clothes ripped offand the one perosn who could do something about it didn't. He watched as his father raped me, and said, did nothing. yes, my cousin was there.... but i must go, my aunt is calling me, ill promise ill write more later, i think were going shopping for groceries or somthing -_________-" more stuff to carry, jesus when will i ever be left to be at peace?

- love maggie

As she mad her way down the stairs she found her short, stubby aut waiting for her at the bottom of the staircase. she knew that by the look on her face, she wasn't too happy, but then again she always look liked that. she had only seen her aunt smile twice. when she had turned ten and her mom handed a white envolope in her hands, which she later found out was a check for fourtyfive- thousand dollars, written to her aunt the second time the week after when she cashed the check.

"Maggie how many times have i told you that when i call you i need you to repond as fast as possible, jesus, girl your getting bigger, i guess we got to stop at jean's store and get you some Jeans, " she beings to laugh histractially

" Get it jeans from Jean's store?, i told that women to name her son someting nice, like josh, philp, and poor boy goes and names is store Jean, well come on girl we have to go or we'll be late, you know how andrew gets if his dinner is not served at time" said aunt Marylin

" why do you baby him hes fifteen for crying out, i meani am thridteen and i cook, clean, and even fix things around the house, he just sits there and goes to waste, not to menchion i go to school and it's hard enough to keep a A average with all the things i have to do, why can't he just make himself a sandwhich or something, maybe we can go to the movies or something, just for tonight" said maggie knowing very well, what her aunt would say.


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