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Reincarnations of Rapture(edited)

Book By: Emily Skarce
Young adult

this is the edited chapter 2 of reincarnations of rapture.

Submitted:Jun 11, 2008    Reads: 133    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   

I thrashed all night long.I knew it even when I was asleep, racing around and spinning in circles as darkness covered everything.The last thing I saw in my dream was the blank face of Rayne, his eyes dull with no sign of life within them.I shot up from my place, sweat dripping from my forehead, and looked around at my surroundings.
I only found no sign of any other life form there.I could've sworn Rayne had been with me last night.I stood up blankly and began getting dressed for school. The hard wood felt cold beneath my bare feet.I eyed myself in the mirror seeing the red splotches all over my cheeks and the puffiness of my eyes from crying so hard.I guess all of that really did happen.That means Rayne was here.But, where could he have gone?I jumped onto my bed then peeked through the blinds to see if his truck was still in front of my house.There was no sign of its existence anywhere.I sighed heavily then trudged down the stairs grabbing my black bag off of the stair's railing.
I reached down digging deep into my bag looking for my keys then quickly remembered my car was at school already.Then I also remembered that damn bow was still on it.Looks like Rayne would have to help me tonight instead.To my utter surprise, and almost hate, butterflies shot through my stomach.I lightly pushed my fist into my stomach as if that would stop the feelings swarming around my stomach.I ran a hand through my hair letting it go free then stepped out of the door grabbing my black jacket.I sat down at the curb of my driveway checking my watch every few minutes thinking maybe he had to go get something at home.He knows I can't drive myself to school, I have no car here.Plus he knows how far away it is to the school from here.I looked down the street to Tessa's driveway taking note of its vacancy.Well that option is definitely out I guess.I sat there for another fifteen minutes then stood up.Screw him; I'll walk.I started my dark and long venture to my school.The sun hadn't yet come up leaving with only small touch of light from street lamps for visibility.Don't use the powers if you don't have to, I thought to myself.Who was I kidding?I do need them now.Not exactly for anymore importance than to actually see where I'm going but still, I could cause a large accident if I can't see.Deal with it, I heard a voice say inside my head.It was a voice I hadn't heard from for at least twelve years now; Kreen.
It wasn't him actually talking to me, more like one of the voices you get inside your head when you know you're about to do something wrong and its warning you against it.I sighed heavily then just stuck with my weak, human-like sight.
I thought about running with my own speed as well, though I knew I'd still be late.I never particularly skipped before or purposefully walked slowly so I'd be late, but today I just felt like I needed the fresh air more than I needed the school work.Who cared anyway?I had straight A's, all hundreds in fact.I could miss a few classes.Besides, I could make up that stuff tomorrow.I lifted my chin up then closed my eyes taking in the cool air grazing on my face.I spread my arms out taking in everything around me, feeling refreshed.I could feel the cool air wrap itself around what showing skin there was and let my mind run free of any disillusion.
It was only when I heard the honk of a semi passing by that I released myself from that reverie.I stopped dead in my tracks waiting until the after-wind of the truck's passing to start walking again.
After a good hour or so, I got up to the front office of the school.I walked into the glass doors and into the main office to get a tardy slip.I said a small hello to the head lady, Mrs. Tinkerton, then walked back into the white walled halls.I checked the time on my watch realizing it was about time for the middle of my history class in third period.
I walked up to the wooden door listening softly for a chance to walk in.Sadly with Mr. Carlos, there was no room to just quietly walk in without interrupting something.The man never shut up.I couldn't exactly complain though; you learned a lot and Mr. Carlos at least made the history class interesting with many projects and in-class-presentations with his intern, Mrs. Terry.
As expected everyone quickly transferred their eyes from Mr. Carlos's back to my lightly pink-tinted face.Mr. Carlos kept his front to the board as if I wasn't even there, writing whatever today's lesson had been.I slowly crept my way up to his desk at the front of the room, all eyes following my every motion.I lightly placed the little pink slip in the middle of his desk-calendar then walked as fast as I could to my seat in the back corner.Still, eyes were pinned on me until I finally, and loudly, whispered "Take a freaking picture!"
"Miss Chello," Mr. Carlos calmly stated without turning his back to the board."Try not to be late for my class again.You missed a good presentation that was run by Mrs. Terry over here."He waved his black Expo marker over to Mrs. Terry who had been sitting in the corner of the room.She smiled shyly then looked down at her portfolio.She obviously didn't take well to being stared at either.
"Yes sir, sorry sir," I said quickly pulling out my black notebook jotting down the notes that he had written on the board.
After a good ten minutes I began doodling on the side of my Notes Paper wondering what had happened to Rayne this morning.I'll most likely see him in the hall, I thought.I can ask him then I guess.I barely paid any attention to where I moved my hand and what I had even been drawing.
The bell rang for that class pulling me out of my racing thoughts.I looked down at my notebook paper to see I had drawn rainbows, circles, trees, and something strange.I looked at it closely standing in the middle of the room completely stunned at what was there.It was a smaller picture of a black wolf and a white wolf in pounce position next to each other, as if they were on the same team or something.
"Is there something I could help you with, Chello?" Mr. Carlos asked stacking a few papers on his desk.
I shook my head slowly crumpling the paper between my hands."Nope, sorry sir, I just got a little sidetracked."
"Alright, have a good day Chello.And again, try not to be late for my class."
"Yes sir, sorry sir," I said again practically racing out of the wooden door and to my last class.
The halls had only a few stragglers trying to either quickly run to class as fast as possible or trying to skip like usual.I barely made it inside Mr. Beavis's class when the tardy bell rang.
The whole class passed by slowly while I sat at my desk anxiously tapping my pencil on the desk.A few people even tried asking me politely, and sometimes not so politely, to stop.I watched as the seconds ticked by like the years in a decade, each of them pounding out the rhythm of my heart.
Finally as if it were the sound of the hallelujah chorus, the final bell rang sending a skip to my heart and a relieved smile on my face.I had to find him or else I might just explode.
"Miss Chello!" Mr. Beavis called right before I stepped out of the door.I mumbled a string of profanities low enough that he couldn't hear.
I put on a fake smile, turned around, and walked over to his desk."Yes sir?"
"It seems that you had a black mustang in the school's parking lot with a rather large red bow on the hood of it?"
"Um, yes I do.Wait, what do you mean 'had'?"
"Well, it was such a distraction and since you haven't exactly been driving it to or from this school, we've had to toe it to Joe's Towing."
"Wait a minute, you guys didn't give me any notice on this so I could try and move it?"
"Well, there was a weekend and whatnot.Besides, the place isn't that far from here.Here, I'll write down the address for you and you can go pick it up."He quickly wrote down something on the back of a receipt in black chicken scratch, handed it to me, then asked for me to go on and leave.
I stuffed the paper in my pocket and raced out of the door hoping I wasn't too late.
There were definitely less people in the hall, not meaning there wasn't a suffocating crowd keeping me from the door.Right when I was at the door, Rayne came running again.I opened my mouth to speak but he just shoved right passed me without a single glance in my direction.I growled silently so only I could hear then raced out of the door to find his truck.
I was heading straight for his truck; all of my concentration set on that white paint and darkly tinted windows.I could easily feel myself charging, my upper body lowering and my legs pumping so hard my knees were close to hitting my stomach.It was like I was a train and no one could stop me.
"CHELLO!"Tessa appeared in front of me stopping me so fast I ran into her knocking us both down.I sat up from the cement rubbing my lower back then started to get back up again."Chello, I have some major news!"
"Uh, Tessa, can I just talk to you on the phone I really have to-"
"NO!This is of extreme importance!I'm going to have a party this weekend!"
"…That's it?"She looked at me with a pout making me smack my own self in the face for my horrible response."I'm sorry; I didn't mean it like that.It's just I'm having a major problem right now and I really have to get rid of it.Can I just call you tonight?"
She sighed heavily then said, "Okay, remember after nine because of my free minutes."
"I will, thanks for understanding."I gave her a quick hug then went on my way to his truck.
I found the parking aisle his white truck was down and started stamping my way towards it; retrieving that anger I had from before very quickly.I saw him opening the door to the driver's side with a blank expression on his face, making me even angrier.
Now I was practically running to get to his truck before he left, letting a little of my wolf power come in for some support.I finally got to his back, yanking him back by the arm almost too easily and slamming his door.I turned around to jab him in the chest with my index finger saying "What the hell is wrong with you today?You've been ignoring me, that or you were giving me death glances, pretty much making me walk from-"
"Look will you leave me alone?"
"What the hell is your problem?You could've at least had the decency to tell me you wouldn't have picked me up.Which reminds me, where did you even go this morning?"
"That's not what matters.What matters is that I can't be with you."
"You heard me; I can't be with you.You can't be in any part of my life no matter how much you like me."
"What are you talk-"
"Oh please, don't play dumb."His face turned extremely angry and he stood so he towered over me, trying to intimidate me I assumed.It was working pretty well."The things you said last night, the fact that you cried on my shoulder?It's dead obvious."
"But…what…you said-"
"I was saying those things so that you wouldn't feel so bad.But I was wrong to do so; that just made everything worse.Get out of my life Chello. I can't risk having you in it."He pushed passed me, in complete shock of what had happened, and jumped into his car making sure to slam the door in my face.When he had backed out of the space and my mind had finally kicked back into gear, I kicked the back bumper of his truck as hard as I could, ramming a rather large dent into it.I could feel the anger tears streaming down my face and didn't bother trying to wipe them away.When I could barely get my anger in control I started my long walk to the towing place.I almost felt sorry for the poor old man who waited for me there with my car and a nice five-hundred dollar or so bill.I couldn't feel too bad, after all he tried cracking jokes about how "a child my age shouldn't have such a classic car."
I was finally able to come inside my house, taking note that some things had been moved around again; though not as horrible as last time.I sighed heavily shutting the door behind me.I didn't feel like trying to fix anything which only left me with the option of hiding out in my room for the rest of the night.Who was I kidding?With the way I felt I could've slept in my room for weeks if I didn't want to lose out on my perfect attendance record.
I drug my lazy feet up the stairs, pushed my way into my room, then just plopped down onto my bed.I curled myself up into a ball and didn't try to push back the tears that slid silently down my cheeks.I didn't like him.I don't like him.Of course not!How could I like someone as dirty and as rotten and as…as… I couldn't even finish my own thoughts.Maybe I had let my guard down last night.I'm so stupid.How could I have done that?I can't believe I had let my guard down just because he said those things to me.I put my hands on my face soaking my palms with my tears.Wait a minute, I thought quickly.Why am I calling myself the idiot?Why am I using such negative language towards my own self?He's the one who pretty much betrayed me and seduced me into thinking he actually…Never mind.He's the one who hurt me.Revenge.That last word wasn't from my own voice.It was that of Kreen's.He was telling me to take revenge on this situation, and boy did I feel like doing it.

�Emily Skarce 2007-2008


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