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Book By: funnygirl101
Young adult

have you ever met an incredible hot guy and he actually likes you, well i did and his name was danton. we had an instant connection though i still felt like he was hiding something from me but i never did bring it up. after hanging out everyday for two whole weeks he left without a goodbye, no phone call or letters two months later i find out his a prince when i mom gets transferred to a country no one has even heard of and his family is the royal family there...... ~read to find out what happens~

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"oh my gosh he is so hot" my best friend melody the same moment I swiveled until I had the same view as melody had. Across the beach I saw him as stood well about six feet tall with an athletic muscularity. He was the most gorgeous guy ever.

"Stop drooling Maya" Mel said teasingly

"Can't help it" I said still looking at him. He's probably one of the tourist, I've never seen him before and trust me I would know if I had, besides this is a small everyone knows everybody. For some reason I couldn't take my eyes off him. He--

"you should go say hi" Mel said breaking my train of thought. I would have if it wasn't of the fact that Brittany was already all over him. "I look like a mess plus he won't even notice me with Brittany there with him"

"You're kidding right; he looks like he could use the rescuing"

I turned around to see what Mel. Was talking about, Brittany was doing the usual hair twirling, smiling with those evil blue eyes, the seventeen years of knowing her she just drives me crazy. She's always taking ever thing I wanted started with the pink dress I wanted for my eight birthdays she saw me looking at it and immediately told her mom to get it or when I was best friend with Samuel she started dating him and turned him into a freakn big jerk. And here was I thinking he was better turns out his just one of them, I don't even now why I kept my hope up, he'll never go for a girl like me. But it did put a smile on my face to see that disappointing face on Brittany when he turned her down, its not to often to see a guy immune to her flirtatious disease. The fact that he turned down Brittany makes him so out of my league. Crap he just caught me looking at him. I turned around shyly. Probably thinks am a stalker.

"Get ready"

"Get ready for what?"

"He's coming over"

What!! No no no, what am I going to say? "hi I was looking at you because your hot?" gosh am such an idiot.

I resisted the urge to turn around and make a complete fool out of myself. Instead I focused on gathering the shells not before his shadow completely blocked the sun, how was this anyway, well I am about to find out.

"Hi, I was looking around and saw what you were doing and thought you might need help" he said with a strange European accent looking straight at me.

As I gazed up into his turquoise eyes, I practically had to force air into my lungs. For a moment I couldn't speak just simply stare at him.

"umm am practically done, so am taking these in inside but Maya could sure use the company" Mel said before turning to face me "I'll see you inside" she said about to leave then turn and give me the `don't screw this up ` look before she left.

His eyes stared intensely at me as I got off the sand to stand right in front of him, definitely enjoying the view with his sculptured cheekbones and a chiseled jaw that perfectly outlined his masculine face and his slightly messy dark brown hair. But nothing could be more appealing than his lips, the way his smile curve them was enough to send blood rushing thorough my veins and pumping hard at my chest. I finally found my voice but before I could say anything he beat me to it.

"Am Danton by the way" he said extending his hand.

"Am umm Maya" I said taking his hand in for a shake.

His smiled widened " well its nice to meet you `umm Maya`"

Apart from the umm part the way he pronounced was ultra sexy "no its---"

"I know. I was just kidding around" Danton said smiling.

His smile was becoming to contagious couldn't help but return it "well its nice to meet you to"

"would you like to take a walk ?

"yea that would be great"

A few minuets we were strolling down the beach just enjoying the sound of the waves and the salt water scent from the ocean.

"so what were you doing back there?"

"oh we were gathering the shells we picked"

"and what do you do with the shells?"

"we either paint them, make jewelry's or we sell them like that to tourist" it was one of the best ways for Mel. And I to bond together, we've been best friends for twelve years now and this is a way for us to connect.

"I've seen a lot of shells around"

"duh this is Hawaii what do you expect" I said smiling up at him

"ok you got me there" he said returning my smile.

We spent the rest of the time talking and laughing about favorite movies and books and just enjoying the salty fresh air and the waves clashing against the rocks. I couldn't help thinking it was the first time a guy had ever paid attention to me besides quick glances and winks like Nick does whenever he wants an answer to a question. I knew I was never good enough for him with Brittany stepping on every chance I get but hey I girl can dream right? But there was just something about Danton that threw me off like he was keeping something from me, I could feel it. When ever we got to the family part, he always changes the subject or when I ask him how he's life was back in his country. He wont even tell me where exactly in Europe. I find it very odd but who am I to judge right? Maybe he's embarrassed. Or--

"you seem carried away in your thoughts, sorry if I was intruding"

"no your not sorry, I get carried away sometimes, could you repeat what you said earlier?"

"it happens to me to" he said flashing that mind blowing smile again " would you like to go to dinner with me, then later on a party?"

Wow he's only been here for a few weeks and already been invited to a party. "yeah I would love to" I cant believe he asked me out oh my gosh.

Great I'll see you here at lets say six pm?" he said with a hopeful smile

"yes that would be great"


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