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Living plain

Book By: gLee
Young adult

After Blake drives drunk with her friends and runs into the local hospital, she finds herself being sent to live with her german-amish grandfather till she gets her priorities staightend out. Along the way she learns love, courage,how hard work can really pay off, truth, and the meaning of a simple life.

Submitted:Feb 22, 2010    Reads: 89    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

As I speeded down the highway with blurry eyes and a burning throat, the only things I could think about were the loud screams coming from me and my friends, gerard and delila, who were currently chugging down mini bottles of scotch, and what had happened to me only a few hours ago with Dan. He had dumped me. I just...don't get dumped, and when i do...well you can obviously tell what happends.

I stole the limo about 30 min. ago and I already had the cops out to get me.I heard Delila's screams stop abruptly as she completely past out on the back seet and hacked up the reminants of the expensive scotch, only a few minutes later Gerard did the same.

I knew i could'nt stop, if I did I'd get cought for sure, but my eyes were getting more blurry by the second and i just about speeded off the bridge till i felt the limo break through a brick wall, along with my face.

Mom says she knows a good lawyer, Dad does'nt even look my way and my sister said she would couldnt be happier if i walked off the face of the earth. This is what i get for driving a stolen limo, drunk, through the columbus hospital.I did'nt mean to kill Morgan Frealan. Thats who i killed, a 12 year old girl named Morgan who was on a gurney in the hospital hallway waiting for the nurse to bring her an I.V. bag.The nurse suffered minor injuries while Morgan was not so lucky. I don't know how i will live with myself. It was such a selfish thing to do. My boyfriend dumped me, boo hoo,I can get another one, but the world cant get another blonde haired, blue eyed Morgan frealan.

Guilty. Thats what the judge said. On all charges.I'm sentanced to 4 months In an amish community and after that, i have 1 year in an juvenile detention center. It would have been 2 years in juvie if it werent for my mother ex lover/ lawyer, who made a deal with the judge.

My mom said i would live with my grandfather who apparently is a carpenter for the amish in vikinville Ohio. My grandfather who i have not seen since i was 3, the grandfather who i thought was dead. Its alot to take in when you hear you have killed someone and learned someone you thought was killed, is alive all in one day.

Before i am sent to a life of plain and simple hell, i know i have some people to apologize to. Starting with Mrs & Mr.Frealan.

I hate crying, it really sickens me, seeing weak people.I guess i sicken myself.
I walked a few blocks to the nice suburban neighborhood where Morgan once lived. I guess you could say there not so quick to forgivebut if someone killed my daughter i wouldn't be so quick to forgive either. Mr. Frealan chased me off his porch with a baseball bat while Mrs. Frealan threw pictures of Morgan at me. Other neighbors came to watch as Mrs.Frealan screamed nasty words at me, telling me i wasn't really sorry.Im starting to think shes right.

A/N sorry its sooo short :( will post more soon


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