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Longing for the Past

Book By: Greyson Durbin
Young adult

Not complete just something I wrote in like 5 minutes. It's not exactly PG but it's not R rated material either, so 13+ is a good age range. The story is about a 16 year old girl named Martha, she is struggling to get over the death of her best friend/secret lover Sam. This is not the permenant title. The character Jerome is based on Patrick from The Perks of being a Wallflower. Martha is a little like Katniss in the Hunger Games trilogy(you probably can't tell yet).

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I looked down at the cello which I haven't touched in months, bow in hand I sit down behind the instrument and try with all my might to get myself to play some notes, but I just can't. All at once images of the two of us playing together flood my mind and I quickly run into the bathroom to grab some tissues because I can feel the tears rising up within me.

So here I am, sitting on a tiny stool in my bathroom crying like a baby. Now is one of those times I wish Sam was here with me. Sam was the kind of person who always seemed to know exactly what to say. My thoughts are interrupted by my cellphone ringing. Of course it's Gwen, that girl always seems to call me at the wrong time. I answer, mostly because I don't want to hear her bitching about how I ignore her at school tomorrow. "Hello" I answer trying to compose myself, "Hiya Nicole, is everything ok?", she's trying to sound concerned and thoughtful but I know she's just expecting a fine in response so she can jabber about whatever the hell it was she called me about. "I'm fine, I just…" I started to reply but was cut off by her high squeaking voice "OH THAT'S GREAT TO HEAR! Anyway I wanted to know if you were up for a little picnic with me, Parker, and Adam". I wish she would realize how much I hate her boyfriend Parker. Actually I think she realizes it, but needs someone to distract Parker's cousin Adam who follows Parker around everywhere. Now Adam isn't really that bad a guy, but i'm a band geek and he's a jock, so I don't think I need to point out why this wouldn't work out too well.

Now you may be thinking "Athletes and band members get along fine at my school". For one you probably don't live in small town southern Ohio where everyone belongs to a group whether thay realize it or not, and two you probably don't go to Rosemount High. In Rosemount High everyone has their clique and they stick in it, they don't mess with people from other cliques, unless of course that person was gay or stinky. Homos and kids who need to bathe get picked on by everyone, even the nerds have more popularity than them. Now I feel bad for the gay kids, I mean they can't help being who they are, and plus the kind of shit people do to them just isn't right, the boys get beat up and the girls get nasty comments from straight guys who think they can turn them straight with their magical penises. I don't really have much sympathy for the stinky kids because honestly if their parents can afford to send them to private school they can afford some deodorant.

Anyway, back to the call. "I'm not really feeling up to it Gwen", "Of course your not, the only thing your up to is sitting around on your ass thinking of Sam!"She practically screamed in response. "Listen Gwen, we all deal with problems differently. You may want to spend all your time talking with Parker, but I like to be alone", "I haven't been talking with Parker about that for months, Sam's been dead for a year now Martha, it's time you've moved on". "I have moved on, I just stop and think about my best friend sometimes, there's nothing wrong with that". "Whatever, just come and entertain Adam, you get free food and all you have to do is sit there and smile" Now honestly I didn't want to go, but I do love a free meal and I wanted to prove her wrong. I agreed to meet her at Green Park at 5 o clock.
I have a couple of hours to kill so I decided to walk next door to Jerome's house. He invites me in and we walk down to his basement, he offers me a beer which I gratefully accept. Jerome is one of the coolest guys i've ever met, you could sit with him in complete silence for hours and it would be perfectly comfortable, i'm just speculating though, because no one would ever want Jerome to be quiet, he's just too funny and smart not to talk to. I tell him about Gwen and he nods understandingly, he used to date her but he eventually got sick of her Gwenness, I don't know how he put up with her for a year. So I ask him just that, "She had a vagina" was all he said. We start talking about the usual (teachers, who's screwing who, etc.). Then he tells me a hilarious story about howhis dog almost bit off his nipple "Last time I cover my chest in peanut butter!"he says while he's catching his breath from laughing so hard. Now if it were anyone else I would have asked why they would cover their chest in peanut butter, but this was Jerome, and Jerome was unique to put it kindly.
I look at the clock and realize I have 10 minutes to get to the park which is a 25 minute walk, so I ask Jerome for a ride. We get in his pick up truck and start driving, I love riding in Jerome's truck because it's not everday you see a black guy and a mexican chick in a truck loudly singing "Piano Man" while flying down the street. Jerome has a nice full deep voice and my voice...well lets just say there's a reason I choose band over choir. Soon we're there and I ask Jerome to join me, he comes because of the free food too. Now I know it's rude to invite someone to another person's picnic, but at this point I really don't care about anything. We walk over to the table where Gwen and Parker look pissed, but Adam looks really happy. We sit down and even though Gwen is obviously upset by my uninvited guest she is polite and offers Jerome a plate. That's one thing I like and hate about her, she's phony. Which in this case is good because Jerome is in the cool smoke behind the school group of guys, and Gwen is desperate for votes for homecoming queen so she'll do anything to makes a good impression. Parker starts talking about football, and Gwen can tell we're bored so she suggests her and Parker take a walk.
Jerome is more polite than I am and actually tries to engage Adam in conversation. Adam and Jerome have a lot in common, even though Adam plays sports he doesn't feel the need to talk about them constantly. Instead Jerome and Adam start talking about "Florence and the Machine", Jerome absolutely loves Florence Welch even though she does appeal mostly to females, and apparently Adam does too. I'm staring out into space, they're having a moment, and Gwen and Parker are probably off having sex behind a tree, this is probably the most exciting Saturday i've had in a long time.


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