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Skylar Jay has never had any friends or been very good at fitting in. Her life has always been boring, until a boy named Damon Seatherson moves in town and starts going to her school.

Damon is assigned to sit next to Skylar and is constantly making her feel uncomfortable and bugs her persistently.

Almost immediately Skylar feels drawn to the strange boy, despite what ever intentions Damon has. And a love unlike any other begins.

However, Damon is hiding something and Skylar will do anything to figure out his secret.

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Chloe Locke- That was the name on the young girl's name tag. Chloe was leaning over the counter and staring up at the clock impatiently, waiting for her shift to end. Only a few more minutes and then she could get out of here. Tick. Tick. Tick.That's the sound she heard as she waited. Finally, after one last tick, her shift was over.

Chloe rushed to the employee break room. It was a medium sized room. With lockers against the wall on the right side of the door. There was also a circuliar shaped table in the middle of the break room. On top of the table was Chloe's bag and keys. She grabbed the bag and keys off the table. When she looked up, she was looking out the window and saw something mysterious. A shady figure standing the parking lot behind the restaurant staring straight back at her in the window.

Chloe couldn't see the figure's face, but she knew he was definitelly wearing a black hood. Chloe quickly ignored the figure and put the bag on her shoulder. She left the building and went to her car. She was opening the car door when across the parking lot, in front of the woods, she saw the same figure. She let out a small gasp at the surprise from seeing the figure again.

She let her curiousity get the best of her and set her bag and keys on top of the car and walked towards the figure. He quickly turned around and ran into the woods. "Wait!" Chloe yelled at the man.

Chloe went ahead and followed the figure into the woods. A few minutes later and once she was further into the woods. She began to regret ever even walking into the woods. The woods were dark and creepy. She heard the creatures of the night hoo and caw. The wind blew on her constantly and she felt cold. After about fifteen minutes of searching for the man, she eventually gave up and turned around. Heading back to her car. Until, she heard loud cracking of leaves behind her.

Chloe didn't dare look behind her and see what or who it was following her. She bravely continued walking forward and slowly began to speed up. And so did the footsteps. When she sped up they sped up. Once she was running, she could hear them running behind her. Chloe felt the sweat in her palms as she became more and more scared.

She let out a shriek when she tripped over a boulder and landed on the ground, face down. She went to stand up when someone else pulled her back. Whoever this was quickly pulled them to her chest. Chloe went to scream, but before a sound came from her mouth, the stranger put his or her hand over her mouth.

The next thing she heard was a disembodied voice say, "Shhh... If you scream, I swear to God I'll kill you. If you run away I'll kill you. If you even try to hurt me, I'll kill you. Just be a good girl and stay right here." The voice was definitely a male's voice. Deep and despite what was happening, his voice definitely had a sexy tone to it, which could attract easy prey.

Chloe just nodded and was shaking. She felt the warmth of the man's body go away as he moved away from her. She dared turn around and look at him. His hood was still on his head and it covered his face. "Why--"

"Now before you ask me why I'm doing this, let me clarify. This has nothing to do with you. It's about me. I just need your help." He interrupted. Chloe could see his eyes and they shook her to the core. He had terrifying eyes and everything he said was verified in his eyes. He was telling the truth. This had nothing to do with her. But he needed her for something that was for him. So her first impression was he was not only horrifying, he was selfish.

It seemed like to Chloe, he was going to all this trouble just to do something for him. He didn't care about Chloe or anyone else's safety. That was her initial impression of him. Chloe looks up at him and raises an eyebrow, being super courageous she asks, "What do you need from me?"


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