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Finishing of Chapter 2 of book

Book By: hyperactiverice
Young adult

Once again, please give me your feedback, it will be extremely appreciated./

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School: a place where dreams die and people are broken. I really don't pay attention to any of my classes, I spend too much time fantasizing about suicide. There are so many ways to do it: hanging myself, slitting my wrists, jumping off a building, shooting myself, carbon monoxide poisoning, sleeping pill overdose etc. During lunch I go immediately from fourth period to the library.
I'm a people watcher, and recently, a specific group of friends has caught my eye. I call them 'The Cartel.' Not because they sell/consume drugs or anything--or at least not to my knowledge--but because they seem so reserved and like the invitation-only type. Thusly, I've never had any type of interaction with them, but instead stalk all of their Social Medias.
There are four members of The Cartel: Andrew Morrison, Andrew's girlfriend Kaylee Smicke, Chloe Hughes, and Sierra Lockwood. I sit within earshot of them during lunch, pretending to read a book, but I'm secretly watching Sierra explain to Kaylee why, "Apples are singlehandedly the most delicious thing on Earth and that is a fact." Her dirty blond hair sways as she quickly moves her hands while she talks. Her passion--for apples of all things--fills the room with this incomparable pressure, and I feel a buzzing sensation in my chest. For a second, as I listen to Sierra list the pros of apples and explain why they're better than virtually everything else, I honestly feel content. An emotion that I haven't felt in a long, long time. Sierra glances in my direction, notices that I'm staring, and starts toward me. Shit. No, I'm not prepared for interaction. Just pretend you're sleeping. I quickly close my eyes, let the book I was pretending to read fall on my face, and try to feign being asleep. "Were you just staring at me?" She questions as she lifts the book off my face and drop it onto the torn up, gray carpet that covers the entire library floor.
"Huh? W-What?" I not-so-convincingly yawn.
"I saw you staring at me and my friends; you don't have to pretend you're sleeping." She says so matter-of-factly that if her voice weren't so divinely pleasant, I would probably feel an intense urge to slap her. "What's your name?"
"Uh, I'm, uh, Damien. I can explain the whole staring thing, by the way. I'm not weird, I was just interested in your guys' conversation," I reply.
"Mhm, then why did you so cleverly try to hide yourself then?"
"I-I'm not very good at, uh, talking to people," I mumble, each word getting quieter than the last.
Sierra laughs. Her eyes--this beautiful shade of green that you can get lost in for days, and not even notice time is passing; the type of green that immerses you in this forest of her; the kind of green that makes you finally appreciate nature for being made up of such a beautiful color--give off this shine when she laughs, one that makes you want to believe in fairy tales and happy endings. "I can tell. Well, it's been nice making your acquaintance Damien, but, as we both know, I have a very important conversation to get back to."


For the rest of my classes, I can't seem to get Sierra off my mind. Thoughts of her short blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes permeate my brain. At two 'o clock, the ringing of the school bell stops my thinking about Sierra's smile, the type of smile that doesn't light up the room, but is bright enough that when you see it, it literally takes your breath away. I leave the building A, and have to shield my eyes from the blinding sun. God it's hot out today. I walk from the building to the sidewalk, turn left, and then start home.
On 8th and Marine View Drive, one block from my house, a white pathfinder van drives up to me and stops. The black tinted window belonging to the passenger seat rolls down, revealing a smiling Sierra Lockwood. "Hey, you going home?" she inquires.
I stumble over my words like an idiot, "Yeah, uhm, I'm, yeah, I'm on my way home."
"You wanna come hangout with us?" Sierra asks as she looks into the back of the car and smiles, stifling a laugh. "We're gonna go to a comedy club in Seattle."
"I don't know," I mumble, "I'm supposed to go straight home after school." Sierra quickly glances down at the ground then back at me, tilting her head slightly, making her look like a dog does when it begs. I ponder her offer: I should just go home. No. My mom gets to go out every night, now it's my turn. "You know what," I say, "sure, I'll come hangout with you guys."
"Great," Sierra almost yells, "get in the back."
I open the sliding door to get into the back of the van, and am greeted by the rest of The Cartel: Chloe at the wheel, and Kaylee and Andrew in the back seats beside me. I sit down to the right of Andrew, take off my backpack, and set it at my feet.
"'Sup man, I'm Andrew, this is Kaylee," he said, gesturing towards the girl on his left. "You already know Sierra, and Chloe's the one in the driver seat, she'll make you re-evaluate the meaning of 'bad driver.'" Andrew revealed while laughing, not knowing that I already knew the name of every person occupying the car.
"Hey," I reply, "I'm Damien, it's nice to meet you guys


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