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Book By: iLovetoMuch
Young adult

In this story a girl named Carmen deals with highschool drama, boy drama and not to mention her personal family drama. She feels completely overestimated when everyone says she is perfect when they have no idea what she is going through. There are different characters in this story sharing their different opinions. Its a never ending change in plot! If you want an intresting book with changing story lines then this is the one for you. (:

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Brianna Lewis.

Carmen Matthews sat peacefully on the bench outside the cafeteria. She usually sat there and was forced to wait for Mickey. Mickey was this hotshot football player who thinks the only way to be liked is to date the hottest girl in the school. This year, it was Carmen. She gracefully stood up as Mickey approached her. He was carrying two text books and had a pencil in his mouth. I personally think he is a jerk and shouldn't have anything to do with her.

I stood there ignoring whatever Holly was saying and planned to walk over to Carmen as soon as she was done talking. "And she said that no one listens to a word I say. Then I was like, that's not true Jamie. Because it's not right?" Holly said. It was all blurred together though. I was concentrating too hard on trying to listen in on what Carmen and Mickey were saying. As I began to walk over to Mickey and Carmen I heard Holly murmur "Brianna?"

Mickey Anderson.

"See yall' later boys" I said waving Joe, Steve, and Kevin away when I came up to Carmen. "Hey, Hey Hey." I said putting my cutest smile on for her. "Hi Mick," she answered. I leaned in for a kiss, "Mickey, not now." I crinkled up my face, "Not now? What's that supposed to mean?" I pinched her cheeks just wanting to get a little kiss? "Kiss me Carmen!" I yelled. "Mickey get off of me!" She said as she struggled to push me away. "Baby?" I whispered. "I just want to taste your sweet lips. Baby come on." I said softly.

"Hey!" A girly voice called. I felt a hand pull on my shoulder, "Hey! Get off of her you creep!" She yelled. I turned around to face Brianna. I gave her a death look, "Brianna, I'm fine." Carmen said over my shoulder. "She's fine Brianna." I said starring at her, daring her to do anything else. Brianna and I have had issues in the past. Carmen stepped out from behind me. "Brianna, it's okay. Don't worry about it." I crossed my arms and looked in the other direction. "Just go sit at our table I'll meet you there." Carmen said. Brianna nodded her head glancing at me and walked away.

Carmen Matthews.

I looked down and started to say "I'm sorry Mick, I'm just upset." He turns back to me, but this time less threatening. "Why could you possibly be upset baby? You're perfect in every way." I rolled my eyes. "I got a D on my science test…" He sighed. I looked up at him to see his expression. "It's not that big of a deal, Carmen." He said and rolled his eyes. He leaned his head back seeming annoyed. "Maybe not to you but to me it's huge. Unlike you I want to actually have a career when I'm older." I mumbled. "What?" I quietly gasped. Did I really just say that? "I said it is to me, I plan to have a good career that's all." I fatly smiled. "Oh, well I want to be a football player you know…" He reminded me. I walked away letting out a bored sigh. He followed after me saying "Carmen! Wait up!"

I swiftly walked into the Cafeteria ignoring when Mick said "I'm gonna go get some grub, okay?" behind me. I met looks with a few of my adoring friends and smiled. "Hey Carmen!" Katie Walters waved. "Hey Kate." I smiled and walked passed her table full of the preps. I walked passed another table but filled with my algebra classmates. "Hi Carmen," Ana Fleming said with a smirk. I raised my eyebrows and smiled. I approached my table greeting Joe, Steve, Brianna and Kevin with a friendly smile. "Where's Mickey?" Steven asked. "I don't know." I shrugged my shoulders.

Andrew Carlton.

I wondered around this misshapen high school looking for the cafeteria. I took a look at my map for a second stopping to concentrate. "Lost?" a girl said. I looked up. A thin girl with flowing brown hair stood in front of me with glitter floating around in her dark brown eyes. "Um, yes. Well I'm trying to find the cafeteria, can you help me out?" I said with a goofy grin. She got closer to view my sloppy crinkled up map. My face turned a little hot. She pointed her painted red nails down the hallway in front of where I stood and made a left tapping on a corner. "This is where you should find it." I smiled again. "Thank you." I nodded my head in appreciation. "No problem." She answered.

We stood there for a couple of quiet moments. "What's your name?" She boldly asked. "Andrew." I held my hand out. She smiled showing all of her pearly white teeth. "Emily." She said shaking my hand. I smiled back releasing the grip. "Would you accompany me to the cafeteria?" she giggled. "You know, I'd love to." I laughed, "Great!" we started to make our way down the short hallway. "So you're new I'm guessing." She wondered. "Yeah, I just moved here from California." I said.

Emily Weaver.

His green eyes danced around my face when he talked. I love it, "Yeah, I just moved her from California." He said. "Cali-Boy Aye?" I said trying my best to make him smile again. He giggled, "Yeah, Where you from?" He looked at his feet and asked. "Right here in Arizona." I answered while smiling. "You're lucky then." He said stuffing his hands in his front pockets. "Why is that?" I frowned. I didn't feel very lucky for living in a dry hot hole. "You know the area." He positively said.

I crossed my arms, "Yeah well the area isn't that great." He shook his head and poked out his bottom lip. "It looks great to me." I raised my eye brows. "Wow, you are something special." He laughed aloud. We walked up to the cafeteria doors, "Here you are." I said. "You're not going to eat?" He looked confused. "No I have some things I have to do before my next class." I explained. "But it was nice meeting you." I said slowly and smiled. "Yeah, same." He said and grinned as he walked into the Cafeteria.

Evelyn Stewart.

I couldn't help but glare at little miss Mickey Anderson. She took him from me the second she stepped into our Math class. If it wasn't for her pointless schedule change he wouldn't even know her and we would be together still. "Evelyn," Jamie said. It broke my stare and I darted my eyes towards her. "What?" I snapped. "It's obvious, you hate her. Everyone knows it so just stop making it pointless." She nagged. "Starring at her isn't going to make her disappear." I rolled my eyes. "You sure?" I snickered.

I watched Mickey walk over to her table carrying a mountain of food on his tray. His eyes were stuck on her, he mindlessly walked passed Me, Jamie, Holly and Gina. "Why do you still even like him Lyn?" Gina asked stupidly. "Gina, why do you still even eat those muffins you're fat." The whole table was quiet. Gina's eyes grew big and she set down the muffin. "I'm a size 4…" I looked at her with narrow eyes. "Exactly." She rolled her eyes and slammed her hands down on the table. Gina stood up and rushed away to the bathroom. Jamie and Holly started to giggle and whisper. I just went back to observing Carmen.


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