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Luke and Lisa, Love and Life

Book By: InspiredAlways
Young adult

Boyfriend and girlfriend Luke and Lisa lead a seemingly ordinary life, but little by little they find out each other's secrets...

Submitted:Mar 27, 2009    Reads: 220    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

I walked down the hall, wondering what would happen in class today. Our teacher, Mr. Mason, was really boring but gave pretty cool projects. I walked into the room, sat down at my seat, and after getting my books out onto my desk, looked up at the front of the room, waiting for Mr. Mason to start. He cleared his throat, then said, "Class, I have a new project for you today. It is on the chapter we've been studying in your textbooks…" he continued on in his droning, nasal voice, then passed out papers on the new project we were going to do next. I didn't really pay any attention to what was going on, but thought about my friends, how they were tons of miles away in San Francisco. Now I was in the small town of Fort Hades, where everyone seemed to know each other. I was getting along ok so far, I had lived here about since school started in 4th grade, and everybody still treated me the same. I guessed I was sort of a loner. It was two days after spring break, and already I was missing my friends again. I had visited them over spring break, enjoying every single moment with their smiling faces. I almost started to tear up when Mr. Mason called, "Lisa! What is the answer to two plus two?" Mr. Mason always used an easy math question like this but wrote another one on the board to see if they were paying attention. "Llamas," I answered absent-mindedly. Everyone snickered, and I blushed, just now realizing what he had said. Mr. Mason looked like he was about to say something, but the bell rang. Saved by the bell, I thought as I gathered up my books. I was about to go out into the hallway when Mr. Mason said "Lisa, stay here, please." Great I thought and turned around to face him. He closed the door and said, "Lisa, I know it must have been hard to leave your friends in San Francisco." My mouth dropped open. How did he know about that? Oh, right. Student files. Stupid files. Can you keep anything private? "However, I think you have been getting along great under the circumstances. I feel partial to you, for reasons unknown. I hope you feel partial to me, too." What the freaking hell? I thought. Eeww, gross. Mr. Mason has a crush on me! He moved a little closer, and I took a step back. He kept advancing on me, and soon I couldn't take any more steps back. I was cornered. He leaned in close, eyes staring at mine. I could smell his breath, and even in the circumstance of things, my mind found and excuse to be humorous. Dude, get some mouthwash. He out his arms straight out so that his hands were pressing the wall next to my head, right above my shoulders. Panic was rising in every part of my body. Mr. Mason's hands dropped and he inched a little closer, so that by now he was so close that one more millimeter closer, out noses would've been touching. He leaned forward, head tilting a little bit, like he was going to kiss me, and that's exactly what he did. I gasped as an unexpected hand pressed up against my… place. Then he started to lift his hand up my shirt. I started crying, and Mr. Mason pulled away. "If you're thinking of screaming, I wouldn't," he said in his creepy voice. He lifted off my shirt, and I almost screamed, but then remembered what Mr. Mason had said. What would happen? He took off his shirt, and I didn't dare look, I was squeezing my eyes shut so tight that I could see little colored spots dancing around. He then stuck his hand down to where my pants were and took them off. I was crying hysterically by now. He took off his pants, then my bra and both of our underwear. Then he pushed me on the ground and… well, one thing led to another, and I just lay on the floor knowing that if I tried to resist, he would do something horrible. When he stopped, he got up, put his clothes back on, and then started to dress me, but I pulled away as soon as he started. I didn't want him to touch me at all, even if he was trying to help. But how id he helping if it was his fault in the first place? I got dressed facing the wall and trying to crouch behind desks. I finished, then just stood there, crying, and not knowing what to do. Mr. Mason came over to me, but before he could do or say anything, I slapped him really hard across the face and kneed him as hard as I could. His face turned hard, then he went over to his desk and said, "Lisa, you can go now, you have to have some time to eat lunch!" then he dropped his voice. "Oh, and I wouldn't think about telling anyone about our little session if I were you." I stared at him in silenced horror, then grabbed my bag, ripped open the door, and launched myself out into the hallway.
I tossed and turned in my sleep. I was seeing it all over again, Mr. Mason asking me to stay, then backing me up into the wall, pressing his hand against me and doing all of those things to me. My heart thudded in my chest and I felt like I was in a horror movie. A sudden light blinded me and I sat bolt upright, opening my eyes and blinking to get used to the so-sudden brightness. I soon found myself staring into the face of my mother. "Honey, are you all right? We heard you screaming. Were you having a nightmare?" "Not exactly," I mumbled under my breath, "because it's not a dream." But instead, I turned to my mom and said, "Yeah. Sorry I woke you up." but I'm glad you woke up me. "Oh, honey, its ok. We were watching tv anyway." There was an awkward silence, then my mom, stroking my hair, said, "Well, as long as you're ok, we'll just go back to our room then." I nodded and watched as my mom and dad left the room.


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