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first turner

Book By: jadygirl
Young adult

i am finally going to be somthin magic but there are a lot of problems being a first turner

Submitted:Jan 18, 2012    Reads: 8    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Shut up i say to my friend taylor. She keeps blabbing on bout how much fun it is to be a vampire. I hate her for that. She knows i know about them i might be one but of course i got 5 more days till my 15 birthday so who knows. Me and her used to be such good friends. Now since she went vampire she can't help but brag. Me and her used to dream we would be a Special hybrid where we were everything. That was back then now we now the chances are like 1 in every 1000. She got all braggy that i just hate her. Well you m9ight ask why we hang out or what my name is so here it goes. I am jane we still hang out because i can brag right back when in 5 days. See how she likes it. Oh and i love this blood shop says taylor it has blueberry flavour. On no look at the time i say as i look at my (fake) watch have to run see you tomorrow. Bye she says. I run home when i get there things get worse. My whole family are vampires so for supper they have this blood steak an blood juice. I eat a NORMAL steak and drink NORMAL cranberry juice. My family thinks i will be a vampire to because they are. I don't really care. I could be anything from werewolf to boogie monster. I hope not the boogie monster. My school is called first turner academy. Only for people who have not changed yet there last year with no change. I leave to a new school next year. I will like that a fresh start were i might be a bit popular. Ok i am not popular here because i still have to change most popular are witches the least popular boogie monsters. I go to my bed and fall asleep as i hear my vampire family laughing down stairs. I fall asleep quickly but it is not a dreamless sleep. i am going down stairs fast when every thing goes black i hear a voice calling jane what are you. Then a wail and a howl a moan and a witch laugh. I wake up with a start. Get up and dress i walk down stairs to my family and the next four days fly by with more bragging and more witchcraft study. Exited for your birthday says taylor. Yes super exited. I fall asleep in witchcraft and get sent to the principal's office. Jane what have you done. I fell asleep in witchcraft my birthday is tomorrow. Oh ok that explains people usually get tired before there first change. Oh ok i say. Go home and get some rest he says. It turned out to be a really good trip to the office. When i get home i go online and look up the hybrid i was talking about. Turns out there are a male and a female hybrid born every year. The two do not usually meet. A hybrid's will have the same birthdays. No hybrid have been born this year. Awesome i still a chance i have i little spark of hope i will be the one out of that one thousand.


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