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How My Life Changed

By: Katie55

Page 1, A girl named Tionna, she just graduated collage as a doctor but dreams to be a singer. But then she mets Charlie. Charlie is a solider with hopes of finding the love of his life.

We’re standing there; I’m so in love with him! I look up into his eyes, and say those two words. “I d… Wait, I’m too far ahead of myself. Whoops! Sorry I’m Tionna Freshwater. I just graduated Collage as a Doctor, but my dream is to be a singer. I lived in a small town in Texas. I got told all most everyday how good of a singer I was. Of course I didn’t believe them. Sorry, I get off track a lot! I moved to New York with big hopes. When I say big I mean Broadway big! Here is where our story begins…

“I’m finally... HERE!!” I scream as I walk out of the airport onto the streets of beautiful New York!! I already have an audition for tomorrow at 5 on Broadway Boulevard! (What a street right!?!) I can see my apartment from across the street. Nothing too big. One bedroom, one bath. Just enough for me by myself! I’m getting excited! I’m about five feet away from the apartment complex. I’m almost running! “WOAH!” the doorman says, but I barely heard him as I ran past. Out of breathe, I say “Tionna Freshwater. Room 345, 3rd floor.” “Here you go. I hope the rooms to your pleasing.” The lady who was wearing way too much makeup and perfume says, and hands me the key. I look at her name tag, “Thanks Lola?” I say, not sure how to say it. (I hate when people say my name wrong!) “It’s like Lulu. My Parents are weird. My brother’s name is Snape. They like Harry Potter...” Lola says. “Ok thanks!” I say and again go running down to the elevator. I hear the lock turning, and... “Hey! Are you Fionna?” I almost fall over. I turned slowly not knowing what to think. “*sigh* It’s Tionna” But I don’t say anymore. When I turn around I look into the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen! As blue as the sky. “Oh sorry. I’m Charlie Goldberg. I live at 350. Just right over there.” I follow his finger in a daze, not knowing what to think. He’s so beautiful! Those eyes, those lips, that voice. Wait, what am I doing?!? I came here to follow my dream not fall in love! “That’s cool. Well I’d better go check my new place out.” I say. Just as he opens his mouth to say something I hear the cutest little voice. “Daddyyyy. Can Jenny come overrrr?? Pleaseeee?!?” A little girl the size of a 2 year old says. “Sure. Oh Katy this is the new girl Tionna. Tionna this is my 4 year daughter Katy!” He says. “Well hello Katy” I says as I look into those same blue eyes her dad has. “My name is spelled K-A-T-Y! Not Katie!!”She says with that voice that probably gets her away with anything. That and her big blue eyes and long eyelashes I’ve always dreamed of! “Well let’s let Tionna check out her apartment. Bye!” Charlie says as he picks up Katy. “Bye Tionna!!! Remember K-A-T-Y!!” Katy screams as they walk to his apartment door. I turn to my door. Ok one more time. I hear the click, and pull the door open.

I take my first step. Nice living room space, nice bathroom, and nice bedroom! *Knock, knock* I barely hear the little knock on the door. I open the door to big blue eyes, and long eyelashes, but this time those blue eyes had tears in them. “Hey Katy. What’s wrong?” I say, with the childish voice I can find. “My mommy got in a car accident!!” She says through tears. “Oh Katy!!” I say, as I pick her up. “KATY?!?!” We both jump up. It scared me so bad, that I almost dropped Katy. I ran to open the door. I just see Charlie’s blond hair as I open the door. “DADDY?” Katy says as she runs after him. I see him pick her up and her crying into his shoulder. “Can Tionna come over?” Katy says, still through tears. “If she wants too.” Charlie says and looks up at me and lips “You don’t have too….” “I’d love too.” I say, my heart breaking. We walk into his house. Charlie turns to Katy, “Go in your room I need to talk to Tionna alone.” Charlie says stern but heartfelt. “Ok.” Katy says so softly you can barely hear her. As Katy’s bedroom door shuts Charlie turns to me. “She’s been dead...” “What? Who?” I say confused. “Ashley. She was my old girlfriend and Katy’s mom. A year after we broke up she was driving home in a winter storm. Snow EVERYWHERE. I got the call at 2 a.m. saying she had got in a wreck. She was in critical care for 3 months, and last month she died. I didn’t want to tell Katy. She’d be so heartbroken!! She heard me on the phone with Ashley’s sister and found out!” Charlie said, and before I could say anything he burst into tears. I opened my mouth to speak and nothing came out. I had just met this man, and he was already asking me for such big advice... “I... I got to go.” And with that I walked out the door. I didn’t know what to do, so I just went to bed. All I could think of was poor little Katy, and Charlie. So most of that night I tossed and turned, but at 2:30 a.m. I finally got to sleep.


Chapter 2 That's How my Life Changed

I woke up to my alarm clock dinging at 9:30 a.m. "UGH!! Why am I getting up so early?!?" But then it was like it hit me. "MY AUDITION!!!" I screamed. I jumped out of bed and got my shower. I did a decent amount if makeup and just a little bit if perfume. I picked out the silver sparkly boots, pink crop top with white tank, and a skirt, and headed out. By the time I was done it was 2:30 p.m., so I thought I would leave now since I didn't know where it was. I heard "Hey Tionna!" As I walked past the front desk. "Hey Lola!" I said back, and I was off. The streets are full of people, and animals. I saw as little as Yorkies to big eared Bassett Hounds. I finally found it at 4 p.m. So I walked in. Wow. My first audition!! "Oh Tionna! We weren't expecting you for an hour!" The skinny blond woman wearing a red dress said. "Well we can take you now, sweetheart. Right through those doors." She said. "Thanks" I said, and headed down the hall. "Stand right there, and sing" the man with the five o'clock shadow said. I started singing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. I even held out the note at the end 4 extra counts. After I was done he looked up at me and said "NEXT!!" I walked out of the room, and didn't even say anything. The walk home was in a sad daze. I opened the door to loud beeping. 10 missed calls from my mom Lisa. I smiled. She's been calling me ever since my first day of collage. She cries every time I call. She's my biggest fan. I heard murmured voices outside. "She left. She probably thinks I'm nuts! She'd never wanted to go out with me!" I looked out my peephole to see Charlie talking to a girl that looked just like him. I looked away when the phone rang. On the Caller Id I saw Emily. Emily is my best friend from back home. She is the friend I could just let go and be myself with. I picked the phone. "Heller Ems! What's up?" "Nothing much, New Yorker!!" She says. "New York is beautiful!! You'd love it Ems!!" "So have you met anyone?!?" She said with the voice that always makes me laugh. “Well his name is Charlie Goldberg, and he has a little daughter named Katy.” I said kind of fast. “HE HAS A KID?!?!” Emily said in a terrified voice. “Yea, she’s four and the cutest thing ever!” “You love them!!” Emily said in her “in love” voice. “Not true!!” I said very fast. Even though I do. I’ve never felt like this before! Butterflies whenever he looks my way or says my name. “Hello???” I heard her voice that woke me from the daze. “Yea, I’m here” “K, guess what?!?” “What Ems??” “Kyle asked me to marry him!!” So after two hours of her explain every second of how he proposed, we hung up, and I heard a knock on my door. I walked slowly to the door, only thinking of one person I hope to see behind the door. I open it and it was him. Charlie. “Hi.” He said very timid. “Hey.” I said back. There was a very long awkward pause and then he talked very fast. “Hey do you want to go to Katy’s dance recital with me?” Should I take that as a date or not? “Umm, sure. Since I just got here I don’t have a lot of plans.” I said, feeling stupid afterwards. “Ha-ha yea. Katy will be so happy.” “Is it formal or causal?” I feel stupid asking that but I’m as coordinated as a Giraffe. “Formal. Like dresses, tuxes. Stuff like that.” “Ok, thanks.” And with that he was gone and I closed the door. Then my phone rang. “Kiss You” by One Direction. I know I’m 22, but I can still like their music right? It was a text from Emily “Heyy! What’s up?” “I think Charlie just asked me out!! O.O” I texted back. It takes her forever to text back, so I go to my closet and look at my dresses. Looking for that perfect one.. Here it is. Red, tight but not very tight. Sparkles, and curled hair. High heels. Aah! I can’t wait! Well after Emily’s several “Omg!!”’s we texted “Bye” and I got ready for bed. The phone rang. It was mom’s usual call. (You know, How was the audition? Any cute guys? Etc.) Finally at 12:00 a.m. I went to sleep. Second night and I’m again going to bed thinking about Charlie! What has this man done to me?? I’ve never been this much in love with anyone! Should I make the first move, or let him? This is going to be the help of Eliza! (Eliza is my friend that helps me with everything like this! She is like the sister I don’t have!! Only child.)


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