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Written by me, Tyler :)

Lacrymosa is an Angel, with the gift of Wisdom and Judgement. She is next in line to become God, as the most powerful Angel of her time. Even though she is the Chosen One, most Angels, especially the members of the Council of Righteousness, do not like Lacrymosa and wish the worst for her. She barely escapes death at infancy, thanks to God who Lacrymosa is so important to. But she is just as important to God as she is to the Devil. The Devil wants to make Lacrymosa become a Fallen Angel. If he does he'll win the war that was raging between Heaven and Hell science the beginning of time. Can Lacrymosa withstand the Devil and save Heaven? Or is Heaven the world that she should even protect? The lines between Good and Evil blur for Lacrymosa, as she struggles to decide which side she's on. Whichever side she choses will decide the fate of both Heaven and Hell, for better or worse.

Please comment on your reaction and if I should continue with this book or not. :)

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Dark Equals Evil

Dark Equals Evil



Light equals good. Dark equals evil. Apparently there is no in between. At least that's what it says in the codex. The codex. The ultimate rules for Angels. The codex is always right. That's the first thing they teach you. It's the first thing that you have drilled into your brain. Your first words aren't 'mommy' or 'dada'. They are 'te codex is alays ight'. There was only one child who didn't say that.


Instead, I said 'te codex is evil'. As a child I remember the outrage I created. The Council of Righteousness wanted to kill me insisting I was a danger for the whole Angel Community. Which was over a few hundred million. What I said was such a crime the Council wanted to kill me even though I was the chosen one. The one who would follow in Gods footsteps once he was gone. Another thing they teach you is that no one is immortal. God's time of over a hundred thousand years was running out, and I was the one to become the new God. He was the one who saved me from death at two years of age. He believed in me when no one else did. He and my mother. The one thing I remembered my mother tell me before she died was that I was special and would change the world for the better. She said I was the spark of a new era of peace. I never understood what she meant. Era of peace? I was the one who declared the codex evil and almost got myself killed.

Now, 14 years later, standing at her grave, I finally understood. I turned around on the hill where I was standing to face the extensive mound of Demons killing my brothers and sisters. I spread my wings that have always been folded behind me until now. A blessed sword in each of my hands I launched myself into the inferno. I understood. With my gift of wisdom, the ability to decide and see what's wrong and right and tell lies from the truth, I was going to write history and put an end to this perpetual war.

Chapter 1


I drove my blade into the back of a Demons head. He screamed and hissed in pain. He turned around to face me, not yet dead. I stabbed him multiple times, trying to figure out where his heart was. It was definitely not in his left chest. The Demon bared his teeth at me. Then his eyes rolled back into his head and he started to sputter and cough up black blood. He started to curl himself up and his body started to shudder. I needed to find this demons' heart and stab it, fast. Becoming frantic, I randomly sliced and stabbed, missing the heart each time.

"Will you just die already?" I said through clenched teeth, as I drove both of my blades into his lower back. The Demon gave a shriek and he started to rise up in front of me, a big blubbery mass of black and teeth and claws. I had to face up to him, as he raised a fat ugly arm, with claws coming out of every free inch. As I realized that he had a stump for a hand, that was about to come crashing down on me, I groaned.

"Oh crap." It was my lucky day to get stuck with an Exsoluphus Demon. They're not very smart in their Demon form but incredibly tough and hard to kill. The Demon roared at me, with what seemed like laughter. He was laughing at me! "Hey! Don't go laughing at me! I'm not the one with-" I started at shout at him. The Demon ignored me and licked, the tongue of the biggest of his mouths - the central one - lashing across me. Then he started to drool. Green thick spit. I made a face. "You demons are all the same you know that? Gross. Every single one of you." The Demon suddenly threw his stumps up and screamed.

"Mosie get down!" a voice shouted. I threw myself to the ground, as the demon shuddered and imploded; its bits and pieces raining over me. I looked up, momentarily blinded by the bright light, radiating off Marc. I refuse to call him by his given name because, as I tell him at every given opportunity, it makes my tongue ache. Marcovsentase. What a mouthful. He grinned at me and offered me a hand. I took it and got up blinking, trying to adjust to the light from his sword. His gift was the gift of survival and fight. "Mosie, were you talking to demons again? How many times have I told you not to?" Having no more use for them, he folded his wings behind him. I did the same to mine. I avoided his gaze.

"He was laughing at me, okay?"

Marc laughed, his blue greyish eyes gleaming. If you caught them in the right light, they'd look a beautiful shade of silver. "Oh, so now you're laughing at me too?" I huffed. Marc grinned down at me. Goddamn irresistible boy. Yep, I thought, he was definitely rocking the bad boy vibe. I lifted my head up to his to kiss him. With his silver blue eyes and black hair, he was breathtaking.
Suddenly, a shriek came from behind Marc and I saw another Demon. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could let out a sound, Marc took his sword and in one swift and fluid motion stabbed the Demon behind him. It gave a final scream before it crumpled to the ground, dead. And the amazing thing was, Marc had stared into my eyes the whole time, and was still facing me. I closed my mouth and smirked at him.

"I believe that Demon interrupted us at a rather inconvenient moment. You were about to kiss me."

My smile deepened and I rolled my eyes. "I suppose you want to resume where we left off?" Marc put on a bigger grin and he waggled his eyebrows at me. I laughed and gave him a small shove. He shoved me back and mocked being insulted.

"I was dead serious."

I attempted to smother my laughter by covering my mouth with one hand. "I know you were. But I just can't take you seriously when you do that eyebrow thing!" I burst into laughter again. Marc smiled at me. I put my arms around him and stood on my toes to be able to put my lips to his. He took me into his arms and folded his wings around us. His soft, light feathers brushed my arms, pressing me closer to him. Marc covered the last few millimeters to my lips and slowly turned his head to the side, allowing us to come so close that our lashes intertwined.

"I love you, Mosie," Marc mumbled into my mouth. I broke away, but I could still feel his heavy breaths on my lips, the feather-light feel of his lashes brushing my cheek.

"I love you too, Marc." I leaned forward to kiss again but barley closed my eyes when someone started to shout.

"No making out in the battle field!" A voice shouted. I pulled away and smiled at Marc's expression.

"And yet again we are interrupted," he muttered. I laughed.

"Seriously, get a room!" The Angel shouted again. I smirked. I knew that voice. Marc must have recognized Diana too, because he unfolded his wings, and put them behind his back like before. Diana was short for Dianliema. All Angles call each other by a nickname, because our full names were only used on formal occasions. And our full name only consisted of one name. In my case, Lacrymosa. That's why everybody I knew, called me Mosie. The same goes for Marc and Diana. I turned to Diana, while Marc put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him.

"Hey Diana." I said and grinned.

"I mean really, you guys can't even take a long enough break from each other to fight Demons? You've got to be kidding me," said Diana, shaking her head.

"Like you don't do this with your Jordan."

I stressed the word 'your', because everyone in our friend group knew how much Diana liked to refer to Jordan as 'my Jordan'. Well, she had every right to, because she was engaged to him and they would have already married, we're it not for Diana's age that was seventeen. Jordan was already eighteen. They had to wait another year, and Diana loved making the point that Jordan, the hot boy from next door, was hers and hers alone. Jordan didn't seem to mind. He thought it was cute. He loved Diana and everybody knew it. Everybody was okay with it, but we tended to have a little fun and tease Diana about it. Diana, knowing I was teasing her, probably because Marc couldn't hold back a snicker, stuck her chin out.

"Watch it! I might just declare that in addition to calling him my Jordan, everyone else must call my Jordan 'Jorandave', until we are married." She gave us a small smile letting us know she was just joking. Marc mockingly gasped.

"Diana! How could you?" I pouted, making really obviously fake sniffing sounds as if I were about to cry. A friend telling you to call him or her by his/her full name was an insult and directly stating that your friendship was over. Or, if your friend called you by your full name, it was the same message. Diana grinned at us.

"All I'm saying is that if one of these Demons is smart enough to keep the element of surprise, you two are not going to stand a chance, sucking on each others faces like that." I pursed my lips and pressed closer to Marc.

"I wasn't sucking on him," I denied.

Diana smirked. "Well that wasn't harmless kissing either. It looked like you guys wanted to get it on. Right here. Right now." She opened her mouth to say something else but I beat her to it.

"Maybe I did want to get it on."

"I know I did," Marc grinned, dropping his hand from my waist to my rear, cupping it gently. I felt my own lips stretch into a grin. Diana smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Just make sure your instinct is not quite so wrapped up in playing tonsil hockey so that it can focus on potential danger okay?" Then, she turned and ran away towards the sound of an obvious Demon shriek. I turned back to Marc, pushing myself to him, giving him better access to my butt.

"I think we're doing fine," I said, and put my own arms around him to get my own fair share of his ass. Marc started to reply when a deep, seductive female voice sounded in his stead.

"You'd be doing fine if you hadn't let me sneak up on you."

I twisted in Marc's arms to see a girl Demon standing a few feet away from us, with narrowed eyes and a dirty smile on her face. I stepped out of Marc's embrace to pull out my swords. Behind me Marc did the same. The Demon laughed. "You can put those blessed things away. I'm not going to fight you." She took a delicate hand and brushed one perfectly placed dark, jet black hair out of her face.

"So you're going to go down without a fight? Last I heard that was less than dishonorable in Hell," I sneered, aiming for her pride. Her light green eyes flashed and she bared her teeth at me.

"I can't believe these beings - what do you call them again? Oh yes, humans worship you. Angels oh holy Angels, blessed are we by your arrogant and bossy presence. You, who are so much better than everybody else, who are simply the epitome of Piety, Righteousness, and Fidelity,"- she raised her eyebrows at this point, gesturing at the nonexistent space between myself and Marc- "And you, of course, know best. If you tell me to go to earth to help people and I get murdered for carrying out their commands, it must all be for the best." The Demon smiled, going for our weak spot.

Jesus Christ. He was known by many different names, the most common ones Jesus Christ, Lord our Righteousness, and Savior of Israel.

"Jesus Christ was a saint," I hissed. "But you wouldn't understand anything as honorable as selflessness, being what you are!" The Demon sighed.

"And there you go again! You don't even know my name and you act like I'm some kind of shit you just stepped in! But nonetheless when Jesus came to you, came to your sacred Council of Righteousness, asking for help and guidance, they tell him to die! To give himself up for what most humans now regard as delusional crap." The mean smile was back on her face. I felt anger rise up in me. Everyone knew Jesus Christ was not meant to die on earth or so soon. It was just, as the Council put it, "the best immediate action that would teach humans selflessness". But then again, the Demon had a valid point. That 'best immediate action' had turned out not to work. The humans were getting more and more violent every century, coming up with new weapons and ways to hurt others. "They don't even know you exist. And you know why? Because none of you care enough to go down to earth to try to help! Us Demons are just following the example you're setting and carrying it out much better then you are, if I might add."

"The Council of Righteousness was wrong!" I spat, feeling immense relief and a sense of honest truth when I said it. The Demon stopped regarding her nails and stared at me, shocked. "What?" I snapped, getting nervous that this obviously sassy Demon had nothing to say.

"Um, Mosie. You just said something punishable by law. The Codex forbids what you just said," Marc whispered.

"The Codex is a whole lot of bullshit too!" I shouted.

"Mosie! Shut up! You're going to get yourself in serious trouble!" Marc whispered, his voice filled with anger, but also with worry. The Demon smiled slowly.

"I don't care what you think of me, but I really like you. That's the first time in all my years I've heard an Angel say something against the Council of Righteousness. And the codex is bullshit? Girl, you'll go down in history. Angel and Demon history. Actually, you're perfect Fallen Angel material." She was going to continue when I interrupted her.

"Fallen Angel? That's the lowest you can go! Only Angels who directly break the biggest rules of the Codex become Fallen!" I screamed at her, conveniently leaving out the part where believing that the Codex is lies and that the Council of Righteousness is wrong were both capital offenses and one of them alone would easily be enough to put me up as a candidate for a Fallen. And I damn well knew it. Marc stepped in front of me, his eyes narrowed at the insult the Demon threw at me.

"If you're not going to fight, I suggest you go back to your own world while you still have the legs to get there, before I lay you to rest forever as a punishment for the greatest insult you could have spoken, and to my beloved." He readied himself in a stance. I felt a surge of glee and happiness at how much Marc truly loved me. That's the thing with only having one name. You don't have a family. Angels only have one other Angel that loves them for eternity. Their partner. And Marc was mine.

"I can't leave now, I was supposed to deliver a message." Then her devilish green eyes looked him up and down. "But that can wait..." She pressed herself against Marc. "My name is Miranda, sexy." Miranda narrowed her eyes and rolled the r in her name. "It's Latin," She purred. She brushed his lips with hers, mentally driving me over the edge. "But I'm Spanish. Do you like it hot?" She whispered. I felt a possessive jealousy and an insulted anger come over me, which was known to be felt by any Angels whose life long love was being hit on or flirted with. Marc was mine. I let out a possessive hiss. I shoved at Miranda, hard, dislodging her form her place hanging off Marc's side. She stumbled back.

"He's mine! Back off, bitch!" I held my swords tightly. Miranda's eyes gleamed.

"You want to fight for him? He's under my control for now and he won't intervene. I'll gladly fight for this meal." She looked at Marc again and licked her lips. I hissed at her again and spread my wings to make myself look like a bigger threat. I looked at Marc and realized his pupils were dilated. He was hypnotized. I lunged at Miranda and knocked her down, straddling her.

"What's your gift, Demon?" I hissed at her. She grinned predatorily.

"Seduction! A gift answering to one of the Seven Mortal Sins, in my opinion, the most dangerous and fatal," Miranda paused, seemingly for effect. "Lust." She breathed the last word, sending unwanted shivers up my body.

My fist connected with her face with a resounding thump, knocking her head to the side. She gritted her teeth and turned her head back to me, where her split lip was already healing. But the healing did nothing to stop the blood already running down her chin. She glared at me. "I already know your gift, Angel. You're famous." Her forehead crinkled for a second. Then she smiled. "You're Lacrymosa. The One who can tell wrong from right, lies from truth."

I snarled at her. "Damn straight I am. And the guy you're flirting-"

"Seducing," Miranda reminded me, grinning once again knowing she was aggravating me.

"Seducing," I hissed. "Is my love." I leaned close to her. "Release him. Now. I won't ask so nicely the second time."

The Demon snorted. "Or what? I do with my gift as I please. You can't make me free your precious beloved." I felt a hiss come up again but I suppressed the urge.

"Watch me," I ground out through clenched teeth. I made a fist and pulled back again. But Miranda wasn't stupid. Unfortunately. I shifted my weight to get more power in my right hook, and she threw herself to the side, flinging me off of her. Suddenly I was under Miranda, straddled helplessly. I cursed. My swords lay on the ground not 10 feet away.

"Watch you? Yes. Why not? That was, after all, very entertaining. But now let me show you how I work with people who wreck my face." She drew her hands forward, and I noticed she had taken hold of my swords during our roll. My eyes widened.

"Easy there. You don't know how to use those," I said, wriggling under her. Miranda laughed.

"Well I'll find out soon won't I? It is said that they're blessed in the hands of an Angel, but in the hands of a Demon," She ran a finger along one of the blades. "They're damned. Let's see how much damage this does to you, shall we? I hope it's not too much, because I do still want you alive to see me kissing your love. But well. If you're dead, we can't really do anything about it, can we?" She grinned as a slow, warning hiss was drawn from my throat by instinct. I suddenly lunged upwards hoping to catch her off guard, but with no such luck, I fell right back down on my back with one of her hands around my throat and the other clutching a sword. "Bad Angel. Don't make hurt," Her eyes glittered and her smile turned evil and she raised the sword over my left wing. "Make war!" Then she drove the sword into my wing. I screamed. Really screamed. I didn't even know I could make a sound so loud or any sound so obviously filled with pain. Marc jerked. His hands re-gripped his swords and his eyes refocused on me. His eyes blazed in anger and his jaw tightened in rage as he saw my suffering. My eyes silently found his. He stared back at me, trying to take in what he was seeing. Destroying, breaking or even just ruffling the feathers on an Angel's wing was a capital crime. Written in the Codex. Thus, being really bad, but not quite as bad as the things I believe. The pain throbbed and fired through my wing, and my eyes just started to glaze over with tears as Miranda laughed, enjoying my pain. Miranda then lifted the second sword and brought it down on my other wing. I shrieked and thrashed under her, tearing my eyes away from Marcs. Miranda's eyes widened in perverted pleasure from hurting me. Her grin practically split her face. She leaned her weight onto me, finally digging the blade through my whole wing and into the earth beneath. I let out another scream. Tears had long started to flow. Miranda hissed in glee and savagely twisted the sword. I opened my mouth but this time I heard another voice, instead of just mine. Miranda had also screamed. When my sight cleared of tears, I saw that Miranda had black blood bleeding through her halter-top. I stared at Marc's sword, driven through the center of Miranda's stomach. Miranda slowly smiled through her pain. She looked down at her top, where her blood was still spreading through it. "That was my favorite top." She mused quietly. Then she looked at me one last time. "You'll pay for that one." She ripped the sword through the length of my wing. The pain seared and traveled through my wing like poison, going further and slowly killing me. I gave short cries where the pain was most intense. Then the sword was torn from my wing. I gave another cry, to weak to scream, and blinked away my tears to see Miranda a few feet away gasping in pain while Marc twisted his sword like she had just done to me. Marc must have jerked her away from me by the sword. Miranda then gritted her teeth. "You know pain makes lust greater." She rasped. Then she closed her eyes and groaned. Marc gave a similar sound though his eyes were wide with shock. Miranda smiled in triumph and tensed her body. Marc gasped. A sense of overwhelming pleasure engulfed me. I gasped and though I tried to keep it in, I moaned loudly. Marc's eyes went to me and I saw the pleasure in his eyes, the way the pupils were bigger then normal. Like he didn't want it. Marc clenched his eyes closed and I felt a fight begin inside me. Marc was using his immense love for me to fight the lust Miranda was so clearly giving him. Then with one last groan he shoved his sword all the way through Miranda, breaking the strength of her gift. Miranda cried out. Marc snarled at her... and wrenched the sword out of Miranda, then kicked her so hard she flew against the base of a tree. The tree cracked where she hit it and fell over, leaving only the stump of it still rooted to the ground. Miranda groaned through gritted teeth. She opened her eyes to glare at us. Marc stepped to my side and embraced me in a reassuring, comforting, steady hug.

"Your message, Miranda, and then go." He said, his voice strong. I met Miranda's eyes, forcing myself to look proud and strong, because what just happened had humiliated me beyond repair. Miranda smiled at me with narrowed eyes, as if knowing what I was thinking.

"The Devil, wants you." Suddenly her gaze was full of hatred. "He used to want me!" She spat. I flinched, now coming up with ideas of what the Devil might want me for. "He thinks if he can make you fall, he'll be able to win. And he's right." Miranda seethed. "There are many ways to make you fall, but he must do all to make you fall. Only because you are Lacrymosa, the one with the most powerful gift in our history. Any other Angel would have immediately become fallen by voicing the thought that the Codex is wrong and so is the Council of Righteousness. He wants you, Angel." Miranda's hateful glare was still there but she smiled just the tiniest bit, letting me know that I was about to be confronted with something not so pleasant. I pushed closer to Marc at the thought, and Marc's grip on me tightened, obviously having come to the same conclusion. "And so he shall get you. But he did ask me to give you a little insight to how one of your Phases is going to work. This is from him personally." Then she tilted her head up and closed her eyes. I felt a small wave of fear roll over me. She said Phases instead of just Phase. Phase was the different stages of turning fallen. At the end of a Phase you are officially a Fallen Angel. I knew that she had earlier said the Devil would need me to commit all of the crimes that would make an Angel Fall, but I thought I would still only have one Phase. The thought of more then one Phase scared me to death. Mostly because of what I heard a Phase hurts like hell. No pun intended. But I didn't have time to worry about that anymore when I felt a distinct cold hand glide up the side of my inner thigh. I let out a scream half freaked out of my mind, half outraged and indignant. Thus my first reaction was to jump out of Marc's reach. Marc stared at me as if I had finally lost my mind. I looked at him and this time, and realized that I still felt the cold hand, now resting on my upper thigh, and Marc was not touching me. I screamed again, knowing I shouldn't have even thought that the hand belonged to Marc, first of all because his hand was never that cold, and second of all, because he would have never touched me like that without my permission. The hand squeezed softly and then another descended on the back of my neck. I shivered as the cold from both hands traveled over my body. The hand on my inner thigh moved upwards to my breast, but took the time to run over the most sensitive part of my body. I stiffened trying to ignore the throbs that had settled low while the hand moved higher. The hand on my neck held it gently, caressing my jowl with its thumb. I suppressed the urge to moan again. Then I felt tongue glide along my cheekbone. I don't know why I waited so long but I finally tried to run away. I ran to another tree. I had started to tremble in rhythm with the throbbing. I was terrified when the hands suddenly turned and I felt the chill of a cheek on the back of my head. The hand that was on my breast slid down to dig itself in between my legs again while The hand that was on the back of my neck stroked the base of my wings. I shuddered with unbearable pleasure.

You can never get rid of me, no matter how gifted you are. I decide when I've had enough, Angel. Lacrymosa. A voice so cool seductive and plain evil sounded in my ear. I froze. The Devil. He said my name so softly it could have easily been mistaken for love. But the freezing breeze of his breath that tickled my ear and jaw told the truth. That it was a seductive threat. I tried to tear away from the Devils hold again.

"Marc!" I cried. Marc whirled to Miranda who was laughing at me.

"Naïve child!" She sneered. Marc was suddenly pointing the tip of a glowing sword at her neck.

"Release her!" He commanded the Demon.

"Make me!" Miranda snarled.

And he can't protect you from everything. You will Fall. The Devil slowly moved his finger back and forth in between my legs in a stroking motion. I started shaking, my legs weakening, as I bit my lip to hold back a moan. The Devil laughed. He started to rub the base of my wings. I couldn't hold back. I moaned, violently shaking, as pleasure from the Devil engulfed my body. Marc spun to me as he let out the same sound. He stared at me. Then I knew the pleasure was so intense, that it was not only mine anymore. Marc felt it too. It's a special bond that we have created. Any emotions that were felt strong enough for one of us, the other could feel as well. He could feel the pleasure I was experiencing. His eyes narrowed and blazed in rage. His grip tightened around his swords. We shouldn't be feeling each other's pleasure when we were not the ones giving it. I should not feel this way with the Devil. This pleasure should only come from Marc. The Devil laughed softly, his breath sending more shivers down my spine. Safe in the light, but can you see? You will surrender to me, and you will no longer be blinded. Together we will win this petty war. You will be Queen of the world by my side. With a hiss he pulled on my hair, yanking my head back. I let out a cry half pained, half pleasured by pain. You will give in. It's in your nature. He hissed against my lips. I'll see you soon, Angel. You will be mine, Lacrymosa, my Snow White Queen. There is nothing you can do about it.


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