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Olive Gets a Family

Book By: Koko
Young adult

This is a children's story (intended for those ages 6-7 perhaps). I am not an illustrator but the items in italics are the pictures that came to mind when I wrote this. This story is somewhat fictional, but Olive is real - check out my picture!

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Olive Gets a Family

Olive is a miniature poodle. When she was born her parents, Champagne and Caviar, took very good care of her.

(Picture of Olive and her parents. Her parents have the classic poodle cut with lots of 'pom-poms'.)

Olive's parents were show dogs which meant they traveled all over the world and pranced in front of men in suits who sat at a big table. If they pranced very well, they won a ribbon.

Eventually, they decided that they were too busy to take care of Olive. So when she was 4 months old, she went to live with a family comprised of a Man, a Lady, and a Girl. They were very nice and fell in love with Olive immediately.

(Picture of Olive with the family. Olive is looking straight ahead has somewhat of an 'overwhelmed' look on her face. Her only pom-poms are on top of her head and at the very tip of her tail.)

When Olive first went to the family's house, she was very confused. They kept using words like "No!" and "Don't wet on the floor!" They put a loop of fabric around Olive's neck, attached it to a longer piece of fabric and held it in their hands. She didn't know what they wanted her to do when they did that. So she tried several things. First she barked, then she stood on her hind legs, and then - as a last resort - she wet on the floor.

(Small picture of each one. In the barking picture, Olive is looking straight up with her eyes shut and her mouth open.)

Pretty soon, Olive figured out that the fabric (which turns out was called a collar and leash) meant it was time to go outside. She learned lots of other things too - how to jump on the bed, how to steal socks, and how to steal cheese from the counter. "I am getting SO smart!" Olive thought.

(Picture of Olive, looking very satisfied, standing on the bed with a sock in her mouth.)

The Man, Lady and Girl learned things, too. They learned how to push Olive off of the bed with their feet, retrieve socks, and push cheese to the back of the counter. "Boy are they sneaky," thought Olive, "But they'll do!"

(Picture of the Man and Lady in bed. The Man's bare foot is poking out of the covers and has hurled Olive off the bed. She is drawn mid-air with her eyebrows in a grumpy position.)

Once her training was out of the way, Olive felt all grown up. She loved to go on walks with the Man. Sometimes he walked too fast for her because he had long legs and Olive thought "Hey, Man. Slow Down!"

At other times, she loved to sit on the Lady's lap. And she especially loved it when the Girl dressed her up in doll clothes. (There was a pink robe and nightie set that Olive was especially fond of.)

(Picture of Olive in the robe, 'lounging around'.)

There were, however, some things Olive did not like. When she would see the Lady coming towards her with the comb and brush, Olive got very upset. As the Lady was brushing her, Olive felt her hairs get yanked and straightened. It was a feeling she did not appreciate and she thought, "Lady, if that brush goes through my pom-pom one more time, I'm going to perform my 'wet on the floor' trick!" (something she knew the Lady did not really like).

(Picture of Lady combing the pom-pom on Olive's head. She is pulling it straight up and Olive looks like she is growling.)

One day, Olive was taking a walk in the forest with the Man, Lady and Girl. She was running and prancing around, having a great time playing "Monster" with all of the squirrels.

(Picture of Olive making a monster face, trying to scare a squirrel).

There was an especially annoying squirrel straight ahead. Olive started to pull on her leash. The Man pulled back. All of a sudden, Olive felt free. Her leash had snapped off!! It felt wonderful, so she started to run, faster and faster. Pretty soon, she caught up to the squirrel, but he was a smart little devil and scampered up a tree. Olive turned around, but didn't see the Man, Lady or Girl. "Where are they?" thought Olive. "How dare they stop for a rest when I am busy protecting them from dangerous squirrels!"

She ran around a little, but didn't see them. She started to feel a little funny in her stomach. She wondered why and then realized, "Why, I'm nervous! And I don't like the feeling at all!! I miss the Man. Will I ever get to walk with him again? And the nice Lady - her soft, warm lap. And, most of all, I miss the Girl who gives me lots of nice hugs!"

Olive stopped dead in her tracks and a tiny poodle tear formed in the corner of her eye. She didn't know what to do!

(Picture of Olive with a tiny, delicate tear.)

Suddenly, Olive heard this: "Olive!! Come girl, come on sweetie pie! Where's our beautiful girl? Oliveeeeeeeeeeeee!" It was the LADY! Olive ran back as fast as a racehorse. She was so excited to see all three of them that she stood on her hind legs and spun around at least seven times. They gave her lots of kisses and tons of dog biscuits and she felt better than she ever had.

(Picture of Olive on her hind legs, getting kissed by the three people.)

Suddenly, Olive realized that the Man, Lady and Girl were more than just three humans that she had to keep an eye on all of the time. They were her family and she loved them more than anything - even socks!

From that day on, Olive walked extra fast to keep up with Man on the walks.

(Picture of Olive and Man on a fast walk.)

She cuddled a lot with the Lady on lazy Sunday afternoons.

(Picture of Olive and Lady on the sofa; Olive is on the Lady's lap, under an afghan.)

She played as many rounds of "tea party" as the Girl wanted (even if all she got was water in her cup).

(Picture of Olive and the Girl - the girl is holding a tea cup. There is a tea cup on the floor next to Olive and Olive is wearing the doll clothes.)

And she spent lots of her time just thinking about how happy she was with her new family.

(Picture of Olive and the three people. Olive has a 'thought cloud' over her head. In this, there are no words, just a picture of a heart.)



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