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The Beast I've Become

Book By: Lunarfall
Young adult

Leah, a seventeen year old girl born with a wolf demon called Fenris cursed within her body, is able to control the gaint monsterous three tailed wolf demon yet by shear will and a mere thought. Yet Fenris doesn't like being treated like a low beast under the comand of a mere human and defies Leah in every way he can. Read more...

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A Dream to Remember

A child lay on the ground, curled up in a ball, all emotion gone; her insides twisting with a dull muted pain. She could feel nothing, emotionallynor physically, as the cold chilling rain drizzles down her clothing-clad back, drenching her body with its gleaming shine. Her eyes shine with a dull emptiness like that of a puppet, no reaction to the things going around her as if she alone only lived in a frighteningly gloomy darkness to which was swallowing her shattered soul.

The broken feminine body that lay in a crumble of limp flesh and bone beside the child was only a hollow shell, its soul gone from this world. Leah could not believe it.

Her mother, the most sacred person closest to Leah's heart, was gone before her eyes within an instant. She could not believe she was gone from this world.

No…no you cannot leave me…leave me alone to this hideous harsh dark world! Pl-please…please…do not leave me! I do not want left behind! Please…please, Leah screams within the depths of her soul and mind.

Darkness begins to form within the deepest part of her heart, letting rage take over, as she holds her mother's limp hollow bleeding wounded body, cradling it gently.

Her deep sapphire blue eyes shimmer with a deep soul-searing hatred as they flicker from blue to fiery reddish orange like that of a blazing flame, gleaming maliciously, as she gently settles her mother's body back on the ground and stands, focusing her absolute attention on the Seven Great Elders of the Third War, the historical war of the Grand Fae Realm that startedover athousand years ago way before Leah was even born.

The Seven Great Elders look down at Leah with discrimination and disgust with their accusing empty old eyes. They own the Fae Realm and weld unimaginable power. As legend put it they never show their faces unless they decide someone or something is an alarming threat to them or their people. And with the way they were analyzing Leah with their loathing gazes they must of consider her- maybe not a threat-a bother and a problem to eliminate without notice.

"Girl, we are here to condemn you here and now. You have let theFenris in control once to many times. It will never be allowed access to this world. You cannot control the beast. He has taken over your body and slaughtered your own mother and several others including destroying half the town in his awakening. We must do something about his power and with that we will use the Gleipnir to seal his abilities within you. With this you may use his abilities to an extend because he is a part of your soul and very useful, meaning you two will come in handy at protecting the villages against assassins and foreign blood. So we shall spare you and Fenris," Theo, the eldest most clever Elder, bellows in a dark mesmerizing compelling voice filled with such authority and command Leah actually flinches, yet fear does not ease her pain, nor her sorrow and rage.

Theo wrinkles his brows in a disapproving frown as Leah gazes at him; her sapphire eyes now like that of harsh sharp daggers, aiming to kill with just one stare. He just looks at her with pity.

"Sorry, child, but you either agree to this whether you like it or not or you will end up imprisoned and beaten until you learn to control that stubborn attitude of yours. It's up to you, my dear", he informs her in a solemn tone as he takes out a palm-sized silver steel box with tiny crimson Celtic symbols engraved around the sides of the box. The box looked ancient as if it could be thousands of years old. Something powerful radiates from within the box, making Leah uneasy and weak.

Fenrir (Fenris in short), the massive three-tailed wolf-like creature of Scottish and Irish legend known to never be caught or killed by its foes and invincible because of its numerous abilities, superb healing techniques, and powerful glamour, growls in dismay as he gets a glimpse of the box as he looks through Leah's eyes, using her weak senses. Fenris hasn't even begin to transform,yet the way Leah's eyes begin to turn a deep reddish orange like that of crimson flames swirling with bright yellow and orange and her pupils becoming rimmed with a goldenrod color informs the Elders the demon is watching them.

Fenris didn't like where this was going. Leah, do not listen to their lies. They only wish to harm you. I will protect you let me in control, just break the bond and we will survive! Just stay away from them! I will kill them and end this Council of Elders. They will not harm us anymore. Hurry, Fenrir rumbles in an enraged, yet haggard tone as his gaze glares holes through the tiny box.

For a moment, Leah thought about doing as Fenrir was asking, but her rational thoughts clouded by anger told her he had killed her sweet considerate mother before her own eyes.

No, damn you! I'd rather die than give into your power anymore! You killed mom and she gaveusboth her undying love! Yet you stab her in the back by killing her. You knew I loved my mother dearly yet you squashed her like she was an irritating flea on your back. I hate you, Fenrir.

Fenrir didn't speak or lie about what he had did. He just stayed silent.

Speak, damn you! You cannot hide from me! We are one and will always forever be connected whether you give a damn or not. You have split my soul in half, Fenrir. I want to die because of what you have done. You knew Mother was all I ever cared about.

A blood-curling roar came from somewhere within Leah and within the blink of an eye thousands of tiny violet sparks of life essence shimmer into existence, circling Leah's weaken body like light draws one moth after another into it's glowing radiance. The sparks swirl around and around like a mini tornado. Suddenly electricity strikes the air forming the vortex-like tornado around Leah, creating a whirlwind of lightning.

Leah screams in rage. "Stop it, Fenris! I'm not letting you have your way! Stop this now", Leah snarls in an attempt to throw Fenrir off guard, yet he listens to none of it.

I will give you the peace you desire, Leah. I'm sorry that I've made you suffer because of my mistakes, Fenrir sends her the thought through their mind link as he draws in his powers from the earth itself.

"No! Stop-"Leah screams before the world around wavered into darkness.

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Leah sat up in bed like someone had just burned her, gasping for air and sweating as if she had just ran a marathon. Her blue eyes widen with shock as her heart fills with an undying dread atrecalling the dream now a fifth time. She sighsin relief that it was only a dream and nothing more.

"Leah, was it that dream again?"Haven, Leah's step-mother, asks in a soothingly light tone.

Leah shook her head. "N-no. Just a strange nightmare. I don't want to talk about it", shelies in a worn-outtired tone.


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